Monday, November 26, 2007
Hi, it's me. Sorry I have been gone for a few days. The charger for my laptop has decided to poop out on me so I wasn't able to get on the computer for the past few days. Hubby has nicely let me use his computer so I can get my bloggy fix.

We have several old chargers laying around the house but naturally none of them fit my computer. Our family is sure this is a giant plot by the computer makers to add to their profit. I'm going out today to try and find the charger I need.

This weekend started our families diet coke detox program. I may be a little crabby for the next week. Hubby and I decided that we had become way to lax in monitoring our kids soda consumption and thus agreed to just not buy it anymore. You have no idea how much this personally pains me. Hubby and I are way more addicted than the kids. It will be very interesting to see how this goes.

This morning I made ice tea and also filled a big pitcher with ice water and placed them both into the refrigerator. Our youngest son opened the refrigerator door and exclaimed happily "Wow, cool, water with ice, I love that". Clearly the children will not be missing the daily caffeine intake as much as their parents.

So, my friends, I pray that I will find the charger this afternoon so I can access my favorites and come buy and visit you all. Clearly all of my IRL friends won't want to be around me while I am kicking the caffeine habit. While I am feeling grouchy and deprived you will be blissfully unaware. Aren't you thankful?

Well, I'm off now to take a giant Advil to get rid of my caffeine deprivation headache. Have any of you successfully kicked the diet coke (or Pepsi) habit? If you have any tips I would love to hear them.

Have a great and joyful Monday!


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Friday, November 23, 2007
Overheard After Dinner Last Night
Grandpa: What were those crunchy things in the cranberry salad you made?

Grandma: You mean the walnuts?

Grandpa: You put Walnuts in the Cranberry salad?

Grandma: Yes, dear, for 30 years now.

Grandpa: Hmm, I guess I never noticed because I always had my teeth in before.

Yes, for some reason, Grandpa didn't put his teeth in yesterday. Which made him talk kind of funny.

Our youngest son asked me if Grandpa was drunk.

No, I told him, he just isn't wearing his teeth.

Really? Cool! he responded.

Any funny stories come from your dinner table last night?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Is It Time For Turkey Yet?
This morning we didn't send the older kids to school and instead went and had their picture's taken at our local portrait studio. Our middle son hates having his picture taken so he said he would be fine to just go to school. We declined his sweet offer and instead scrubbed and puffed all of them into a sparkling clean and made it to our appointment exactly on time at 11:10 am. We were called in exactly 45minutes later. Why oh why do these places always run late?

Anyways, the pictures turned out really cute (I will post some when I get them back in a couple weeks) and besides the wait and the fact I spent all of our grocery money for the next month on pictures all is well.

After we were done Hubby asked if he could take our oldest son up to the ball park for some practice. Now he knows that their are lots of things around the house that really should get done today and we really shouldn't be doing things like going to the park. However, in my sweetest kindest voice I told him that would be OK with me if he wouldn't mind swinging by Sam's on his way home to pick up the tree. The one we almost purchased before.

No problem he told me. He will get it on the way home.

Wow, that was easy.

I am praying you all have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow. I am so thankful for all that God has bestowed upon our family. I am so thankful for a family who loves me, children who are healthy, and our many wonderful friends. Most of all I am thankful for a God who loves me warts and all.

Here is a sweet little ditty I would like to leave you with...

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Monday, November 19, 2007
The Tree Part II
This morning I had my second favorite person coming over to clean our carpets. You can read about my first favorite here.

John has been cleaning our carpets since my oldest was a baby. He is quite a character and is always good for a laugh.

He was suppose to show up around 10:30 to start which was the same time I had an appointment at the middle school for conferences with the kids teachers.

I got up early (6:00 am which is the crack of dawn at my house) showered and got dressed before getting the kids off to school. I then moved all the furniture off the carpets because I wanted this to be a really good scrubbing.

Then after I was all sweaty from moving the furniture around I put the two younger kids into the car and headed off for my conferences.

After said conferences I collected my children and had the brilliant idea that I would take them shopping to look for the artificial Christmas tree of my dreams. At this point I should have realized that I must have had a small stroke or something. However, my mommy radar was obviously out of whack so off I went with four kids to look for the perfect tree.

