Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The People I Meet......
Today I got up at 6:00am and cleaned my house. All these lazy days of summer have really done a number on my housekeeping. We were in serious need of some deep cleaning.

By 9:30 I had cleaned the entire downstairs, in peace, as no one but Paige was awake yet.

I woke up the other kids and told them to get up and get ready for the day. I was going to run a few errands and would be back in an hour and wanted them all dressed and pretty when I returned. The boys love it when I say this.

After my errands I picked up the kids and we headed out for one of our favorite activities.


I had a great coupon and was ready for a few hours in the nice air conditioned bowling alley.

A family with three children was bowling next to us. They had brought there grandparents with them and we had fun watching them bowl and they were watching us as well.

After we had been there about an hour the grandparents came over to me and said the sweetest thing.

They complimented me on my children and said they were the best behaved and most polite children they had seen in a long time. Now, my initial reaction was to look around and see whose children they must have mistaken for my own. Surely they were not talking about my little monsters.

As it turns out they were talking about my children. I have to admit it made me feel really good. Kind of like when a boss comes in and gives you a great big compliment on the job you have been doing.

Don't we all like to hear we are doing a good job? I know I do.

We left the bowling alley after playing our two games and I decided to run into Henry's on the way home for fresh fruit and milk.

I pulled into the parking spot and told all the kids to jump out. Samantha was sitting in the front seat and opened her door a little to quickly and slammed it into the car parked next to ours.

A brand new white Mercedes. Without even it's permanent license plate on it yet.

A very nice scratch was now across the whole front door with blue paint from the suburban smeared into it.


At this point I must admit something. I seriously thought about moving my Suburban to the other side of the parking lot so I wouldn't have to deal with this, I was sure to be, irate new car owner.

But I didn't. What kind of example would that have set for my children?

We ran into the store and collected a few things and were back out in 10 minutes. When I was walking back to the car I saw that the Mercedes was still there so I told the kids we would put a note on her windshield with our phone number on it so we could have the paint on her car fixed.

Right as we got to the car this young woman jumped around the side of the car and confronted us. She was crying hysterically telling me I had ruined her new car.

The boys in our family being ever so helpful said "No, my Mom didn't do it. She did!" Pointing at there sister who then looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment herself.

I went over and looked at the woman's car again thinking maybe I had missed something because all this hysteria certainly couldn't be because of a little paint scratched off of her car.

But it was.

Even after I told her that I would make sure the paint on her door got repaired, and had given her my name and phone number, and insisted again I would have it fixed, she still looked like the most tragic event in her life had just taken place.

Finally, I said this to her.

You really need to settle down. No one has died here. This is just a car. I will fix it. Everything will be OK.

The woman then looked at me and said with a straight face. "Perhaps you didn't notice that this is a BRAND NEW CAR worth perhaps even more than one of your children."

Perhaps lady, but haven't you heard, my children are at least polite.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Some Questions That Are Just Begging For Answers
Today my favorite 11 year old daughter and I went and got a pedicure together. My feet were in bad need of some attention so off we went for a little girl time.

We go to the same nail place every time and I am always amazed that they remember us. Amazed I suppose since we only go there about once every three months.

You see, I am cheap. I figure why pay for something that I can do just as well at home? However, every once in a while the call of the big fancy chair with the jets of warm water shooting at your feet call to me. And I must go.

Anyway, the last time we were there the owners wife gave me my pedicure. She is a lovely young woman and I really like her. She is all of about 4'10" tall with a very petite frame. I noticed immediately upon our last meeting that something was different about her. Her chest area seemed to have been enhanced. Lets just say that her enhancement was so great that I was worried she may topple over as she bent over the jets to scrub all the callouses off my feet.

Well, today we went back. I spoke to the owner and he gave Samantha and I our favorite chairs near the front. This time a nice young man was given the honor of scrubbing my feet.

I have never had a man give me a pedicure before and let me tell you it is not a situation I plan to repeat in the near future. He was holding my toes so tightly I actually started to sweat. I am lucky to still have skin on the bottom of my heels as he was scrubbing them so hard. Unfortunately I am such a wimp and never want to hurt any ones feelings so I suffered in silence and never told him he was hurting me.

So, here is question #1. Are you a total wimp like me or would you have ripped your feet out of his grasp and told him he was KILLING your feet? I said ouch a couple of times but I guess he didn't get the hint.

OK, now back to the story.

As I was receiving my torture, oh I mean relaxing pedicure, I started looking around and noticed something that almost made me think I was looking at a rerun of the Stepford Wives.

Every manicurist in this salon had the same new chest size as the owners wife. They all had the same brea*ts spilling out of their low cut tops.

