Friday, June 29, 2007
22 Reasons For 22 Years
Twenty two years ago today my knight came and took me away from it all. Here are some of the reason's why I love him so.

1. When we are watching a sappy movie you wiggle your foot furiously during the parts where I am generally crying. I guess to stop yourself from turning into a mushy mess like your wife.

2. Every time you give me a card or send me flowers you sign the card like this: I love you, I adore you, and I can't live without you. You started this when we were dating. You continue to this day. I am sure their are many times you think to yourself "You know, she is really irritating me and it would be OK if she just went and got her own little apartment around the corner". However, you never say that.

3. The way you get all soft and mushy when your little girl runs to you and says " I lub you daddy" and plants a big one on your lips.

4. You are one of the most disciplined people I know. You work out every day Monday thru Friday. When we go on vacation you always ask if the hotel has a gym. You think it is funny when I ask if they have room service.

5. You are a good friend to all and generous to a fault. We saw some old friends at church this past weekend. They reminded me how you had given them one of our cars to drive for 3 months when there's was repossessed during a rocky spot in their lives. This allowed the husband to get a new job and have a way to get there. Nine years later they still remember and are thankful.

6. I love the way that you throw yourself into anything you do 100%....even if it does drive me crazy.

7. I love that you don't like the kids or I to tell anyone that you have a PH.D in Physics. You think it is bragging.

8. I love the looks on people's faces when they find out you have a PHD in Physics. They usually can't believe a cool jock like you could also have such a cool brain.

9. I love that you were embarrassed when I told you some of the Mom's on Garrett's baseball team were checking out your muscular arms and asking me how often you worked out.

10. I love that you laugh when I tell you my little joke about how I will be sure to give you full custody of all the children if you ever dare think of trading me in for a newer model. It cracks me up how the very thought of such a thing sends shivers up your spine. (I know, I know, you would never think such a thing. It is just very funny to say because you get so upset. You are very fun to tease...).

11. I love how no matter what I make for dinner you always tell me it was great.

12. Once or twice a year some emergency comes up and I call you at work to say "Honey, I really need you to come home now". And you know what? You always come. Immediately. Because you know if I didn't really need you I wouldn't ask.

13. You love Jesus.

14. You can remember Bible Versus that you learned for Bible Bowl when you were in Junior High but you can't remember the name of someone you met last week. That's why we are a good team. I can remember the name of the person we met last week but can't remember anything I learned before our first child was born. Go figure.

15. I love the way you look when one of your children asks you to go outside and throw the ball around with them. Your expression always says "How did I get so lucky"?

16. I love that you read the Little League rule book over and over and know all the rules front and back. I especially love it when an obnoxious manager (particular one will not be mentioned here) argues a rule to which you know he is incorrect and you can whip out your trusty rule book and find the exact rule within minutes proving that loud mouth wrong within seconds. Can you tell how much I love this???

17. I love that you always want me to be happy.

18. I love that you can't lie. This is especially helpful around Christmas time. If I ask you if I am getting a certain present you just smile and turn your head. Even though it would be OK to fib a little to keep the Christmas surprise you just can't do it with a straight face.

20. I love that you are still a kid at heart and can play video games with the best of them (meaning your children). You have this cute way of totally getting into the game, scrunching up your face, and firing your torpedo's at the target like you are not sitting in our living room but are actually in a fighter jet 30,000 miles in the air. The kids love this too.

21. I love that you are such a hard worker and your family is so important to you. You have never wanted me to work (unless I really wanted to) and have allowed me the privilege of being home raising our family. We are all so lucky to have you.

22. I love that you will be embarrassed by all the things I have just said about you. I am sure you will argue with me about a few of them saying you are undeserving. That is why I love you so.


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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Confession Is Good For The Soul
I have talked before about WI madness. Our whole family loves the WI. Well, the children and I. I am sure hubby would prefer if they read books. I am going for a some where in between approach this summer.

Anyway, the kids had a months allowance burning a whole in their pockets and they were dying for this new Pokemon game that came out this week for the WI.

On our way back from taking Grandma home this afternoon we passed a Best Buy. The kids begged and pleaded for a chance to go into the store to see if they actually had one of these games on the shelf. You see, we had already been to Target and they were completely sold out.

Much to there dismay the game was not on the shelf. I asked a helpful clerk who actually went into the back to check and see if they had any more. The children paced and prayed hoping against hope that they actually had the game.

While we were waiting I spied the new Mario Party 8 game. I love Mario games. I asked the kids if they wouldn't like to get the Mario game instead? Several said that would be OK with them and I was secretly so excited. I couldn't let them know that they would be spending their hard earned money on a game that Mom would like. Somehow that seemed just wrong.

We had made a decision to get the Mario game when much to my dismay the clerk appeared with the Pokemon game. She had found one in the back. I was sooooo disappointed. The children were jumping up and down with joy.

Panicking that my Mario dreams were going out the window I tried to argue that the Pokemon game could no way be as fun as Mario. Immediately it was clear I would not be winning this argument.