Scattered in amongst our tree shopping we were also looking for the perfect dress shirts for the boys to wear for the family portrait being taken Wednesday morning. This realization thrilled them even more than the whole tree shopping thing.

After five stores and lots of whining and complaining we did manage to find the shirts. However, their was not a good tree in sight.

What do you think hubby will do to me when I tell him we should go back to Sam's tomorrow and buy the tree we had in our cart and I made him put back?

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Pray for me people.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007
A Recipe For Irritation
If your goal is to completely irritate your husband may I suggest the following actions:

First, ask him to go to Sam's Club with you to help purchase an Artificial Christmas tree.

Find said tree and watch hubby wrestle it onto the flat cart to take up to the check stand for purchase.

Wait several minutes and then express your doubts about whether this is really the tree your family should be buying.

After wringing your hands and melting into a mess of indecisiveness tell hubby you really don't want that tree. Watch hubby re wrestle tree off of flat cart and back onto big pile of stacked tree boxes.

Suggest that you now go to another store and look for a different tree.

I highly recommend skipping the last step.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
The Great Shoe Debate Of 2007
Today Samantha and I took off together for a little shopping and girl time. We shopped for seven hours straight. My little feet are swollen and angry, but we had a blast.

I have been shopping online and picking up a few things when I was out for the last month. I only have two more gifts to buy and then I am done. I am sooooooo excited. I have never been done before Thanksgiving before.

I only bought a few things today but we went into a bunch of stores that I have always wanted to browse in and never seemed to have the time to. We have a new outdoor mall with lots of new shops I have never heard of so it made our adventure all the more fun.

I bought these shoes today.

I wore them for several hours and they were really comfy. All the boys in my house think they are weird looking. Hubby refused to comment which means he doesn't really like them. I don't care what anyone says. They are a little different, but cute. Plus I had a coupon and they were 50% off. I love them even more because of that.

I also bought this sweat suit at Chico's.

I liked it so much I wore it out of the store (with my new shoes). I was going to have one of the boys take a picture of me in it but after they laughed at my shoes I refused to let them.

So, here is my self portrait.

Isn't it a great picture? That will teach them to make fun of there momma. I do like how my chest area looks perkier since my arms are raised to take the picture. Well, we won't get into that now. I could write an entire post on that subject.

In case your wondering, I did actually buy some things for other people. However, every once in a while I get in a mood and decide to buy myself something new. Like once every two or three years.

How are you all doing on your Christmas lists? Anyone planning on tackling the crowds next Friday? I have to confess that I avoid Black Friday like the plague, but I have some friends who love love love it. What about you?

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Friday, November 16, 2007
Indian Summer
We've been having temperatures in the mid to upper 80's the past few days. The sky has been blue and the days just amazingly pleasant.

I am sure you will agree that the good Lord did not provide such days for us to stay cooped up in our homes doing laundry and other mundane tasks.

These days were made for the park.

So, while the older kids were caged in their classrooms, Garrett (who is off track) Paige and I headed out for some fun.

Up the ladder she goes.

Still Climbing.

Yeah! I made it!

Hey Dude, you need to find a bigger ride.

Geez, it's hot. I really need a drink.

I'm coming down.

Man, is it ever tiring trying to keep up with a four year old!

I really like this pole, its in the shade. I think this pole is my new best friend.


A little smoochy for brother.

Friends Forever.


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Are You Ready Kids, Aye Aye Captain...
This was heard from Paige's room as she was trying to go to sleep last night.

Barnacles Sponge Bob I drop my bunny.

She can't sleep without her bunny. That was one of the longest sentences she ever said. We are making progress.

Then today as I was packing lunches I accidentally dropped an apple to the floor.

To which Paige says "Oh,Tarter Sauce Mom ".

Uh, OK. My four year old seems to be learning her vocabulary from a strangely dressed sponge.

Yes, Sponge Bob is her favorite show. She will chose it over anything else.

I actually think it is cute. As long as she doesn't wake in the morning with a square yellow head and seem to have the sudden ability to absorb large amounts of liquid.

I will definitely draw the line at this.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Conversation With A Third Grader
Today my youngest son, Garrett, came to me and I could tell he had something on his mind and needed to talk.