What the heck?

Was their some 2 for 1 special down at the corner plastic surgeon or something? I know that California has the highest rate of these kinds of surgeries but this was just ridiculous.

I am not kidding when I say I counted eight women with the same obvious enhancement.

You know, recently I have been privately thinking (obviously not so private any more as I am sharing it with all of you now) about having my chest area put back the way God originally intended it to be. After nursing 5 children things tend to go south a little and it would be nice to perk things up a little and put them back into their proper place. Know what I mean?

Actually I am only kidding. Some days I joke about it but I am basically happy with the body God has blessed me with.

However, just for fun, here is question #2. If you were interested would you have the guts to ask one of the girls, who looked like a water balloon was about to burst forth out of her shirt, where she had her work done and if they were giving discounts seeing as he whole shop seemed to have had the same Double D job done?

Would ya? Could ya? I am dying to know.


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Friday, July 27, 2007
And the Winner is......
Wow, I could not believe how many people were participating in the giveaways this week.

I had a lot of fun looking at every one's prizes and reading all the comments.

But yes, all good things must come to an end.

I used a random number finder to pick the winner, and that winner is....

Please email me your address and I will get your Bath and Body works products out to you asap.

Thanks again to all that participated.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Relief And The Big Mouse
This morning I had a follow up appointment with Paige's speech therapist thru the school district. I took her a few weeks ago and let me tell you it was a wonderful experience. Nothing like this.

Paige was cooperative and the speech therapist, Vicki, was wonderful and really knew how to bring her out of her shell. When I left the appointment I was so excited and felt like we were definitely moving in the right direction and Paige was going to get the help she needed with her speech and language delays.

She qualified for a preschool program which is 2 days a week through our district. I have heard wonderful things about this program and feel so blessed that she will have the opportunity to attend and get the help she needs.

Their is a school near our house that has this program but unfortunately they do not service children from the school our kids attend. The program she would have to go to was at a school about 5 miles away and started at 7:45am. This was really not going to work for us. My middle schoolers and the high school all start at this time and their is no way I can be in three places at once.

Vicki took pity on me and called the school district to see if they could make an exception.

You know what? They did. I truly heart Vicki at this moment.

The school she will attend is close by, she got into the afternoon class which is great for our schedule, and the best part of all is.....IT IS FREE.

I had Paige all signed up at a regular pre-school but was really starting to fret about the cost. Now we can save that money and put it towards our adoption costs.
God is so good.

So, when I got home from the appointment I was so excited by all of our good fortune that I told the kids we were going to celebrate. At Chuck E Cheese. To say they were excited would be an understatement.

Now, I am probably one of the few weird parents who actually likes going to Chuck E Cheese. I do. I really do.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that it had been remodeled since our last visit and had lots of new games.

And they had skeet ball. I love skeet ball.

I was planning on balancing my check book while the kids ran around and played games. That plan immediately flew out the window once I saw all the new games.

After all, what kind of parent would I be if I didn't diligently test all of the games the kids would be playing. There could be a bad one out their lurking about somewhere.

So, being the good parent that I am I sacrificed the checkbook for the new frogger game.

Hey, a girl really needs to have her priorities straight.

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Our oldest son is playing in a baseball tournament about 2 hours from our home this week. My friend Jackie took the week off work to take her son and mine back and forth so we wouldn't have the expense of renting a hotel room.

At the last minute I decided to drive yesterday and pick up Jackie and her son so we could all spend the day togehter.

I don't get to watch Zach play baseball uninterupted that much so I was looking forward to a day in the sun with my girlfriend and my number one fifteen year old son.

Dave so wonderfully stayed home with the other kids so I could go. I will also add here that Dave does not miss many of Zach's games so it was a real sacrifice on his part to let me have this day alone with our son.

Anyway, we left at 10:30am and got to the first game an hour before game time which was 2:00pm. They were to play two nine inning games so Jackie and I settled in with our coolers, umbrellas, and snacks for a day of great baseball.

The first game was great. The boys played well but lost a heart breaker in the 10th inning 7-6.

Then came the second game.

Against the Amazon Men.

This tournament was for boys 16 and under. Some of these boys were 17. With full beards and mustaches. I don't think their was a young man on the other team shorter than six feet.

We held our own against them for a few innings but then the flood gates openned and our team seemed to fall apart. This has happened before so it wasn't really that big of a deal. It is great for the boys to play against more experienced players. This is how they grow and get better. I do not have a problem with it at all.

My only real surprise of the afternoon was my sons sudden inability to play ball the way he has for years.

He could not hit. He could not field.

