Wednesday, January 31, 2007
we have the yuks!

A nasty stomach virus is going through our house. When it even takes down our fearless leader (hubby) I know it must be bad. He has only come home sick from work 2 or 3 times in our entire 22 years of marriage. This bug has made its through everyone but me and my three year old and I am hoping it stays away indefinitely. I spent the entire day disinfecting the house, scrubbing bathrooms, and washing all bedding in very hot water. My poor kids hands are probably getting raw from constant washing, but I want this thing out of my house!

My very sick ten year old daughter had her science fair board due this morning. She has been diligently working on it for the past few weeks and had everything completed, she just needed to glue it all on her board. She was trying but this virus got the better of her so I sent her to bed and put the board together for her. Here's what it looked like. It took me about four times as long as I am sure it would have taken her, but it is done and I took it to the school for her this morning.

I know many of you have sick kids to so here's praying that we all have healthy people under our roofs very very soon.



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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Little League Overload...and this and that
In honor of the beginning of the 07 little league season I have posted some pics on my sidebar of the most enthusiastic 8 year old you will ever meet. He loves baseball and is very ready for the season to begin. Yes, all of you who live in the east don't start for a while (you lucky dogs) but those of us who live in the sunshine states get to start games the first week of March. What that means is practice will start the first of February.

Baseball season in our house is crazy. My husband and I are very active in running the local league. I think my hubby would like to quit his job and become a full time little league volunteer. Unfortunately, their are bills to be paid so he has to go to a real job every day where he just gets to daydream about being a full time Little League volunteer. Hubby is a player agent as well as the right hand man to our wonderful president (she reads hers so, Hi Lori). Last year I was the treasurer as well as chief bottle washer (meaning anything else that needed to be done) so this year I have taken the much smaller job of secretary. However, the person who usually runs the snack bar has gotten a "real job" and I somehow volunteered to take that over. I am starting to panic a little trying to figure out how that will get done, but I am sure I can find a good team of volunteers to help me (after all I am a wonderful person and who wouldn't want to help me???lol).

We have had a tough couple of years at our little league. We have had people running our league that were so self serving words cannot even describe how disgusting I found their behavior. Last season we formed a coup and took over the league from the evil empire. It was a rough year, but now things are so much better. I am so thankful that this place my children spend so much time is now run by a primarily Christian group of people who value every child and not just their own. We have had people return who had left and have heard stories from others that have made our blood boil.

At one point during last season one of the disgruntled parents (who had been hoisted out of power) accused me of stealing all the money out of the snack bar. Now, I found this so amusing I just started to laugh which made this person even angrier. She started screaming and making a huge scene in front of all the other parents. I just stood in front of her very calmly and let her rant and rave and then I walked away. People asked me how I had been able to stand their and listen to her garbage without hitting her or screaming back. Simple, I am a Christian. At that moment I knew all eyes were on me, and while many might not have known I was a Christian, I knew. This poor woman is still angry and spewing her venom wherever she goes but thankfully she has left our league and we will not have to deal with her or her friends anymore. A legacy was left from that day on the baseball field. Our president took much more abuse last year than I and she had every right just to wash her hands of the whole thing and walk away. She didn't. You see, she is also a Christian and we felt in many ways this ball park was our mission field. We couldn't lay down and let evil win, we had to fight. We did, and we won. Our league is now run by a group of godly men and women and it shows. Many who had left little league have come back as they heard we were now in charge. Some of our parents have even visited our church's.

When I thought back on that day recently I realized that if I had lost my temper and given in to my desire to punch that lady in the nose (come on, I am not a saint!) what kind of role model would that have been for my children (yes, she did this in front of two of my children). I am so thankful that God gave me the restraint I needed and I am finally learning that I need to always act like a Christian, not just when it is convenient for me.



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Sunday, January 28, 2007
are you a lazy or a crazy mom?
This was posted on a message board over at lots of kids by one of the moms.

By Tracy Gibson

Here are ten ways that you can tell if you are a “crazy” mom or a “lazy” mom:

1. A “crazy” mom spends every night gathering together the things her children need for the next day. Then, she proceeds to pack their backpacks and lunches. A “lazy” mom spends some concentrated effort in training her kids to be responsible for their own things and to help pack the lunches. Then she will never have to pack a backpack again.

2. A “crazy” mom does everyone’s laundry. Then, she spends hours folding it and putting it away. A “lazy” mom teaches her children to do their own laundry. When her children are toddlers, she teaches them to fold wash cloths. By the time they are 7 or 8 years old they are doing their own laundry and she never has to do it for them again.

3. A “crazy” mom cleans her whole house herself, every week. A “lazy” mom trains her kids to do the cleaning. If she has many children, I have five, she won’t have to do any of the regular cleaning herself.