I began calculating in my head how much the total would be if I bought both games. At $49.99 a piece it would be a pretty penny.

I asked the sales girl to take the Mario game out of the case so I could see it. I noticed it was a four player game. We love four player games at our house. However, we only have two controller's for the WI.

I am to embarrassed to tell you how much the cost of two new controller's was going to be.

Next Garrett reminds me that Daddy owes him $20.00 and if I pay him now he has enough to buy a new game for his Nintendo DS. A game he has wanted forevvvvver!

Well, in the interest of actually getting to the end of this story I will cut to the chase.

I gave in to my earthly desires and proceeded to the checkout with the Pokemon and Mario game in my cart plus two new controllers a new video for Paige and the game for Garrett he was going to buy with the money Dad owed him. Whew!

When the cashier told me the total the children looked at me and said these words. "Don't worry mom we promise never to tell Daddy that you just spent $$$.$$ on video games and stuff and it isn't even our birthday".

I had just spent our grocery money on video games. The kids didn't care. They are perfectly happy to eat Top Ramon and Mac and Cheese for a week. Plus, they reminded me of all the meat we had in the freezer in the garage. Fresh vegetables are really over rated.

Now, there is something you have to understand about my husband. He will never ask me how much I actually spent. He will see the new games and it will never occur to him to ask me. So, unless I tell him he will never know.

Unfortunately the guilt is eating at me. I feel I must tell him.

He reads my blog each morning when he gets to work.

I have decided to confess right now. He will have all day to get over the shock.

Here goes.....

Honey, yesterday when I took the kids to Best Buy I spent a little more than I had planned. We got some really fun games and I am sure we will all have fun playing them together. However, um, honey, when the cashier rang up the total it came to.........$214.72.......please don't be mad.

Please feel free to stop at the sporting goods store on your way home from work and pick up anything you feel you may need.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Friends, We May Need To Stage An Intervention
Last night my good friend, Kathy, brought our oldest daughter home from VBS and also dropped off a present.

Samantha came running in and handed my mom a large heavy bag stating inside was a present for me and grandma.

Grandma and I looked inside and joyful praise immediately emanated from our bodies.

The bag was full of books. All kinds of books.

Forty books to be exact.

Being the sweet daughter that I am I let my mom pick what books she would like first. She took home 10.

Lets do the math together, shall we? 40 books - 10 books = 30 books.


I cannot truly express to you the great joy that bag of books is bringing to my life.

Simple sweet joy.

The children, however, are not quite as excited.

They wanted assurances that we were actually going to be doing things this summer. Not just reading books.

Of course, I assured them.

We will go to the beach (where I can read a book), they can play in the pool (where I will be reading a book), how about riding bikes and running around out front?

I have already purchased a new special chair to sit in while supervising all of these activities. Of course it has a nice cup holder for my water bottle (lets be real, most likely a diet coke) and nice arm rests so my extremities will not get to tired while they are holding all my new BOOKS.

Please don't pinch me. I really don't want to wake up.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Grandma Came a Visiting And Life Was So Good
My mom is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She probably weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. She is 87 years old.

My kids adore her.

She lives about 45 minutes away and we don't see her or my Dad as much as we should. (Insert very guilty look here)

Monday evening Dave picked her up after he got off work and brought her home with him. Our little Garrett was so excited he refused to go to Vacation Bible School that evening. He needed to be with his grandma.

My mom never ceases to amaze me.

She shows up in a cute new outfit she picked up at Ross. A really pretty shade of green Capri's with a new sporty top. My daughter was so proud. She is sure I am adopted.

My favorite outfit is an old pair of shorts, t-shirt and a pair of flip flops.

Mother never leaves her house without makeup and her hair done.

I think pulling up your hair in a pony tail and throwing on a baseball cap is a great look. Makeup? Hmm. I usually throw some on right before hubby gets home so he doesn't know what a slob I have looked like all day.

Do you want to know what my most favorite part of my mom's visits are? (other than she is fun to hang out with and I love having her around so much)


For a mother of 5 a mom like that is a God send.

Before she came the kids reminded me to be sure and get ALL the laundry done. They didn't want her bothered with the laundry, they wanted to watch baseball (my mom is a huge Dodger fan) and play Backgammon. Laundry was not on the schedule.

The problem is I tell my Mom not to worry about the laundry. However, she cant help it. She has OCD in this department. When I was a kid you would throw something in the laundry basket and it would be spinning in the wash within minutes. SHE CANNOT STAND ANYTHING IN THE DIRTY LAUNDRY BASKET.

So, as I, of course, did not get all the laundry done before she came I did the next best thing.

Tried to hide it in my closet.

This morning she came down and asked me if all the clothes in my closet were clean because she would be happy to fold and put them away.

OK, I could not lie to my MAMA. I had to confess.

The laundry was spinning within moments.

She washed and folded 5 loads.