After the game he said he was so embarassed. This was the worst game of his life. Unfortunately, I could not honestly disagree with him.

We talked about how he needed to use this experience and grow from it. We both knew he was a good ball player and he just needed to get up and play again tomorrow.

Even the guys in the Major Leagues have a bad day every now and then.

They have a game again today at 8:00am.

Unfortunaltely that means he has to get up at 4:00am to be able to get ready and get their on time.

I found myself praying a few moments ago for God to intervene and help him to have a good game tomorrow. I am not good at letting my kids fail. Even though I know in my heart that God can use their failures for growth and to help mold them into the people he wants them to be.

I don't want them to hurt or feel heart ache. I want only happy smiles all the time.

I know this is not how the real world works. Failure is a part of life.

Even in baseball.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Wordless Wednesday
Fancy Hair.....


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
In Which We Might Just Be Pushing Her Off The Edge
Since the kids have been behaving so wonderfully during their Aunts visit this week (NOT)we decided to drive up to the lake yesterday at one of the nearby mountain towns about an hour and half from our home.

I told the kids about how Grandma's family would take long drives after Church on Sunday's for fun. They would drive through the country and relax, maybe stop for a picnic, and just enjoy the scenery.

They thought THAT was fun? Poor Grandma she never got to do anything good!

These were a few of the responses.

I told them that "Yes, we would be having fun" and "I don't want to hear any complaining".

I threatened that if they did not behave (and enjoy the beautiful scenery) on the hour and 15 minuted drive that they would all be in BIG TROUBLE. No television, video games or DINNER for a month.

That would certainly help the food budget.

Yet, I digress.

The kids were good and we did have fun.

In this particular little town up in the mountains my kids were thrilled to discover that they actually have things to do. Not just trees to look at. Like Grandma.

We let them ride this bobsled.

They were taken to the top on a ski lift and then you would ride a bob sled like thing down the big hill. Big hit!

Then we let them do this.

Now, if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that every member of my family is VERY competitive. Let's just say there was a lot of jockeying for position during this 5 minute race. Our thirteen year old son, Tyler, was the ultimate victor.

We then headed to the lake and spent quite a bit of time skipping rocks and watching the ducks and boats. Here they are searching out some good rocks.

There were some colorful characters who joined us at the lake. Two teenage couples with spiky hair, some of it in shades of pink, and lots of words coming out of their mouths that would have made any civilized person blush.

The kids thought this was fascinating.

Even better than the race cars and bob sled rides.

Now, what does a good mama do when it is time to leave and take the hour plus drive home?

Why stop at the local candy store and soop them all up on sugar for the not so quite ride home.

I tell you I am just such a genius. Why yes I am.

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Monday, July 23, 2007
The Dog Day's Of Summer

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love me some free stuff. Don't you?

Shannon is hosting this AWESOME fun summer give away. Go visit her for all the details.

Now drum roll please........insert pretend drum sound here.....the wait is over.

Here is my funfabulous entry into the give away.....

I love Bath and Body Works. When my mommy patience has reached its limit I love to escape to my bathroom and take a warm shower with all my yummy smelling shower gels and lotion.

Sooo, if you win I will send you some of your very own. Of course they will be new and unused. Not out of my shower. How tacky do you think I am?

Just leave a comment and you will be entered. The kids will draw a name on Friday. All are invited to participate no matter which Continent you may live on.

Now I am going to leave you. My sister in law has been visiting the last few days and life has been full of a little to much fun. The kids have been staying up way to late and are on the grumpy side.

Lets just say she may get back on the plane tomorrow wearing a bib with drool running down her chin. She may need a padded room to detox from our kids before she can re-enter the real world on Wednesday.

In the mean time I am going to pour her another glass of wine in hopes she may forget about all the bratty behavior that has been displayed this evening.

One can only hope.

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Friday, July 20, 2007
Here It Is.....The Big Reveal!
My heart has been heavy these past few weeks trying to figure out a way to tell y'all about our big surprise. My heart and body are bursting with excitement, and yet I am having a hard time putting those feelings into words. No words seem to do them justice.

However, I have tried.

Here is our story.

Over twenty years ago I saw a documentary on Russia and the many orphans they had in their country. The documentary spotlighted several orphanages and the little children on the screen really touched my heart.

Afterwards I told Dave that we should someday adopt a child. At the time we had no children of our own. And no money. The thought was just a dream of a young girl of 20. That girl filed her dream away for a later time.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

A few years later we had our first child and then three more in pretty quick succession. Life was good and we were happy.

When our youngest son was around three I started feeling the yearning for another child.

I remembered our conversation about adoption those many years ago and brought it up again to Dave.