We sat down on the coach and he very seriously says to me "Mom, it's OK you don't have to pretend anymore, I know all about the secret".

What secret is that I ask.

The one about Santa Claus he tells me.

Oh, are you upset?

No, its OK, I'm a big boy now.

We talk a little about the real meaning of Christmas and how it is the day we Celebrate Jesus birth.

He looks at me seriously again and states "Now that I am an adult I can keep a secret. I promise not to tell Paige. She's still a little kid and needs to believe for a little longer".

That kid cracks me up.

So, here is my question Internet friends. How does your family separate Santa from the real meaning of Christmas? I know some families don't do Santa at all and just celebrate Christ's birth. Has anyone found a really great way to incorporate them both without losing the Christ in Christmas.

When Garrett and I talked I asked him if he really understood that the jolly big guy was just pretend but that Christ was very much real. He said he did and we had a pretty long and thorough discussion about it all.

I guess in the back of my head I have always been worried that once the kids found out they would question whether God was real too. Had their parents been lying to them about that also?

My older kids are fine and definitely still believe in Jesus. However, it is still in the back of my mind.

Do any of you obsess about this also? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I Smell Me Some BBQ
Thanks so much to all of you who left such warm and encouraging comments about my previous post. They made me cry (in a good way). Your prayers for Paige are so much appreciated, I know God has great things planned for her life. Thanks also to my friend Lori who called after reading my post offering to "take down" who ever it was that said we should not be adopting. She made me laugh. Thanks so much for your sweet words my friend. You'll never know how much they helped.

Anyho, after my little mini meltdown I thought I would post a little story I am sure will leave you smiling.

Do you remember a few days ago when I posted about my clean house? Well my friends, it didn't last long.

Sunday morning I got up early to finish up a few things before we left for church. We were having my mom's birthday party at our house that day and I wanted everything done before we left.

I ran to Sam's Club to buy a Brisket for dinner and then came home to stick it in the oven. I always lather my Brisket with BBQ sauce before sticking it in the oven to cook. I buy the giant bottle (1 1/2 gallon) Cattleman's brand that I really like at Sam's. When I was done I asked our 14 year old, Tyler, to take the bottle of BBQ sauce out to the garage and put it in the fridge out there.

He shortly comes back in and sheepishly informs me that he tripped and dropped the giant bottle of sauce. Sauce was now all over the garage. No problem, I tell him, it was an accident. I send him back out with paper towels and a bucket to try and quickly get it picked up. At this point it is time to leave for Church.

Unfortunately, Tyler fails to let us know that he has actually spilled the bottle right out side the garage door. Where people walk out to get into the car. Children start marching out to get into the car when I hear some yelling and unhappy voices. Some come running back in to tell me that their is BBQ sauce all over the floor right outside the door. Thankyouverymuch.

In the process of coming in to complain they brought with them Red Sticky sauce on the bottoms of their shoes which they proceeded to smear all over my beautifully polished wood floors. Of course they had to step on a few of my newly washed area rugs too, just for the effect I guess.

You would have been so proud of me. I held my breath until I nearly exploded but I did not yell. Now Hubby, well that is another story. He knew how hard I had worked to have everything looking "perfect" for the party.

I tell them all to wash off their shoes and get in the car. Dave takes them to Church and I am going to follow along in a few minutes. Just as soon as I get the sticky sauce off the floor.

During Church our oldest son asks if the Cafe, our church has one next to the sanctuary, is cooking up BBQ ribs for after Church. He keeps smelling BBQ. So does every one else.

It seems that in Tyler's rush to leave for church he forgot to check himself in the mirror. He left with the spilt BBQ sauce splattered on the front of his shirt and sauce going up all over his left arm. I am sure the people sitting around him were wondering what in the heck happened to this kid?

I feel so bad for all my fellow Christians who smelled the yummy BBQ sauce all through church only to discover that the cafe was serving grilled cheese sandwiches that day. I'm sure the workers had no idea why they were getting all those requests for ribs.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
It is the middle of the night and I am up with Paige because something is bothering her. I am feeling frustrated because I don't know what it is and she can't communicate to me what she wants to say.

My daughter is 4 but she has the language skills of a 2 year old. Maybe younger.