I only have one left to be all caught up.

Ain't my mama great?

She is going home tomorrow but has informed me she will be back next week.

To do more laundry, and play lots of backgammon.

I am so thankful I have a mama who loves me and laundry too!

Aren't you jealous?


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Sunday, June 24, 2007
baseball, tennis and golf...oh my
Excitement has been the name of the game her at the "laundry" household this weekend.

For starters our little league won the District Championship in the Junior Division yesterday. This was the team that hubby managed last season so we both had a lot of sentimental feelings about these boys and their accomplishment. To say our family was thrilled would be a huge understatement.

Yesterday morning, before the big game, hubby took our oldest daughter out for breakfast and for a game of tennis. They went to IHOP for pancakes and then to the courts to run around in the hot sun.

Just the thought of it made me want to lose my cookies. She thought it was grand.

When they got gome I asked if she had fun? Yeah, it was great, except the part where Dad was driving down the street and saw a baseball in the gutter. He made me get out of the car and retrieve it.

New Baseballs, good ones, are around $2.00 each. Hubby pays the kids $1.00 for every ball they find. Our youngest son has discovered that this is quite a profitable enterprise.

Last week down at the baseball field he found six that had been hit over the fence. Six bucks for a half and hour of work. Not bad for an eight year old.

So, if you are short on pocket change, you may want to head our way and start a career as a baseball hunter. lol.

As our oldest daughter is discovering tennis as a sport her older brother has finally won the war and will be taking golf lessons this summer.

Baseball has never been his sport. Since he was a toddler he has been fascinated with golf.

He has played baseball but it has never been his passion like his older and younger brothers.

He has asked about playing golf for years, and hubby has taken him to hit balls many times, but their never seemed to be the time (or money) for lessons.

We have now decided his patience will be rewarded. He will take lessons this summer. He is thrilled.

Our mornings will be filled with lessons....but our afternoons will be filled with fun by the pool.

I ordered myself a new lounge chair. Nice and comfy. Perfect for getting lost in a good book.

I am going to the library tomorrow to stock up on good reads.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot wait.

Let the summertime fun begin.

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Friday, June 22, 2007
one of my proudest parental moments
All five of our children have taken their sweet time talking. For some reason they did not coo and jabber as other kids did. They were quite babies who did not start talking until well into their second year of life. By the time they were three they had all caught up, were talking in sentences, and we basically could not keep them quite.

All except Paige.

She will turn four next month and is still having speech and developmental delays. Her sentences consist of one or two words put together. I would say she has the vocabulary of a "normal" 2 1/2 year old. She doesn't really like to sit still. I have a hard time reading her a complete book without her getting up and walking around.

I wasn't concerned until recently. Her older sister had some speech dificulties and went to therapy until the 2nd grade when it was determined that she was "cured".

As time has progressed and she hasn't caught up Dave and I were realizing this was a different situation from that of her siblings. Her pediatrician threw the Autism word at us. I had a moment of panic, but after doing a little research on Autism I don't think she is Autistic. If she is it is a very mild case. I do however realize she has some developmental delays that need to be addressed asap.

So, we are having her tested for everything. She has appointments with speech therapists, occupational therapists, and a neurologist. She is also being evaluated by the school district speech department.

We had our first appointment yesterday.

With the speech therapist through our medical provider.

She was a very nice lady and Paige really liked her office. She had lots of fun toys that Paige enjoyed playing with while we talked.

She had some bubbles that Paige wanted to play with. The nice lady, Judy, said we would play with the bubbles after Paige looked at a book with her.

Paige did not want to look at the book.

She wanted bubbles.

Judy and I both told her she could not play with bubbles until we read the book.

She continued to be stubborn and refused to look at the book and say the words Judy wanted her to. She was not acting like a very nice little girl. I was having one of those mommy moments. You know, the ones where you are sure that a person thinks your child is a complete brat. The ones where you would like to crawl in a hole and hide from everyone.

After Judy tells her we are done, because it is apparent she will not be looking at the book today, Paige utters these four priceless words to her.

You A Stupid Head.

I was so proud. She actually said a sentence with more than two words in it.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Summer Time Memories
First, let me thank you all for your comments and emails regarding the "Entertainment Generation". I think I was in a little funk yesterday feeling very annoyed with the "More is Better mentality". However, what I failed to remember is that their are just as many people trying to live the simple life and instill Godly values into their children as their are those who's main goal is "Keeping up with the Joanses".

Anyway, I think I was having my version of a toddler temper tantrum yesterday. God probably got a good laugh out of that.

Now, on to some really important stuff. I NEED IDEAS. Idea's of fun things to do with the kids this summer.

Do you have favorite memories of summer time fun when you were a kid? What were they?

I used to love making forts in the back yard with my friends. We would take blankets and anything else we could find to make the biggest and best fort ever. We would spend hours in that thing playing. Funny thing is, today, I couldn't remember what we actually did in the fort. I guess the making of it was the most memorable part.