He really wasn't interested. He had a family member who adopted a child at a young age and it didn't turn out so well. He wasn't so sure he wanted to take the chance. Whenever I spoke of my desire to other family members and friends they also were not very encouraging. I felt myself doubting my dream.

Do not be afraid. Do not let your hands fall limp. The LORD your God is in your midst, a victorious warrior. ZEPHANIAH 3:16-17

Not to long after our conversation I found out we were expecting our fifth child.

Thoughts of adoption were again put on the back burner.

About the time Paige turned one I was starting to really want another child again.

However, I knew this time it was not a child from my womb I was longing for but a child to be born in my heart.

Hubby, again, was not so sure.

Until, about eighteen months ago, when he expressed to me his desire for another child.

I was thrilled. I was sure God was working on his heart and he would now agree to adoption.

Not so fast. He still was not sure about adoption.

I was very disappointed.

I really felt God leading us down the path of adoption. However, my husband was not feeling that same pull. He would prefer I give birth to another child.

I began to pray. I knew God would not be leading me down this path without taking my husband with me. This child would need a mother and a father that were fully committed to him or her.

I asked Dave to start praying as well. He told me he would.

Now, I have to confess something here.

I knew that if I begged and pleaded with my dear husband he would give in and let me adopt a child. Neither one of us is very good at denying the other something we really want.

I knew in my heart this would not be fair and it would not be what God would want. If he truly had picked this path for us I needed to wait on him and give him time to work his magic on my husbands heart.

That one thing I knew for sure. If it was truly a calling from above I would not have to twist my hubby's arm. He would come to the same conclusions on his own.

This is VERY hard for me. I am not a patient person. I like to be in control. I like to drive the car.

But I needed to have faith and wait.

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:14

Recently,I had pretty much given up any hope of Dave ever changing his mind. I would try and ask gentle questions every once in a while to see if their was some shift in his attitude....I always seemed to meet with resistance....I would then back off again.

I started doubting. This must not be the path God had wanted for us. I must have misunderstood his nudgings. My husbands heart was not changing.

As usual, God did not take note of my pitiful amount of faith in him. HE had other plans.

And your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it", whenever you turn to the right or to the left. ISAIAH 30:21

Several weeks ago, while having a quite dinner out alone together, the subject of adoption came up again. I noticed a change in my husband. He asked a lot of questions. How much research had I done? What countries could we adopt from? What did we need to do to start the process.

By the end of the meal he finally said the words to me I had waited so long to hear. We should adopt. And he meant it. His heart had changed.

Dave, the kids and I are all very excited about this path we are traveling on. I will admit to a little bit of fear and unease.

However, 98% of the time I feel complete joy over the whole idea. Joy that has been waiting 20 years to explode from my body.

I have so much more to tell you but if I tell you know it will take you hours to read through all the words I have that need to come out of by mouth.

I will spare you for now. More to come in a few days.

Hopefully someday I will finally learn and remember that God rarely works on my time table. His is so much better.

Let us hold fast the confessions of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23


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Thursday, July 19, 2007
We Are Truly Thankful

We have a wonderful school associated with our church that I would love for all the younger children to attend. Our middle son, Tyler, has been going their for middle school and it has been a wonderful experience for him. Samantha starts middle school in September and she would love to go their with him.

Unfortunately, we were not sure we could swing it financially. The school does not give a very big discount for the second child and we were also looking at the fact Tyler needed to start his second phase of braces which we still needed to pay for.

I have prayed for guidance in this area. Dave and I both felt a strong pull to put Samantha and maybe even Garrett at the school for next year. We just weren't sure how we could possibly afford the cost.

I continued to pray trying to trust in the fact that if God wanted them there he would provide a way.

One day several months ago we received a call from one of Dave's cousins saying that a distant relative had died with no current Will. She and her daughter would be handling his estate and they needed our current address to give to the lawyer. Dave's dad would have been a beneficiary as he was this gentleman's first cousin. Since his Dad died several years ago his immediate family, Dave and his sister, were entitled to his share of any inheritance.

I felt badly that we did not know this man, cousin Hollis, and yet we may be profiting from his death. I prayed he knew Jesus and was happily standing at Heaven's Gate. However, Dave nor I really had any idea about this man and his life.

Weeks went by and life went on. We forgot about cousin Hollis and his Will.

Until the day we got a big package in the mail from an attorney's office. I couldn't imagine what it was and it took a few minutes to figure it out. It was pages and pages of gibberish. We finally figured out it was about cousin Hollis and his estate. We had to sign a few papers and send them back to the attorney. We got a good chuckle at the list of beneficiaries. Dave had no idea he had so many distant relatives, some living not to far from us, their must have been 40 or 50 names on the list.