I have shared before about Paige's speech delays but recently we are realizing that perhaps it is just not her speech but something else developmentally going on.

All of our children were late to meet their milestones. Because of this we were never overly worried about Paige's delays. Her sister didn't sit up until she was 10 months old and didn't walk until 17 months. Paige followed along at this same pace.

As Paige got older and still wasn't talking like she should we still didn't become overly concerned. Our oldest son never babbled and rarely uttered a word. Around the time of his third birthday he started talking in full sentences. He went from one extreme to the other in what felt like an overnight experience.

As you can see our kids have seemed to ignore any books and charts about what is normal. They definitely beat to their own drummer.

However, now that Paige is four I am having to face the reality that there may be something more serious going on.

Tonight as I am tired and feeling frustrated that I can't communicate with her the tears are streaming down. The tears I needed to shed to mourn the fact that my precious little girl may not be "normal". What ever that exactly means.

I love this little girl so much and I could not imagine life without her. She brings such joy and laughter to our family. She Blesses us beyond measure.

Yet tonight I feel the weight of her special needs coming crashing down upon me. Even my husband does not truly understand how I feel. I feel alone in my sadness and worry. Despair filling my heart.

We live next door to a family that has a little girl 2 weeks older than Paige. I watched them playing today and the difference in their emotional and physical abilities was overwhelmingly obvious.

Tonight I am having my little pity party. I need to do that. Allow myself to mourn and feel sorrow for the little girl that she should be but for some reason is unable to become.

We are sitting on the couch together watching her favorite Sponge Bob episode. I am all cried out and ready to face tomorrow.

In the weeks ahead we have appointments with Neurologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Geneticists, and a Developmentally Delayed Pediatric Specialist all to see if we can figure out what is going on with my sweet girl.

We received the first report from the special needs preschool she is attending and they are requesting we allow them to do some more involved testing. She is not making the progress they had hoped for.

I have driven myself crazy searching the Internet trying to figure out a diagnosis. She does not fit neatly into one box. We have already been told this before.

Adding to my despair is a comment made this weekend by a family member regarding our plans to adopt. This person made it clear they believed we should not be adopting another child when we have our hands full with Paige. She deserves all of our attention and financial resources.

I know without a doubt that God wants us to adopt a child. I know our family is not complete. Their is someone missing from our table. However, the words stung perhaps because they were implying I could not give to Paige what she needs if I had another to love and nurture also. Does this mean I should give Paige away because she is taking to much time away from her brothers and sister? I think not.

So tonight I am holding close to my faith knowing that God has a plan and I am to trust him in all things. That is what I intend to do.

But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

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Monday, November 12, 2007
88 Years
Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 88Th Birthday. We had a great time watching football (grandma loves all sports) and playing Pinochle...and eating. The food, oh my, the food was fantastic.

Even though I made it I am still going to state that the food was fantastic.

The best part being I made almost everything one or two days ahead so I had very little food prep to do yesterday. Which allowed me to lay around and eat chips and salsa (and suchi and cucumber sandwiches and lots of other stuff my thighs are thanking me for this morning) with every one else.

It started on Friday when Garrett helped me peel 10 pounds of potato's. This was his first time using the potato peeler and after a few minutes he was a pro. He helped me make these potato's. Let me just tell you my friends, these were a huge hit, and it is doubtful I will ever make regular old mash potato's again.

See, he's a pro now. He has been elected official potato peeler for our family. Doesn't he look thrilled?

I made my Brisket recipe and since I saw Uncle Brad licking the last of it out of the pan last night I am pretty sure it was a huge hit also.

We had ambrosia salad, zucchini casserole, Cole slaw, baked beans (the best beans ever) and Parmesan garlic rolls. We then all exploded. It was very messy.

In between all the eating the cousins had fun playing together.Something funny was going on with the computer and Grandma decided to check it out. Maybe they were reading my blog?
Crazy cousins on the trampoline with the bunny.

Aunt Stacey made her famous Spice Cake and believe it or not I was to full to have a piece last night. I know, I know, shocking.

My piece is all covered up and waiting for me this morning. I'll be inhaling that with my morning coffee. I guess I better hurry and get off the computer before one of the kids sees it and devours it in one bite.