Anyway, what are your fondest memories? Crafts, the beach, making homemade popsicles? Lay it on me, and tell me how to do it.

I am so excited to be a kid again for a few months this summer, I hope I can remember how to be a grown up once it is all over.

Yes, honey, I will still be doing laundry and cooking meals. Most of the time.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The Entertainment Generation
Last Thursday I got a call from my neighbor telling me that her daughter was having a graduation party Saturday night and they had hired a DJ. She wanted to give me a heads up because she knows we have little ones and was worried the noise might disturb them. I really appreciated this, and told her not to worry. We could live through anything for one night.

We started talking about the party and what they had planned. Her husband rented a big tent for the back yard to put the DJ in ($900.00), the DJ was one of those big time DJ's from LA ($1,500) they were having the food catered (cost unknown) and expecting over 100 people.

Wow, I thought. What are they going to do when she gets married?

This lead me back to a conversation I had with my parents and a good friend a few months back.

They were worried that our children's generation was destined for disappointment and failure. They were calling our kids the "entertainment generation".

My kids have gone to Disneyland over 100 times. Up until a few years ago we had yearly passes. We could go whenever we wanted. Some Sunday afternoons we would tell the kids we were going and they would act disappointed. Do we have to? I really don't want to go today. I never would have said that when I was a kid. Then again, my family went once a year. Not 3 or 4 times a month.

It was about this time I started thinking that maybe I was ruining our kids.

By giving them so much I was ruining their experience of the simple pleasures in life.

When I was a kid birthday parties consisted of cake, ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey, maybe a pinata, and if your party was really cool some goody bags and maybe a clown.

Our kids have gone to Birthday parties that probably were as elaborate and cost as much as my wedding. Huge theme parties, with carnival atmospheres.

I didn't get a manicure and pedicure for the first time until I was in my 20's. My mom didn't get one until she was in her 70's. Yet the teenagers I run into today seem to get manicures weekly and Mom and Dad hand over the cash for this "must have" expense without question.

What is going to happen when our kids move out? Very few of them will be able to afford all of the "extras" that there parents have bestowed upon them on a weekly basis.

I am sure that all of these parent love their kids very much and want to make them happy. I want my kids to be happy too. However, I am a little worried.

Will they feel discontent with their lives? Will they ever feel satisfied? Will they know contentment and thankfulness for what they have. Are we robbing them of the personal satisfaction of working hard for something and then having the ability to buy it themselves?

I have been thinking and praying about this topic a lot lately. The Bible talks a lot about expectations for parents and how we should be raising our children.

Am I teaching my children to be givers instead of receivers? Am I correcting them as the Bible would have me do or am I giving in to their earthly desires?

The Bible is full of stories about children who didn't turn out very well because there parent's made sure they never wanted for anything.

Our oldest son wants a new baseball bat. I could go and buy it for him. I said no.

However, I did tell him that if he re stained the wooden play set in the backyard I would pay him a good wage. He could earn the money for his bat himself.

He wasn't very happy. Why can't I just buy it for him?

We live in what I would call an upper middle class neighborhood. We were lucky. We bought before the big boom and now our home is worth 3 times what we paid for it.

The area above us was recently developed and beautiful homes were built where there used to be Orange Groves and open space. These homes sold for between 1-3 million dollars.

Our town has changed a lot. I'm not sure I like it.

Our kids go to school with friends whose parents are very wealthy. The parking lot at the school is full of BMW's, Mercedes, and new SUV's. No this is not the teachers parking lot but the student parking lot.

I feel like our kids are growing up in a fairy tale world where if you want it you can just get it. Most of these kids will tell you that they will be wealthy like their parents when they grow up. However, if you ask them how that will happen they have no idea.

I find myself wanting to sell our home, move to the south or mid west, buy some land, and build a home in a simpler place.

I am really tired of California and the "Hollywood mentality" of more is better.

Friends, I need help. Tell me what part of the country you live in and if these same trends have permeated your towns.

How do you handle them?

If we were to consider moving where should we move to? Where is the best place you know of to raise a family?

Are there still places out there where life is simple and family is number one?

What do you think?

Editors Note: I just read an article that said 80% of all breast augmentations (boob jobs) are done in California. Why am I not surprised?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Weight Loss Challenge - Week 6
Last Tuesday I totally forgot to post about the weight loss challenge. I guess that probably tells you how the diet is going.

To say it has been crazy and hectic at our house would be an understatement. Not exactly the best life style change conditions.

I have been trying and haven't totally abandoned the fight. I did gain back one pound. But I am still minus the other I am trying, again, not to be to hard on myself.

I keep telling myself that it took me several years to put all this weight on and it should probably take me at least six months to get it all off. I need to stick with it and allow myself to have setbacks. I am trying.

So, total so far..... - 5 pounds.

I hope to lose at least 1 pound by next Tuesday.

I am now off to count some points and plan some fun, healthy meals. If I get really motiviated perhaps I will swim some laps in the pool.