Several months went by and cousin Hollis and his estate were forgotten about again.

There was laundry to do and baseball games to attend. Not to much time to lay around and think about the $10.00 we were probably going to inherit from our long lost cousin.

Again, weeks passed and another envelope arrived. The amount each person would receive from the estate was listed somewhere in the huge mound of paperwork that had been sent. I gave it to Dave and he promptly threw it on the dining room table and ran out the door for someones ball game. I certainly did not have time to look through that mess. I figured we would look at it later.

Well, after several days had passed and no one had bothered to read through the documents our oldest son asked, in a disgusted tone, if he could read the documents and figure out how much we were going to receive.

He wanted a new baseball bat and was sure cousin Hollis was going to provide enough money for at least that. lol.

I guess Dave and I should have been a little more interested but for some reason we just never took the time to look at the documents.

Until Zachary found the page that stated the amount our family would receive. Way in the back. On something like page 32.

It seems our portion of cousin Hollis' estate was a little over $11,000.00.

Almost to the dime the exact amount we needed to pay Samantha and Tyler's tuition for the next year and pay for Tyler's next phase of braces.

Praise the Lord!

The next morning I enrolled Samantha in the Middle School. I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been for our family.

When we enrolled Tyler last year we had no idea how we were going to afford the tuition payments. However, we felt that God would be faithful and he was.

Now he was providing enough money for them both to attend!

I wish there was a way we could thank Cousin Hollis and let him know how thankful we are for his generous gift to our family. He will never know how he has blessed our lives.

However, his memory will live on as our children tell others about this miraculous gift and how God allowed their lives to be blessed through it.

We truly are so very thankful!

Note: A few days ago I told you all that God was taking our family down an exciting path. One we were excited to follow. Believe it or not, this was not it. I will tell you all about our surprise tomorrow. I hate to keep you all in suspense but I am having a hard time writing the words down on paper and expressing what I feel so deeply in my heart. Thanks for your patience.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

Apparently playing in the shaded sandbox in your birthday suit constitutes a fun summer activity. Who knew?

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Monday, July 16, 2007
Toilet Papering 101
What were you doing last night between 12:00 and 2:00am?

If you are a "normal" person you were probably sleeping (or blogging).

I was doing this.

With 5 teenage boys.

The boys each bought money to buy some TP. I took them to Walmart where I think they may have bought out the store.

They methodically unwrapped each roll and threw it into my trunk for easy access. Here is a peek at my trunk.

They did not even use half of it. I am fully stocked on toilet paper until the year 2009.

All the boys spent the night and then I woke them up at the crack of dawn for breakfast.

The crack of dawn to a 15 year old boy is 10:00am.

They had pancakes and bacon and then jumped into the pool. They have been out there for hours.

Playing Marco Pollo.

If I hear one more person yell MARCO I may go mad.

So, I devised a full proof plan to get them out of the pool.


Here they are pigging out and acting goofy with a little help from younger brother.

I now await the evening. The time of retaliation.

I am sure the girls are plotting their revenge as I speak.

I am off to take a much needed nap.


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Sunday, July 15, 2007
Some Sunday Morning Ramblings
Good Morning.

I am up doing some laundry before church. With all of our summer time fun I have gotten seriously behind in this area. Unless the boy's in the family want to attend church in their boxer shorts I needed to do some laundry this morning.

I had rented some movies with the hopes of staying up late last night and having a little laundry marathon. That was not to be. I fell asleep at 8:00pm with our youngest and never woke up again. I had a marvelous 11 HOURS of sleep. Do you think I was tired?

All has been great around here. I can tell the kids have been off for a few weeks because they are starting to get a little antsy.

On Friday they were all bored (wouldn't you like to have a moment of boredom?) so I devised a treasure hunt game for the pool. I grabbed the jar that hubby and I throw all of our change into and started counting out quarters. I stopped at 160. I also grabbed out some nickles for our littlest daughter.

I threw the change to the bottom of the pool and had them dive for treasure. They got to keep what ever they collected. I put the nickles on the big steps for Paige to collect. The kids had a blast doing this. They ended up throwing all the coins back in several times which ended up entertaining them for several hours. I put cups next to the edge of the pool with their names on them so they could deposit their treasure as they collected it.

I did have one rule. Everyone had to end up with at least seven dollars. So, if one kid got nine dollars and the other only $6.50 the one with nine had to give his brother or sister .50 cents. This worked out great and there was not a lot of fighting and arguing over who got the most money.

I also wanted to let you know about a recipe I rediscovered this summer for coleslaw. It is a little different but we all love it. It is great with a summertime meal. I thought I would share.

