Thursday, June 28, 2007
Confession Is Good For The Soul
I have talked before about WI madness. Our whole family loves the WI. Well, the children and I. I am sure hubby would prefer if they read books. I am going for a some where in between approach this summer.

Anyway, the kids had a months allowance burning a whole in their pockets and they were dying for this new Pokemon game that came out this week for the WI.

On our way back from taking Grandma home this afternoon we passed a Best Buy. The kids begged and pleaded for a chance to go into the store to see if they actually had one of these games on the shelf. You see, we had already been to Target and they were completely sold out.

Much to there dismay the game was not on the shelf. I asked a helpful clerk who actually went into the back to check and see if they had any more. The children paced and prayed hoping against hope that they actually had the game.

While we were waiting I spied the new Mario Party 8 game. I love Mario games. I asked the kids if they wouldn't like to get the Mario game instead? Several said that would be OK with them and I was secretly so excited. I couldn't let them know that they would be spending their hard earned money on a game that Mom would like. Somehow that seemed just wrong.

We had made a decision to get the Mario game when much to my dismay the clerk appeared with the Pokemon game. She had found one in the back. I was sooooo disappointed. The children were jumping up and down with joy.

Panicking that my Mario dreams were going out the window I tried to argue that the Pokemon game could no way be as fun as Mario. Immediately it was clear I would not be winning this argument.

I began calculating in my head how much the total would be if I bought both games. At $49.99 a piece it would be a pretty penny.

I asked the sales girl to take the Mario game out of the case so I could see it. I noticed it was a four player game. We love four player games at our house. However, we only have two controller's for the WI.

I am to embarrassed to tell you how much the cost of two new controller's was going to be.

Next Garrett reminds me that Daddy owes him $20.00 and if I pay him now he has enough to buy a new game for his Nintendo DS. A game he has wanted forevvvvver!

Well, in the interest of actually getting to the end of this story I will cut to the chase.

I gave in to my earthly desires and proceeded to the checkout with the Pokemon and Mario game in my cart plus two new controllers a new video for Paige and the game for Garrett he was going to buy with the money Dad owed him. Whew!

When the cashier told me the total the children looked at me and said these words. "Don't worry mom we promise never to tell Daddy that you just spent $$$.$$ on video games and stuff and it isn't even our birthday".

I had just spent our grocery money on video games. The kids didn't care. They are perfectly happy to eat Top Ramon and Mac and Cheese for a week. Plus, they reminded me of all the meat we had in the freezer in the garage. Fresh vegetables are really over rated.

Now, there is something you have to understand about my husband. He will never ask me how much I actually spent. He will see the new games and it will never occur to him to ask me. So, unless I tell him he will never know.

Unfortunately the guilt is eating at me. I feel I must tell him.

He reads my blog each morning when he gets to work.

I have decided to confess right now. He will have all day to get over the shock.

Here goes.....

Honey, yesterday when I took the kids to Best Buy I spent a little more than I had planned. We got some really fun games and I am sure we will all have fun playing them together. However, um, honey, when the cashier rang up the total it came to.........$214.72.......please don't be mad.

Please feel free to stop at the sporting goods store on your way home from work and pick up anything you feel you may need.

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

Ummmm...I don't know what to say. I am giggling, because it sounds like me. We have a Wii at our house, too. It is the most fun ever! I hope that your husband doesn't get too ill at you. Enjoy your mac n cheese and Ramen noodles next week! It is only a week (that is what I tell myself when I spend our grocery money on something more "fun"). Blessings to you!

At 11:29 AM, Blogger missy said...

Oh no. My hubby and daughter are clamoring to get a wii and I was so close to giving I totally realize the initial three hundred bucks is no where near the end of the story!! Yikes.

How funny that you tried gently swaying the kiddos. I do that sometimes and usually get my way, too! :)

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Qtpies7 said...

thats the way it goes here if the kids get my husband into Best Buy. He wouldn't bat an eyelash because he doesn't pay attention to the food budget!
I'm dying to get a Wii! I heard the dance dance revolution game is a great way to lose weight, and the wii generally is a great way to lose weight! We love Mario games here, too. The kids have spent 3 days glued to a new game from grandma!


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