For more weight loss stories visit Tales From the Scales.

Hope you'r enjoying your summer!


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Sunday, June 17, 2007
I woke up this morning to an empty bed. Hubby had gotten up early to have Zach at his baseball game by 8:00am. You might ask "Who would schedule a baseball tournament for Father's Day weekend"? My guess would be, a father who loves baseball.

He had two games yesterday which neither of us could go to because we had the big blow out pool party for our youngest son in the afternoon. More on than later.

I can't think of anything my hubby would rather do on Father's Day than watch one of his boys play ball. Since they had another double header he was probably in Daddy heaven.

The other kid's and I stayed home (to let Daddy eat his peanuts in peace for a change) and cleaned up the house a little from yesterday's fun in the sun.

We also stayed in our pj's until 3:00pm, watched a Bonanza marathon and generally just laid around doing nothing.

We also watched the College world series. Louisville vs Mississippi. The kids asked who we should root for. I said Mississippi because I had a friend named BooMama who was a fan. The kids asked "Boo Who"? I told them it was a lady who had a blog I like to read and she talks about her Bulldogs all the time so we should root for them. "Do you mean this is one of your fake friends"? they asked. Well, not really fake, but I don't know her in real life. Disgusted looks came my way, though they did agree to support the Bulldogs. Which wasn't easy. They lost by a lot. I'm sorry BooMama.

Our Titans play tomorrow. Hopefully they will do better than the Bulldogs.

I have to go now. Hubby got home around 3:00pm and he wants steak for dinner. Which means I actually have to stand up and leave my comfortable couch.

Only for him would I actually do that. Dang I was comfy.

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Friday, June 15, 2007
do you really want to know how to make your life more exciting?
Well, you might want to try this....

I have been told that this is the only way to properly wash and load the dishes into the dishwasher. Apparently it also doesn't give you dish pan hands. My guess is because you are not actually touching a dish during this process. Hmmm.

For those of you with toddlers this may be a helpful tip. Bathe said toddler in a nice warm bath and get fresh new PJ's on him/her. Turn your back for one moment, and after toddler disappears, go to look for her. You will maybe find this....

Apparently going into the back yard, pouring the dogs water bowl into the planter, and then rolling around in said planter, is a proper bedtime activity.

Who could have known?

My third and final tip for the day is this...

To have a truly relaxing Saturday afternoon invite your sons entire baseball team and their families over for a BBQ and pool party.

By my last count we are at over 50 people, half of whom are 9 and under.

I am off now to grocery shop and look for a good over the counter sedative.

Pray for me people.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
fun in the sun
Today is the last day of school for the two oldest boys. Our elementary age children dont get out for another two weeks. Don't you think that is convenient?

How much whining do you think I will get for the next two weeks from those who actually still have to go to bed on time and get up early? What about homework?

Yes, you are correct. I do not believe it is going to be a pleasant experience.

Here are some pics of yesterday when all the kids had a minimum day. This was the first time they had all been in the pool together since last summer.

It was a good day....


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
its not quite the westminster dog show
Last week I continued on my "freedom from clutter" quest. I decided to tackle the two youngest boys room. I spent the better part of the day cleaning, purging, and organizing. By the end of the day we had quite a give away pile for anyone who felt they really needed a little more junk.

I asked the boys if they wanted to keep all of their trophies and participation medals. Between the two of them they had dozens, some meaningful and others that they really had no idea what they got it for. Some of those were put in the giveaway pile....where Paige retrieved one....and decided it was a treasure she must keep.

Yesterday she was playing with the medal, putting it around her neck and then placing it on her dolls. It was very cute and it entertained her for quite a while.

Later in the day she is outside playing with her best friend, our dog, Sydney. Suddenly I see Sydney running around very excited...with the medal in her mouth. Paige had placed the medal around her neck and the dog had placed the hanging medal in her mouth. Tyler quickly ran out to rescue the dog, which we soon realized felt no need to be rescued. She would not let us anywhere near her. She liked that medal around her neck and had no intention of letting us take it off of her. She is usually pretty obedient, especially when you get mad, but not today.

She ran around head held high, tail in the air, like a prancing poodle. You would have thought she were competing for dog of the year.

Finally we tackled her, removed the medal, and returned it to a safe place.

The dog went and laid under the slide to sulk.

The kids gave her a much needed bath today to cheer her up.

That seemed to do the trick. She promptly ran into the house, picked up the remote from off the floor (isn't that where everyone keeps it?)and jumped onto the coach to watch a little TV.

What, you may ask, is her favorite TV show? Why Animal Planet, of course.

I really have no idea how to express to you all how thankful I am that my living room coach now smells like wet dog. Really...I am. Words cannot begin to express my thankfulness.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
a little advise please
As you all know Paige had a cast on her leg for just over 3 weeks. She had it removed last week when the doctor x-rayed it again and said all looked well.