Jazzy Cole Slaw

3 cups shredded cabbage
1 cup shredded carrots
1/3 cup raisins
1/4 cup sliced red onions
1/2 cup shelled, salted sunflower seeds
8 slices bacon, crisp and crumbled

1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 T. sugar
2 T. white vinegar

Combine all salad ingredients except seeds and bacon: toss gently. Combine all dressing ingredients and blend well. Pour over salad and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate. Just before serving, stir in seeds and bacon. Serves 8.

Note: I like to use half green cabbage and half red cabbage but if am pressed for time will just used the pre-packaged cabbage bags you can buy at Sams club. I usually double this recipe for my family. We love to eat the left overs.

Hope you enjoy!

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Friday, July 13, 2007
Why Do We Fight The Path That God Has Layed Before Us?
God has chosen a new path for our family. A path he put on my heart over two decades ago. A path that will change our lives.

I can see uncertainty in my husbands eyes at times. The same uncertainty that I have, at times, let creep into my soul. Perhaps it is not uncertainty as much as a fear of change.

However, God is always there to reassure me. Julie, you are doing the right thing. I have been preparing you for this for many years. Speaking to your heart and opening doors for you. Why are you doubting me?

Why is it so hard to listen? Why is it so hard to leave your comfort zone even when you know God is telling you to?

This thing he is asking us to do is exciting and fills my heart with joy. Our children are excited, the younger ones speaking of our journey with enthusiasm on a regular basis.

Down deep I know why I doubt. It is the others. The others we will have to tell of our plans. Those who will not understand, think we are crazy, and question every decision our family is making.

I was laying in bed early this morning thinking about all these things when I opened my Bible and this is what I saw written in the side notes next to Luke 2.

Faith is the one area of our lives where growing up means we must grow to be more like a child, trusting simply in the goodness and complete knowledge of a Father who has our best interests at heart.
Colleen Townsend Evans

Dave and I are excited about this journey. A journey we have only accepted after much prayer and consideration. A journey we are embarking on because we do not want to miss the great blessings God surly has in store for us.

I will tell you all about the details of our journey next week.

Until then please pray for our family that we will have the courage to step out in Faith and do this thing that God surly does have planned for us.

Have a great weekend.


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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Hop On Board The Train Is Coming
Yesterday my sister, the adventure girl, and my BIL came over for a day of fun. We had not seen them in 7 months so, understandably, the house was full of excitement about their arrival.

My other sister, Candis, and my mom also stopped by and Dave came home early from work.

We had an all out party people. In the middle of the week. Isnt't summer grand?

My sis and BIL always like to bring a new game for the kids to learn. Yesterday they brought Mexican Train Dominoes. We had never played before and let me tell you it is a lot of fun.

All ages can play and you can have up to eight people playing at one time. If you can count to 12 you can play this game. The kids thought it was so much fun. The family enjoyed having an activity that my 87 year old mom and my 8 year old son could both participate in together. If you are looking for an evening of family fun the Laundry household gives this one a big thumbs up.

Here are some pics of our wild train ride.

Above are my sisters, BIL, and sweet mother all joining in the fun.

Does your family have a favorite game you like to play? If so please leave a comment and let us know what it is.

I am off to enjoy another lazy summer afternoon with my family.

Have I mentioned lately how much I really love summer?

Note: I looked online to find the exact game my sis had brought but couldn't. She said they carry it at Target in a tin for around $10.00. I did find this one that comes in a train shaped tin and makes train sounds that my kids are begging me to buy. We have some birthdays coming up so I am thinking about it. Just thought I would let you know. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Oh My Word, Why Do They Have To Grow Up?
My oldest daughter woke up this morning with excitement. Today was the day!

What day you might ask?

Well, the day her crazy mother told her she could go to the 12:00am (as in midnight) showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

One of her best friends mom's bought tickets and was going to take them. Now, I shouldn't really be worried. She is in the best of hands.

This mom, Kathy, happens to be one of my best friends (isn't that cute?) and also happens to be married to Brad, who married Dave and I over two decades ago.

So, what am I worried about? She is with the minister's wife for heaven's sake. What is going to happen?

I don't really know. All I do know is that the movie will start in 30 minutes (they have been waiting in line for good seats since 9:00pm) and I really want to go to bed.

However, I am not sure I can sleep knowing my 11 year old daughter is out and about at this time of night. The neurotic mother inside of me will not allow it.

How am I ever going to survive the teen years?

I am off now to take a Tylenol PM and tell my self to stop worrying. She will be fine. Her father isn't worried. He's sleeping just fine.

Thanks for listening.