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you so much and can't wait for your 89th!!!!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007
Ahh, The Smell Of Clean
Nine years ago, not long after our fourth child was born, we hired a wonderful lady named Christina to clean our house twice a week. At first I was a little unsure about letting a complete stranger in to my house to clean. Do I really want someone to know what utter slobs we actually are?

The answer to that is, yes, yes I do. Is their anything better than having every room of your house clean? At the same time? Walking from room to room and just enjoying the sweet clean smell of....well, clean?

Christina quickly became my favorite person in the whole world. I looked forward to her visits with the excitement of a child going to Disneyland for the first time. Quite frankly, I loved her.

About a year ago I noticed our expenses were beginning to exceed our income. We needed to cut some things out. It was decided we would divide the chores amongst our family and say a sad goodbye to Christina. I have cried many a tear over this in the past year.

Now, anyone with kids who has a cleaning lady come twice a month knows you still have to clean. ALL THE TIME. I have three boys. The downstairs bathroom has to be cleaned EVERY DAY. I still had to vacuum and sweep and clean the kitchen. It was just really nice to have that one day where everything was clean. In the entire house. At the same time (did I mention she washed and changed the sheets on all the beds?).

On Wednesday of this week I found out I would be hosting a birthday party for my mom tomorrow. Now, I was happy to do this and really wanted to. However, we had a jam packed week of activities and I knew that between planning the menu, shopping for food and just plain old life I would have very little time for cleaning.

I was feeling stressed.

So, on Thursday I called Christina. Could she possibly fit me in? No, she didn't have any openings. She was all booked up. I was so sad, but it was nice to talk with her and we got all caught up on each others lives.

Shortly after we hung up she called me back. She will come on Saturday. She wants to see the kids.

So, today while I was running to Target and baseball games and pizza parties, Christina was cleaning my house.

When I got home tonight at 6:00 my house was clean. It smelled like pine. My heart was all aflutter.

I told the kids to pick a spot and stand in it for the next 24 hours. No one better make a mess. I want at least one full day to enjoy it.

I'm considering this new diet for my family where you only eat every other day. With all the money I save I could have my sweet Christina back. Just think of all the weight I would lose. It's a win win situation.

What do you think?


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Our New Little Girl
I realize it has been a while since I last posted anything about our upcoming adoption. The main reason being, their isn't much to tell. This part of the process is quite boring and tedious.

Almost all of the documents for our dossier are completed. We are just waiting for our doctor to write letters stating we are healthy and then we will be done with that part.

Our home study agency isn't moving as fast as I would like. We actually decided on this agency because we were told they had the best record and were really quick. Unfortunately, this has not been our experience.

We need our home study to be completed so we can mail it to CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) and then hopefully get our I-171H form quickly (this is the form that allows us to adopt an International orphan and bring her home with us).

Once the home study is done we have to send it along with all of the other documents to the Secretary of State for State Authentication. Basically this is the state saying the notarized documents we have were notarized by a licensed notary. I am thinking of flying up to our state capital for the day and doing this by hand. It would be quicker than waiting for the mail. I am still pondering this decision.

Daily I find myself daydreaming about our new little girl. Is she born yet? Are her parents still alive? Is their a mother praying someone will come and love her child because she is unable too. Will I be the answer to this mothers prayers?

So many questions, and so few answers. God and I have been talking about this a lot lately. In the car, while I fold laundry, and at night when I can't sleep.

My heart aches a little more each time I think about this gift of another child we are about to be blessed with, because with that knowledge I also know their is a family mourning the loss of a loved one or their inability to care for a child they deeply love.

I know God has a plan. I can feel him so close to me right now, probably closer than at any other time in my life.

When I get frustrated at the slow pace I have to remind myself that I am going on God's timing not mine. Perhaps the home study is taking longer than expected because it needs to. In my heart I know that God has our child picked out just for us. The child that is meant to become our sixth blessing. The child I will love with all my heart and soul.

I remind myself of these things daily. However, the take charge get things done side of me likes to rear its ugly head and talk me into the fact that my timing really is better. I know it is not.