This is my dilema. She is still not walking on it correctly. She kind of pulls it behind her not wanting to bend the knee area. She looks a little like a toy soldier walking all stick legged.

Have any of you ever broken a leg? How long did it take you to start bending it and walking normally? She had a hair line fracture just below the knee and was in a walking cast, thus her knee did not bend for 3 weeks.

I really don't want to call the doctor yet because I know what will happen. He will want me to bring her in for another x-ray. We want to avoid that at all cost.

So, iternet friends, lay it on me. What should I do? How long do you think it should take for her to be walking normally?

Thanks so much.

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Monday, June 11, 2007
our home has turned into a third world country
Due to the new tile being installed in the upstairs bathrooms we have only one very small bathroom for the seven of us to use for the next few days.

On Saturday, when the toilets were pulled out, our oldest daughter asked me where she was suppose to go when mother nature was calling her name? "To the downstairs bathroom" I replied. "Where all the boys will be going"? she asks with a disgusted look on her face.

Our daughter avoids at all cost going into any bathroom that her brothers may have called home. As she puts it "They are disgusting beasts and I don't know how you can stand them"! Are you feeling the love people?

Well, any of us with sons (or a messy hubby) can probably understand where she is coming from. Hubby and I usually share our bathroom with her to spare her the indignity of using the same bathroom as her brothers, however, ours was out of commission too. She is just going to have to live through the next few days, I am sure there will be lots of drama.

Saturday night I was trying to explain to everyone that they would need to take showers that night and not wait until the morning or we would never get to church in time. Oldest son asks how we can possibly all get ready in that one little bathroom? "To start, you will need to plan ahead and maybe get up more than 20 minutes before you are expected to be in the car". Here is the rest of our conversation:

Son: Is this how really poor people live?

Me: What? (Completely exasperated)

Son: You know, all those people living in the third world. Do they have to share one bathroom with a bunch of people?

Me: (Trying to keep my cool) Umm, son, those people you speak of would be thrilled to have one bathroom to share with a bunch of people. They would also be jumping up and down for water that came out of a sink in there house, a closet full of clothes, and cupboards full of yummy food.

I won't bore you with my entire lecture but I can assure you I gave this child (and the others) the appropriate tongue lashing.

The kid's middle school takes a mission trip each year to Mexico to help out with the people who live at the dump. I think this year our entire family will go. That should be an eye opening experience for them all.

The tile work is being done by a friend of ours who does it as a side business. He also has a regular 9-5 job, so the completion of the work is taking a little longer than expected. However, he is charging us a fraction of the price and doing a great job so hubby and I really don't care about the inconveniene. He has been a little concerned about not completing the entire job over the weekend.

Today I will tell him not to worry about it.

I definitely think it will be good for our family to share that one little bathroom for a few more days.


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Sunday, June 10, 2007
All Good Things Must Come To An End
Yesterday was the last day of our little league's regular season. I would like to say I am sad but I am to exhausted to form any kind of coherent thought.

Here is a recap of the last 36 hours:

Saturday, 6:30am: Rise and shine early because we have a friend coming over to lay new tile in our master bathroom and the kids bathroom upstairs. I must make the house look perfect before they show up at 8:00 because, you know, I wouldn't want him to think we are slobs or anything. Even though we are!

8:10am: Realize that I was told the wrong measurements for the second bathroom and am 52ft. short of tile. Smile sweetly and state that I will run across town, after I open the snack bar, and buy some more tile.

8:40: Run to the market to buy ice for the snack bar. Run into a baseball Dad who asks, not quite as nicely as I would have liked, "Aren't you already suppose to be at the snack bar and have coffee ready? Did you remember to pick up the donuts"?

Me, with shocked look on my face, sweetly remind this gentleman that this is a volunteer position and I am doing the best I can. To which he replies " OK, well, I will be waiting for that donut". Aren't you proud of me that I didn't hit him over the head with my very large purse????

9:00am: Arrive at the snack bar and start preparing the day's goodies.

9:10: The line is about 25 grumbling people long all wondering why the snack bar is not open yet. Now at this point I need to tell you this "OUR PARENTS AND PLAYER'S ARE SPOILED ROTTEN!!!" The snack bar is suppose to open at 9:00am but most mornings it has opened by 8:30 because I generally get there early. They were very pissy that they had to actually wait until the stated opening time for their seeds, coffee, donuts, and diet cokes. Are you feeling sorry for them yet? You better not be.

9:50 My hubby arrives at the field with Garrett to warm up for their 11:00am game. He tells me the older kids are at home watching Paige.

10:10: Some wonderful volunteers show up to relieve me and I rush home to pick up all the kids for Garrett's game. While in the driveway talking with some neighbors I can hear Paige yelling from an upstairs bedroom. I go into the house and ask all of the children, who are sprawled on the living room coaches, where she is? One response "I don't know, Dad has her", second response "She is in the family room watching TV" and lastly "Were we suppose to be watching her"?.