As a reward here is a pic of the kids I took yesterday all scrunched into the playhouse. The kids were helping Paige pick flowers and she was busy looking at her pretty treasures and refused to look up for the picture. My garden may not survive all her gentle care. lol.

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Monday, July 09, 2007
It's A Dog's Life
We have a problem with possums in our backyard. I saw a really big mama with a bunch of babies hanging off her a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, even the babies are not very attractive.

My neighbor,Pat, has a dog who likes to umm, shall we say, euthanize the baby possums.

One morning Pat got up to find yet another dead little baby on her patio. When she took a closer look she noticed this baby had fleas jumping all over it.

Pat was very concerned by this and immediately put her dog on Frontline so she would not become infested.

What did I do? I thought about getting Frontline at the pet store but I had so many other important things to do (like Blogging) I never got around to it. To be honest, I wasn't that worried. We had never had fleas before so I just figured our dog would be OK.


One afternoon the kids were playing with the dog in the house. Suddenly one asks "What are these little black jumping bugs all over Sydney?".

My Mommy radar was immediately activated. Upon further inspection I made the most shocking discovery.

We had fleas! Yuk.

The dog was banned to the back yard where she sat looking in like a woman who had a scarlet letter placed upon her bosom.

I called the vet. He could get me in the next morning for a grooming appointment but we had to come by that evening to pick up a pill to give Sydney to kill all her fleas.

Did any of you know they had such a thing?

We gave her the pill and within 30 minutes all the fleas on her body were dead. I was a little worried about what was in the pill to do such a thing but the vet assured us it was safe. This surely must be one of the greatest inventions of modern time. Any pet owners should definitely understand what I mean.

Sydney went in the next morning for her grooming appointment. The fleas had eaten her up quite a bit by she looked so pretty and happy when she got out. They even brushed her teeth and clipped her nails. A total body spa for doggies. She thought it was fabulous.

A few days later Zach comes in to me and says that Sydney was bleeding on the side of her face. When I looked I discovered that both sides of her face were bleeding and had pretty deep wounds. We suspected she had been in a little altercation with one of the many little critters that scamper across our yard.

Back to the Vet we ran.

He shaved the sides of her face to figure out what was going on. It turns out she had been bitten so badly by the fleas she had some "Hot" spots that had been aggravated by the grooming process. They were itchy and Sydney had scratched them raw.

To say it was disgusting would be an under statement.

The Vet fixed her up again and this is what she looked like when we brought her home.

She did not find the large satellite dish around her neck quite as amusing as we did. As you can see from the second picture we had been trying to cut it down a little. The thing was so big she kept running into everything and freaking herself out. I finally got it cut down and she was more comfortable.

I felt sorry for her but she was acting so funny we all got a little chuckle out of it. She kept tipping her head and then freezing like she was listening for something. We decided there were three possible reasons for her behavior.

1. Her satellite dish had picked up communication from an alien ship where dog's are in charge and she was determining if she could be beamed aboard successfully or not.

2. She was receiving the signal from a local radio station that was having a best dressed dog competition and pondering whether her neck attire would qualify.

3. She was completely annoyed with those in charge and could not believe she was being subjected to such cruelty.

I am putting my money on #3.

Yesterday the satellite dish was removed. She is healing well and hopefully we will have no more (expensive) visits to the vet any time soon.

Here she is happy as a clam and back to her favorite spot on the couch.

Enjoy your day!


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Sunday, July 08, 2007
Blossoms, Bouquets and Beauty
My garden is in bloom and I am having such fun this summer tending the flowers and enjoying their wonderful smells and beautiful blossoms. Even the fruit trees are doing great which I am thrilled about. Most of them were planted only three years ago and this is the first year we have seen an abundance of fruit.

Grab yourself a glass of ice tea, sit down, relax, and come on a mini tour of my garden with me.

Here are my Hydrangeas going down the west side of the house. The blooms were bursting out and I had already cut off several bouquets for the house when I took this picture.

Here are some vines and flowers that line the fence out by the pool.

I have five different kinds of roses and they are all doing great. The area of our yard where the roses grow smells so GOOD.

More plants that line the flower beds.

I even have hanging baskets this year. I have had this one for almost a month and it is still alive. I am shocked because I usually kill baskets within the first few weeks. I always forgot to water them.

The smell of honeysuckle and Camellia blossoms is everywhere. Take a long whiff. Can you smell them?

I hope you enjoyed my tour. I am off to tend my garden and enjoy summer while it lasts.


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Saturday, July 07, 2007
The Lazy Days Of Summer
Life is good.

The last week has consisted of our family waking up, eating breakfast, dressing in our swim suits, and laying by the pool all day.