So, at night when I pray in the darkness for my new sweet daughter, I remind myself that their is a mother, father, or grandparent somewhere in Ethiopia praying for this same child. Perhaps praying that another would be able to care for their little girl because they are unable to.

I feel so blessed, privileged, and overcome with emotions at the thought that God could use our family as a vessel to answer this families prayers.

We are coming for you little one. Mommy can't wait to hold you in her arms.


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Just Because.............................
She can make a five foot tower of Dominoes without it falling over.
She is a professional Butterfly catcher. Didn't she catch a cute one?
Big brother has been caught in the younger siblings trap. They discovered if they wrap him in a blanket and torture him, oh, I mean tickle him, he can't get away. This is his reward for always being such a loving and understanding older brother. ahem.

Don't worry he escaped after a few moments,and then promptly began chasing the littler ones around the house while they screamed like Chucky himself was chasing them.

Ahh, life is truly good.


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Monday, November 05, 2007
Why Does The Day Of Rest Seem To Turn Into The Monday Mess?
The alarm rings and I jump out of bed to shower and dress for my morning working in the toddler room at church. I quickly bathe Paige, get her dressed, and do her hair. I hand her off to her Dad who is pouring his first cup of coffee and preparing the fixings for bacon and pancakes for all the kids.

Samantha runs down the stairs and jumps into the car with me. We are already 15 minutes late. Not good.

We spend 90 minutes in the toddler room trying to keep 45 2 and 3 year olds happy. I am put in charge of our guest speakers daughter. She was small and petite and oh so very cute. However, she hated me. She looked at me like I had two heads. She whimpered and stiffened and cried. I finally handed her over to a friend who is Hawaiian. She liked her much better.

I later found out this sweet little thing came from an orphanage in India, spoke no English, and had probably never seen a blonde haired white woman. She wasn't very impressed. She liked my olive completed friend much better. We all thought this was kind of sweet.

After our morning working in the toddler area Samantha and I met the rest of the family in Church for the morning Worship Service.

After church we decide to grab a quick lunch and then go to Target to let the kids fill up their shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse. The shoe boxes of gifts will go to needy children all over the world.

We run into Wendy's for our quick lunch. Now, the story I am about to tell you is true. I am not exaggerating in the least. It was a scene out of a bad movie. Here goes.

We take our trays of food and sit down. We hear loud talking. I notice my children (and many others in the restaurant) staring at this couple who seem to be arguing at a table over by the window. About three feet away from us. Well, I really shouldn't say a couple arguing. It was only the wife. Ripping into her husband. He just sat there and took it. For 20 minutes at least.

Here is a sample of her tirade:

Why do you disrespect my church? Why do you dress like that? (He had on shorts and a polo shirt). You wear nice clothes to work, not jeans. Why do you hang out with those friends? That is all you care about? Them in their fancy cars they can't afford. You tell me you will change but you never do. You just sit on the couch watching TV. If we go out for 5 minutes you want to go home. You never want to do anything. CALL YOUR MOM, GO AHEAD, TELL HER YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE WITH HER. I AM TIRED OF YOU. I am not Cambodian!!! (What this had to do with anything no one knows).

Now, this went on and on. The husband just stared out the window AND NEVER SAID A WORD. I really wanted to say something to her but my family prohibited me from asking her to BE QUIET!!! You could hear this conversation from every table in the restaurant. EVERYONE WAS LISTENING (you would have to plug your ears not to listen) this woman did not care what a fool she was making of herself.

All you blogging moms will be so proud of my oldest son Zach. I see him looking for my purse. What are you doing? Mom, I need your cell phone, we have to get this on tape for your blog. Oh, how it warmed my heart. Isn't he being taught well? Unfortunately, by the time he ran to the car and got my phone her little tirade was over. She did say they were going shopping so we secretly hoped they were going to Target so we could catch her in action their.

Now, this next thing that happened sent me to my knees in disbelief. This woman storms out of the restaurant, her husband dutifully following her, then he goes to her side of the door and gently helps her into their car. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. I could not believe this guy just sat their in a public place and let his wife rant at him for half an hour without uttering a word or walking out. Neither could any of the men who had been listening to this embarrassing scene.

After our little lunch show we run to Target (where to the kids sadness we never saw the psycho woman from Wendy's) where they spent an hour picking out special items for their child.