4. A “crazy” mom goes through her house, picking up glasses, dishes, shoes, dirty socks, and toys, in an effort to keep the house clean, in spite of her children. A “lazy” mom calls the child to pick up afterhim/herself. She will even resort to dishing out extra chores to kids who won’t stop leaving messes around. Her goal is to never have to pick up after her children again.

5. The “crazy” mom encounters an over flowing trash can and takes it out herself. The “lazy” mom has assigned one of her children to be in charge of trash and calls him/her in to take it out. She even has a child to take out the recycling.

6. A “crazy” mom cooks a wonderful dinner, sets the table, serves the meal, clears the table, and does the dishes herself. A “lazy” mom has a cook’s helper, a table setter, and a server. She sits down and enjoys her meal. The dishwashers take care of the cleaning and the washing. Who are these helpers, you may ask. Why, her children and her husband, of course. She took the time to train the children to do these chores and then assigned the jobs to them.

7. A “crazy” mom drives her children to Sports, lessons, meetings, and more. A “lazy” mom arranges her life to stay home as much as possible. She limits her children’s outside activities to one, or at most two, outings a week. She finds that she and the kids are happier at home and many special projects get finished.

8. A “crazy” mom often feels taken for granted and may begin to resent her family’s dependence on her.A “lazy” mom is free to do little things for her kids, out of love, and to honor them. Things she used to feel she had to do, now become thoughtful favors for the ones she loves.

9. A “crazy” mom may find her children are not equipped to face adult responsibilities when they leave the nest. A “lazy” mom can rest in confidence that she helped build maturity in her children and gave them the skills they needed to build strong families of their own.

10. The “crazy” mom loves her kids and is just doing what she thinks she should. I hope she reads this article, and starts being a little “lazy”. The “lazy” mom, well, I guess she isn’t really “lazy” at all, just smart.

What do you think? Are you a lazy or a crazy mom? Please share. I will come back later and let you know which one I am.

Editors Note: Thanks for commenting ladies. I am neither a lazy or a crazy. I think i am somewhere in between. I was the youngest of five kids and by the time I was school aged all of my siblings had letf the nest. My mom loved doing for me (because she only had one now) so I never really learned how to pick up after myself, etc.. I went from my parents house to being a married working woman at the age of 20 and had no idea what I was doing. So, I try to teach my kids and let them know we are a team who need to work together to get things done. They all have chores which they are responsible for doing. I do have to admit that I feel a pang of guilt at times that I am not pampering my kids like my mom pampered me, but I know in my heart it is really for their own good.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
3 year old Nirvana
Their is nothing better than a good old fashioned
pillow fight. Especially when big brother lets you

p.s Bloggy love is when you let all of bloggerdom see your messy bedroom. I wanted to make you feel better in case you have a messy one too!


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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Answering Gods Call
A family from our area were contestants on the show Wife Swap a few weeks ago. I don't usually watch this show because, to be honest, it completely annoys me. The kids really wanted to watch the episode and I was a little curious myself so, we sat down with a bowl of popcorn and settled in for an evening of entertainment.

The woman from our area was a "little" different. She had tattoos all over her body (the large body art kind), multiple piercings, and a shaved head. Her and her family were atheists. Now, I am sure from her description you can imagine the family they swapped with. A very religious conservative family. This family also had some issues and I didn't agree with many of their philosophies. Both families had school aged children.

At one point during the show the "christian mom" wanted to punish the "atheist dad" for not complying with one of her rules. She took him to a shopping center, gave him a Bible, and told him to preach the gospel. Well, he stood on top of a planter, holding the Bible high, yelling that their was no God and a few other things, and then walks over to a trash can and throws the Bible in. You should have seen my kids faces when that happened! She also took the family to a local church where they were welcomed warmly. After the service the Dad said that it had not been a bad experience and if all church's had such nice people in them he might not mind attending one. This got me and the kids talking and we decided that we should pray for this family. We wanted the Christian community to embrace this family and tell them how much God loved them. I thought of this family a lot in the past weeks, something about them had just really touched my heart.

Early last week I had to make a trip to Sams Club before picking the older kids up at school. While standing in the checkout line I noticed the woman in front of me was buying a new study Bible. We began a conversation about Bible Study and the Church's we attended. She was very nice and we had a pleasant one or two minute conversation. When the conversation was over I turned around to start unloading my purchases onto the counter and had the shock of my life. Who do you think was standing right behind me? Yep, you guessed it. Their she was in all of her tattooed and pierced glory waiting to check out with her husband. My first thought was to run. After all, she had just heard my conversation with the woman in front of me about church and Bible study. I am sure that she nor her husband agreed with any part of our conversation and I was a little worried about what they might say to me.