Now I have tried to explain to my sweet hubby that when he leaves the house and the children are watching TV he must turn the TV off, stare directly into their eyes, and then tell them he is leaving. All other forms of communication fail due to the zombie like state that takes over their entire bodies once the huge box is turned on.

After I explained the situation to these 3 now panicked children they all ran upstairs to find their sister happily tearing apart Samantha's room. A room she is generally not allowed to go in because of all the "special treasures" that could be broken by little hands. The only reason I heard her yelling was she wanted the easy bake oven down from the top shelf of the closet and could not seem to climb high enough to get it.

10:25: All children get into the car after being informed they are going with me to buy tile. There is no arguing due to their total relief they were not all dead after the before mentioned incident. We had 35 minutes to buy tile, deliver it back to the house, and get to the field for the start of Garrett's last game.

10:40 Arrive at Tile Club, march to the counter, tell the very helpful gentleman what I need, pay and load the car.

10:55: Unload tile at house and race to the game.

11:10: Arrive at game, set up chair, and sit down to relax while drinking the most wonderful diet coke on ice I had ever had.

1:30: The game was great. The boy's played one of their best games of the season, it was a defensive and offensive masterpiece. Hubby was thrilled and hasn't stopped smiling yet.

We had the best players, parents and coaches on our team. The parents told hubby some very touching things after the game. We are all a little sad the season is over.

2:00: I quickly realize this is going to be a very long day. The older player's have tournament games for the rest of the day and of course my family wants to stay and watch. We have limited coverage in the snack bar so I need to stay and monitor the teens I have hired to run it for the afternoon.

When not monitoring the teens, BBQ'ing hot dogs (don't people ever eat at home anymore?), changing cheese and chili in the nacho machine and trying to not let my head spin off, I helped take winter ball registration. Because, you know, in California once one season ends it is time to start the next. We play ball year round here. Sometimes I really wish we lived in Wisconsin.

4:00: I take Paige home and hire a teenager to watch her the rest of the day. She is tired and ready to relax a little.

While home I look at my tile which is layed out beautifully. I picked a basic neutral tile but then our friend said he wanted it a little fancier for the master bedroom. I am not really a fancy person but I trust him and let him do what ever he wanted. I must say it is gorgeous. He put some inlayed marble pieced in a pattern in the middle of the floor. I will post pics tomorrow when it is finished.

4:30: Get ice on my way back to the park and continue grilling, answering questions, and doing more things than I even have energy to tell you at this time.

9:30pm: Return home from a very long day and stay up way to late watching movies with hubby.

Sunday,7:00am: Alarm goes off. Time to get up. I am scheduled to work the early shift in the church nursery. Not enough workers show up for second shift so Samantha, Tyler and I stay for that service also. The pager system seemed to be malfunctioning so we couldn't reach the parents of two kids who cried the entire time. I held one for 2 hours. My arm is still numb.

12:30: Go to subway and pick up lunch.

1:30: Arrive home and promptly pass out on the coach.

4:00: Wake up when I hear the phone repeatedly ringing once and then nothing for a while and then it will ring once again. I pick it up when I hear it ring again. It is my friend Lori. Her hubby has been trying to call my hubby for half an hour. Paige keeps picking up the phone saying "Hi, Mommy" and then hanging up. He was a little annoyed. Again, where were the other children???? Their Dad was outside cleaning the pool.

5:00pm: We are suppose to go to the Cal State Fullerton Super Regional game tonight. I just told hubby I think I may have reached my limit. I really like college baseball but I am still tuckered and need some down time. He will take the boys and some of their friends.

6:30pm: Dreaming of bed time for my little girls. The sound of quite is calling to me.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
and what a morning it was....
Paige had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor this morning to check on her broken leg and get a new x-ray.

Oscar, the sweet young guy who put her cast on, came into our exam room to take it off. He remembered Paige and she was actually excited to see him. All was good until he brought out the little saw...and then all heck broke lose. Paige started screaming and kicking at the tech and no one could believe this was the sweet compliant child that they had treated just a few weeks ago.

I had to hold her against me tightly while another nurse held her free leg so she didn't kick poor Oscar right in the face. Such blood curdling screams were coming out of this child I thought for sure they were hurting her. They assured me they were not. An elderly woman in the room next door came over and asked "What in the world are you doing to that child"?

After the cast was removed, and I held Paige close for a few minutes, we had to go over to x-ray. Well, after the cast she did NOT want anyone to touch her. To say the x-ray session did not go well would be an understatement. Three of us had to hold her down to get her to sit still for them to take the pictures.

By the time they were done Paige and I both were dripping in sweat. The nurse told me I was doing much better than most Mom's do when there kids just freak out. She had no idea that on the outside I may have looked calm but on the inside I was a mess. I realized if I got upset it was not going to help my child, so I tried very hard not to cry myself and throw a little tantrum of my own.

When we got back to the exam room Paige promptly climbed into her stroller and announced she was ready to go home. She even buckled herself in all by herself. I felt so bad when I had to tell her we had to wait a few more minutes while the doctor read her x-rays. To which she replied "No, I ready to go home now!"