I really heart my crock pot. Dinner is cooking while I nap in my new lounge chair that hubby bought us. We have three. The kids have to fight over who gets the other two. I am really not concerned with that as long as MY lounge chair is not touched by another human being.

Can we all say mean and selfish mother together?

When we finally venture inside their have been lots of video game competitions along with hot fundge sundae eating.

Yes, life is good.

I have lots of pictures to share with all of you but the hour is late and I am exhausted from all the swimming and eating.

I will try and post them tomorrow after church. If I am not to tired.

Did I mention that most people in this house (including myself) have not gotten out of bed until after 9:00am for the last week. Making the 8:30am service and working in the toddler room may kill me. Only for Jesus will I make the sacrifice.

I guess this makes me not only a selfish mother but a lazy one as well.

Oh Well.

Did I mention how much I love my new lounge chair?


  posted at 11:06 PM  

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Our Nations Birthday

Parades, BBQ's, loved ones, sunshine, and fireworks.

My favorite things about the 4th of July.

As a kid this was always one of my favorite holidays.

We used to run around outside barefoot with popsicles in our hands not caring how sticky we got.

As night time approached the excitement intensified.

The moment the sun started to set we would be yelling at our parents to get the boxes of fireworks out of the garage. Sparklers would be handed out and all the boys would fight over who got to light the next cone out of the box.

I still love this holiday. My children have the exact same reaction I did.

This makes me smile and reminds me, again, that some of the best things in life truly are simple pleasures.

I hope you are enjoying your day.

Here's a little diddy I will leave you with. If you want you can pretend I am singing it to you in my very off key yet enthusiastic voice. Enjoy!


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
The History Lesson That Wasn't
My children have been naughty to each other today. They have been arguing over video games. Video Games!

The temperatures today reached close to 100 degrees so I was a little more lenient in letting them hang out in the house and play video games. Until the fighting over who was truly superior in the collecting gold coins and winning mini-games got to me.

At that point I threw them all in the pool.

I know, I know. It is my own fault. I just had to have the new Mario Party 8 game. Which I might add is awesomely fun (is that a word?) and no matter what my children say I AM THE MASTER AT COLLECTING GOLD COINS.

Ahem...now back to our story.

After they had been outside long enough for me to regain my sanity, umm, I mean to tire themselves out. I let them have some more time on the WI.

All was fine for quite a while until the three boys decided to double team their sister and frustrate the heck out of her.

When she decided enough was enough and took matters into her own hands things got a little out of control.

She pushed her younger brother and when he pushed back he forgot the WI remote was still in his hand. Unfortunately it hit her in the mouth. She now has a big fat lip. She is not happy.

At this point I told them no more video games and since they were having such a hard time getting along we would do some chores for a while to build our team work skills.

As you can imagine, they were all jumping up and down vigorously, but not for joy.

I tried to turn our chore time into a history lesson by reminding the children of this famous quote by Abraham Lincoln.

What with the 4Th of July tomorrow I thought it was a great quote and topic.

The children just thought I was crazy.

I was then given a lesson by my children about how video games are not like real life and just because they don't like each other (interpreted: are WAY to competitive) while playing has nothing to do with real life.

I am not really sure I agree with this.

However, they come by their severe problem of competitiveness naturally, hubby and I both hate to lose, so I have decided to cut them some slack.

However, the WI remote is never, never, (even accidentally) to be used as a weapon again.

A mama has to draw the line somewhere.

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  posted at 2:57 AM  

Monday, July 02, 2007
Well, Gee Whiz!
First, thanks for all the kind words and emails regarding our anniversary. We had a nice dinner out and a fun relaxing day by the pool. I still can't believe it has been 22 years.

I really wanted to post a picture of us on our wedding day because, quite frankly, we were really hot.

OK, just kidding.

I did get a new scanner and when I can figure out how to work it (I am not really good at that kind of stuff) I will post a pic for fun.

Stayed tuned. I am sure you are all holding your breath in anticipation.

Secondly, Heidi at Gods Grace in Practice blessed my socks off when she said this about me;

I first came across Julie in a blogring thingey. She completely floored and impressed me with her amazing story telling. She also is very humorous and I admire her positive attitude.

and then she gave me this.

Aww, shucks. I am truly honored.

I would like to spread the bloggety love by passing this award on to Michelle at Military Mommy. She always brings a smile to my face with her whit and funny stories. Her kindness and caring always seem to shine through her posts. I really love going to her blog and seeing what is going one. She is also a great cook and there is usually something yummy on the stove that she is happy to tell you about. Go visit her and see what I mean.


  posted at 1:40 PM  

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