Then IT happened. God started talking to me and it went something like this:

God: Julie, have you not been praying for this family?
Me: Yes.
God: Have you not been asking that Christians would reach out to this family and show them how much I
love them?
Me: Uhh Huh
God: I am answering your prayer. Do you think it was a coincidence that the woman in front of you was
buying a Bible and that you talked about Me for several minutes while this family listened.
Me: I guess not.

Well, I can go into all kinds of detail about the really really good arguments I was giving God as to why I was not the one he really wanted for this job. Wasn't I just a housewife standing in Sams Club with a very crabby three year old? Clearly their were better warriors to send into this battle. But alas, I realized he was sending me, and I decided to trust him and answer the call to duty.

I turned around, introduced myself, and told them I had seen their family on wife swap and had found it very interesting. We had a great conversation, they were very nice (her husband even unloaded my groceries). I was so thankful when it was over that I had not ignored God's call to be his servant.

I began thinking about this encounter again yesterday when I went and visited Laurel Wreath. She had posted a quote on her blog by Dr. Alvin Reid and asked others to write about their thoughts on the matter. Here is the quote;

You act more like a Christian by your influence on the lost, than the saved people you impress.
This got me thinking as to why I was so afraid to talk to this family that day in the middle of Sams Club. Was I afraid that someone I knew might see me talking to the heavily body pierced tattooed lady and think poorly of me? I would hope not, but down deep I am not sure. How many opportunities had I missed to be God's servant because I was afraid of someones reaction or what they might think of me? Many. This is my prayer for today:
Heavenly Father, please help me to always trust you. Help me to listen when you tap me on the shoulder and not make excuses why I can't do something. I pray that this family will come and visit our Church and I will be given the opportunity to sit in the front row with them. I pray they will feel your warm embrace and their lives will be changed on that day.


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Sunday, January 21, 2007
One Half Is Not Enough
I woke up this morning feeling really under the weather. We decided I would stay home with our youngest and hubby would take the other kids to church.

A few hours went by and the family returned. Hubby promptly put all of the kids to work getting the house picked up from the morning routine. This was of course met by several groans as he was reminded that this was the "Lords Day" and they were supposed to rest. They were assured that God wasn't going to mind the 20 minutes it would take to pick up. I appreciated hubby's thoughtfulness as I knew he was trying to make sure I rested and didn't worry about what needed to be done.

Later, my oldest Son came out to the living room where I was passed out on the couch. He made a statement that I found myself thinking about the rest of the day. Mom, he said, it is really not good if you are sick. When only half of you go to Church (meaning hubby and me) things don't go well. Dad only knows how to do his half of the stuff.

I thanked him for his concern, told him I was sure to feel better tomorrow, and not to worry the team would be back together soon. He basically gave me a blank look and walked away in disgust.

For the rest of the day hubby ran the house fantastically. I layed on the coach and watched movies and relaxed (which was wonderful because I really really did not feel well). All of the kids needs were taken care of by him and they were only allowed to complain to him. I bit my tongue several times reminding myself he was perfectly capable of taking care of things even if he was not doing it as I usually do (how many of you have this problem?).

Towards the end of the day I asked what he would like to do about dinner? I usually either cook a nice meal or we go out on Sunday. Well, I obviously was not cooking and he didn't want to go out without me so he decided on grilled cheese. That was fine with me however the troops were not to keen on this idea. They complained and cajoled and begged their Dad to go and get fast food. Hubby hates fast food! What he hates more than the food is going through the take out window with all of the kids "special orders" . The kids decided that they must take drastic action. They ran upstairs for a sibling meeting and quickly began laughing and preparing some sort of plan. I walked into the room to find them making picket signs that read "Taco Bell" or "Fast Food Please". They walked around hubby with these signs but he just ignored them (I really wanted to take a picture but didn't want to seem as if I had taken the insurgents side). They next ran upstairs and got some long candles which they lit and walked around the dark house in a vigil for what they were calling "real food". Even poor Dad was no match for the candles and sad faces so off he marched to get some "real food" but stopped short of special orders (he puts on a good show but is really a softy at heart).

A little while ago my 8 year said he was glad I was feeling better and that our team would be back to normal tomorrow. I feel so blessed that our kids seem to realize that their Dad and I work as a team and that all of us (no matter how much we fight sometimes) are an army of 7 that form one very special family.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007
We had Spaghetti for Dinner....

What did you have? If you are wondering why this child has no clothes on click here.


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Friday, January 19, 2007
Good times coming our way.....
Ultimate Blog Party

What are you doing the first week of March? This sounds like fun.

(editors note: I donated a Starbucks gift card to be used as a prize for the party. Hope you win!)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Snow, Ice, Freezing Temperatures?????