Thankfully the doctor came in quickly, I think they were all really ready for us to go home, and let us know her leg was completely healed. Thank You Jesus!!!

When we got home I asked her why she had gotten so upset. "It scary, mama" was all she said. She said it so sweetly it broke my heart.

We are now home, eating Popsicle's, and enjoying the sunshine. I can't wait for her to finish so I can go put her in the bathtub and give her a real bath for the first time in 3 weeks. Oh, the joys of motherhood!


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
The Great Weight Loss Journey and This and That
I was shocked this morning to get on the scales and find that I had actually lost a pound this week. YIPPEE!!!! That means I have lost a total of 6 pounds. I had hoped to have lost at least 10 by now but with our crazy schedule I am very happy with the loss.

We ate a lot of fast food this week and I wasn't able to get to the store to buy my favorite low calorie snacks. So, life was a little harder. However, I tended to order what I normally would and then for the most part I only ate half (except for Saturday when we bought a dozen cookies at the drive thru at McDonald's, I ate 5, ouch!). Maybe I would have lost another pound without the cookie's. Oh well, as we like to say in diet land, tomorrow is the start of a new week. Let's keep rooting for each other.

The start of my diet down fall this weekend began when I hurt my back on Friday. I am not sure how I did it but by Saturday I was in a lot of pain. I thought for sure I must be in labor because the pain was in my lower back and went all the way down the back of my leg's. I usually only get this at the end of pregnancy and as I had not heard I was pregnant I was a little confused as to what I must of done to make my body hate me so much. However, if I had actually delivered a baby without knowing I was pregnant (I actually know someone this happened to) it would have made for a great Monday morning blog post.

The point of me telling you this was in the height of my pain I wanted relief. Since none was available, a cookie did the trick quite nicely. I snacked all day on Saturday and Sunday pretty much sabotaging a pretty good week.

My sweet oldest daughter did some extra chores for me to help out while I was trying to ignore my pain and also did a great job entertaining her sister. Samantha planted some tomato plants that had been sitting on my kitchen window sill for a few weeks and were threatening to start growing up the cabinets if I didn't get them planted soon.

She then had a lunch date with her little sister in the playhouse. Don't you love lil sister's hair? She refused to let me brush it and I wasn't in the mood to argue with her.

When it got a little to hot outside they moved inside where Samantha very sweetly taught her little sister how to make chocolate chip cookies.

First, let's add the butter.

Yeah! That was so much fun I can't wait to do it again.

Learning to crack an egg!

That was the best! Big brother had to come over and see what I was so excited about!

Unfortunately, we only got one good batch of cookies out of all her effort. We kept forgetting to check the timer, and the cookies burned. I was then forced to eat the dough. What? You have never heard of the medicinal value of chocolate chip cookie dough? Hmm, you really don't know what you are missing.

Note: My back feels much better today and I am hoping by tomorrow to be 100% again.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007
3:00am Ramblings
8 yr. old son: Mom, wake up, my stomach really hurts.

Me: Did you eat something at the ball field tonight that didn't agree with you.

Son: I don't know.

Me: What did you eat?

Son: 4 hot dogs, chili cheese nachos, some gummy worms and a bag of peanuts.

Me: Where did you get the money for all of that?

Son: People just kept giving me food. You know mom we know a lot of people.

Me: Well, you could have said no thank you. You didn't have to keep eating until you felt like you would explode.

Son: MOM, that would have be rude!

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Friday, June 01, 2007
going on strike
Our family has had one of those months where it seems like their is so much going on you don't have time to stop and smell the roses. So, yesterday I went on strike during the day and laid on the couch and read a book. People called all day and asked "What are you doing?" to which I would reply "Reading a book while lying on the couch." Most people were a little shocked by my response. I thought it was glorious.

However, today I am paying the price. Laundry is everywhere, toys are strewn about, and it took me an hour to clean up the kitchen. I still think it was worth it but perhaps next time (in a year or two) I should only take half a day off to make things easier on myself.

One of the fun things we did this week was go to our oldest son's end of year High School Baseball banquet. Awards were given out and the seniors made very heartfelt speeches. It was very touching.

One of the things I noticed was how the seniors had turned into men almost overnight. The freshmen looked like young men, but the seniors were really men now. We had known a few of the players for many years and remembered them as young boys. I felt great sorrow that my first born would soon join them in complete manhood and yet a little excitement at the same time to see what the future will bring for him. I am very thankful he will not be a senior for a few years yet. I am definitely not ready to let go.

Here is a picture of him all dressed up on his way to the banquet.

Zachary received a Scholar Athlete Award which is given to players with high GPA's as well as dedication to their sport. We are so proud of you Zach! Keep up the great work.

Here's hoping all of you can steal a little time this weekend to lay in the sun, relax, and read a book or magazine. Come on now, we all deserve a little pampering!

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