We get home and Samantha and I put all the boxes of gifts together and I start dinner. The kitchen is still a mess from the morning meal and I just ignore it. I am to tired to care.

I go out to the living room where the kids are cutting out pictures from magazines for a school project and their is graph paper and books all over from those who are working on Geometry homework.

All of those items are still laying around. On Monday morning. Because no one picks up on Sunday's. What is up with that?

I never plan anything on Monday's because I know it will take me all morning just to clean up from Sunday.

So, you ask, why are you on the computer instead of scrubbing your kitchen?

Because, I had to tell you about the lady in the Wendy's. I knew you would want me to tell you right away.

Now, I can go scrub away without the guilt that I am holding back on my buddies who are cruising the world wide web while I, Cinderella, clean up after my very messy family.

Enjoy your day!

p.s. I did say a prayer last night for the crazy couple. I hope they can both get the help they need to save their marriage. Though it was entertaining, I realize it was actually a very sad scene of a family in crisis. Perhaps you could say a little prayer for them too. Thanks, Julie.

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Friday, November 02, 2007
Friday Fun
This afternoon Dave and I took the two youngest kids, who were off school, to see Bee Movie. They really liked it, Dave and I thought it was OK. If your kids aren't dying to go you could probably wait until it comes out on DVD and have a family movie night. Not to mention how much cheaper this option would be. Geesh, I can't believe how much it costs to go and see a movie.

Tonight Dave and I snuck out for some alone time. We went to dinner and then he, oh so sweetly, agreed to go to Michael's with me. I wanted to look at artificial Christmas Trees.

I love the smell of a fresh tree at Christmas time but I hate the cost. How many of you have fake trees? Are you happy with them? Can you recommend a particular type?

There are so many choices I felt like my head was going to spin off. Not to mention the prices. The one I really liked was $350.00. Does this sound high to you????

Well, after our fun night out I snuggled up into my favorite pj's and quickly fell asleep. An hour later hubby woke me saying Garrett had come downstairs crying and saying his head hurt.

I got up, gave him some medicine, and hoped he would be able to go back to sleep. Within a few moments the barfing began. He now feels better and is sleeping on the couch beside me. We think it was food poisoning. He was the only one who ate the sausage pizza.

True to form the first question out of his mouth was "I can still play in my game in the morning, right?"

His daddy was so proud. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking "That's my boy".

For Pete's sake people their is more to life than baseball. Did I just say that?

Hopefully the family doesn't kick me out of the tribe for thinking such a thing.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Pumpkin Carving, Parties, & Trick or Treating
Tuesday night our junior high kids had a Halloween party with their church youth group. They had a great time. Here is Samantha trying to win the donut eating contest. Donuts were hung from the patio cover and the kids had to eat the whole thing without it falling on the ground. She did a great job. Unfortunately, when she was down to her last bite the donut fell to the ground. Drats!

Wednesday morning Garrett got busy carving his pumpkin. He was really concentrating on what he was doing and did a great job. He is off track this month and I am really enjoying having him home with me.

Here are Paige, Samantha, Garrett and their friend Hannah. I couldn't get Paige to look at me because she was afraid of Garrett. He was Bill Clinton with an Afro. Don't ask, the kids got an interesting sense of humor. Samantha made her Bumble Bee costume (she was the queen bee) and Paige was her little worker bee.

I had a hard time getting Paige to stand still for a picture. She was more interested in twirling around in her costume.

Here are some pics of trick or treating. Garrett couldn't see out of his mask and had to keep leaning over to see out of the eyes. It was pretty funny.

Here's Paige trick or treating at our friend Janine's house. She not only said thank you but also gave hugs. Such a sweet girl.

The girls taking a little break. They spotted our oldest and some of his friends running down the street with toilet paper. Wonder what they were going to do with that????

When Paige tuckered out I brought her home to pass out candy. Can you tell we live in California? She sat outside in her little summer pj's until almost nine o'clock and was so sad when it all ended.

She even offered to share her candy with me. I of course gladly excepted her kindness.

and no, I did not sit around all day in my pj's and eat candy with the kids. Nope. I would never do that. Not in a million years.

How many pieces have you had????

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