Don't I live in the land of sunshine? Am I not expected to put up with conjested freeways and an earthquake every once in a while for the benefit of a mild winter and plentiful sunshine?

My beloved Lemon and Orange trees have been murdered by this artic cold front. The children have been patiently waiting for the day they could harvest their citrus fruit. Now, it sits dead on the trees, frozen, unfit for human consumption (not to mention the millions the citrus farmers have lost from their destroyed crops).

To add insult to injury our poor golden retriever sat outside yesterday with an icile hanging from her nose. She is a pampered pouch used to lounging by the pool and laying in the sun. When I bring her inside she scratches on the door wanting to go back outside, hoping when she returns to her back yard paradise Mr. Freeze will have disapeared and Sunshine will have emerged. She has been very disappointed and has let me know by the dirty looks she has been giving me (I know, I know, but she is giving me dirty looks) .

Please, please, Mr. Sunshine come home. We are sorry if we have offended you in some way. When you return I promise to reward you with the happy smiles of my children running around the backyard with their pampered doggy. We will never take you for granted again. I promise!!! (ok, I know all of you in the east are laughing, but us Californians are wimps!!!!)

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Monday, January 15, 2007
In the blink of an eye....
We went to a wedding this weekend for our dear friends daughter. She was only a few months old on the day her Dad married us over 21 years ago. I found myself getting weepy thinking about how fast time goes by, and contemplating how long it would be before one of our older children fell in love and got married. Can't we just lock all our children in some kind of a time warp closet where they don't grow up until we are ready? Perhaps a freeze gun would be good where they only aged when we decided it was time.

As it is inevitable that they grow up in a blink of an eye perhaps this is a reminder to enjoy every moment, laugh more and sweat the small stuff less, and just enjoy our little people while we have them. Who knows, tomorrow they could fall in love and you could be sitting at a wedding wondering how all that time could possibly have gone bye?

Above is a picture of father and daughter enjoying a dance, and below the newlyweds are cutting their wedding cake. They are a really sweet couple and I am sure they will have many years of happy married life. Congratulations Suzanne and Mikey!!!!!!!!


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Monday, January 08, 2007
Living in a Nudest Colony....
None of my boys nor my youngest daughter want to wear clothes when they are hanging around the house. Boxers are the clothing of choice. Our daughter takes her clothes off as fast as we put them on her. What is the deal? Our oldest son wants to walk around in boxers with a large blanket wrapped around him (even when it is 75 degrees in the house), he always seems to think it is freezing. Maybe if he put some clothes on he wouldn't be so cold. Does anyone out their know of a support group for chidren who dont like to wear clothes?

Here is Paige happily swinging with only a shirt on. Its a good thing we live in California, I dont think the kids could handle a Wisconsin winter.

Paige only half naked.

Oh, the joy of it. My one child who loves wearing
clothes. Rejoice!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Overheard at Breakfast
8 yr. old: Oh man! I forgot! I shouldn't have eatan that oatmeal. I was suppose to start the Special K challenge this morning.

Later in the day...

8 yr. old: Mom can I have one of those chocolate drinks in the fridge?
Mom: No, those are slim fast drinks your Dad is using to try and take off the few pounds he gained over the holidays.
8 yr old: Oh man! I wanted to do that with my Special K Challenge!

Perhaps this dear son has been watching to much tv over the last few days. The advertisers have managed to convince a child (who does not need to lose weight) that their products are so fantastic even he must try them. A little scary if you really think about it.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
A New Years Wish
I am a little late on my happy New Years post, to see why read post below. (I am now finished reading, and it was glorious!)

I love the beginning of the New Year with all of its hope and excitement. I also find it sobering to look back on challenges I have conquered, failures I hope to learn from, and all of the blessings that God had found me, little old me, worhty of bestowing upon. Truth be told their are no failures God cannot turn into victories, their is no pain that God cannot turn into joy, we only have to trust and allow him to do so.

I like to be in control. I do not like to wait on Gods guiding hand. I want to do it my way. How many times has he shown me that if I would just stop...wait...and listen he had a much better plan than I.

This is my greatest wish and hope for 2007. That I could finally not only know Gods truth in my heart, I could also take the time to apply it to my life. I would like to spend more quite moments with my family, slow down the pace of our lives, and just enjoy each other. I am going to work on keeping things simple, not worry about what others think, and do what I know God want me to. I know I will stumble, but just as surely I know he will be their to pick me up.

Here are some pictures of the best gifts God has ever given me enjoying Christmas morning with each other. (the boys were not dressed appropriately so cannot post their cute pics, next year I will remember to tell them to put clothes on before ripping into their gifts)

Gods Blessing on all of you!

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

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