Thursday, March 27, 2008
"The Democrats"
Our family likes politics. We talk about politics all the time. We watch CNN and Fox News and my kids, older and younger, understand there parents positions on topics and why we think certain ways. Obviously our faith has a lot to do with our political positions.

I don't really talk about politics on this blog. I'm really not sure why, I guess I have unintentionally chosen to keep things liter and focus on the mundane aspects of my life like potty training and cleaning my house.

Any who, something funny happened the other day and I just had to share it with you.

My only brother is visiting us for a few days. He is about 14 years older than I and as Liberal as I am conservative. We love each other, respect each others opinions (well, most of the time...he hates American Idol, can you imagine?) and argue like the dickens about politics and social issues.

Zach (16) was telling my brother he likes to watch Glenn Beck (one of the few conservative shows on CNN) in the evening with his Mom. "That guy is hysterical" he tells him. My brother does not look amused and gives me the "I can't believe you let him watch that crap" look.

Garrett picks up on this and says to his uncle "Are you a Democrat"? Might I also add that he says this with a wonderful amount of indignation in his voice. Well, as much indignation as a 9 year old can actually muster.

"Yes I am" replies the irritated man in the corner.

"Oh" says my stunned 9 year old.

I then respond in my most sweetest, kindest voice ever. "We start indoctrinating them into the extreme right wing philosophy in the toddler years around our house".

Uncle was not amused.

Later in the evening I heard Garrett tell his sister "Did you know Uncle is a Democrat"?. "Really"? she replies.

Yes children, we have a real live Democrat sleeping on our couch downstairs. You had better be careful or he might eat you while your sleeping. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
A Day In The Life
Yesterday I figured out that for the next few months Tuesdays are going to be very busy days. We seem to have a lot of activities on Tuesday, which I actually really enjoy, it just makes for a really crazy busy day.

About six months ago I figured out (I know I am a slow learner) that I needed to try and get the kids activities all on the same days. This prevents me from having to leave the house every day and just makes one or two crazy days a week. I have been much happier with this schedule.

Here's what today looks like:

11:00 a.m. Paige to swimming lessons
3:00 p.m. Zach-Baseball game at High School
5:30 p.m. Samantha-90 minute tennis lesson
6:00 p.m. Tyler-Wrestling practice until 8:00
7:00 p.m. Garrett-Little League Game

We will all meet back at home around 9:30 to decompress and talk about the day.

Well, I'm off to do some laundry and pick up before we have to start our wild and crazy day.


Last night I was putting Paige in bed and she was not cooperating. We had a conversation that went like this.

Me: You really need to settle down and try to get to sleep.
Paige: OK, mom.
Me (a few moments later): Paige, you are really being a stinker. Go to sleep.
Paige: Moooooom, I not a stinker. My name Paige.

I wanted to share this with you not only because it makes me smile but because my little girl is finally talking. I have shared before that she has some developmental and speech delays. We were told by a Neurologist that most likely she was Autistic, and then my wonderful speech therapist sister in law came in and said the guy was a quack and she is absolutely not Autistic. She has been going to therapy for several months now (the therapy the Neurologist told us would not work) and she has been starting to talk in two to four word sentences. This is such an answer to prayer. She has come such a long way and we are really encouraged by her progress.

I just wanted to let you guys know. Many of you have prayed for Paige and your kindness has meant so much to me. All my blog friends have blessed me more than I could ever truly let you know. Have a great Tuesday my friends.

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Monday, March 24, 2008
We Aint't Speakin
It seems my blog and I are having some issues with each other. I sit down to post and I have so much going through my mind I just can't focus. My blog, it is begging me to actually type something, but I seem to be letting it down by my inability to focus. I guess you could say we aren't speaking to each other.

So, today I decided to just type everything on my mind in willy nilly fashion. That way I don't really have to think and hopefully my blog and I can become friends again.

Here goes.

1. We had a nice weekend even if we did spend most of it cleaning. The house had been a disaster for several weeks and I just couldn't stand it anymore. Everyone pitched in and got it back into ship shape order. I am very thankful.

2. The highlight of our Easter weekend was Saturday night when Dave baptized Garrett (9) during the Saturday night church service. He was so excited to get baptized and we were all thrilled for him. He loves God and I know great things have been planned for this very special little boys life. He is such a joy!

3. We still don't have resolution about what is going on with Tyler (14). He is feeling OK but still has some of the same symptoms. He goes to the pediatric nephrologist (kidney doctor) on April 4th and we are very hopeful he can figure out what is going on.

4. No word on the adoption front. Our home study is done and has been sent to the notary. Next it will go to Homeland Security where they will review it and then send us our I-100A form stating that we have permission to bring an orphan into the country. I talked with someone there last week and they said it was generally taking about 5 weeks to get the form out. So, we are making progress. Even if it has seemed to be very very slow. I have to keep reminding myself that God is driving this boat and not me. Things will happen in his timing not mine.

5. Four of the kids are home from school this week on spring break. Of course it would be to easy for the High School to have the same schedule as the other kids. Oh no, there spring break is in 10 days. My High Schooler was thrilled to get up this morning and go to school knowing his siblings would all be home having fun without him. Yep, he was in the best mood this morning.

6. Lastly, I have been reading several books on home schooling and am seriously considering home schooling my younger three next year. Having the kids on so many different schedules is really cutting into our family time and is very disturbing to me. Of course, they DO NOT WANT TO BE HOME SCHOOLED. They love there schools and want to stay there. I will continue to pray and read. We have several months before we have to make a firm decision on this. If any of you took your children out of public school and began homeschooling them can you let me know how they adjusted? Did they want to be home schooled?

I will leave you with some pictures of our Egg coloring party. The kids each had 11 eggs to paint and color.

Garrett took a lot of care to make sure his eggs were perfect. (The kid was taken to the barber after this shot was taken.)
Soon we realized that there seemed to be an egg thief. Samantha only had 9 eggs. Who took her other eggs?
Caught in the act! She has no idea how she ended up with fourteen eggs instead of the 11 she started with. Hmmm.
Aren't they pretty?????
No matter how hard I try I just can't get mad at this kid. She is just to dang cute.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with beautiful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and the celebration of Jesus' Resurection and sacrifice for each and every one of us.

I promise to not be away for so long again. Have a wonderful Spring day!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008
The Cotillion
Well, we still don't have any definitive answers on what is going on with Tyler though I am pretty sure he has a kidney stone. From what many of you have emailed me you have had stones that were not immediately visible from an ultra sound either. He is feeling good, no pain at this time, so I am hoping they figure it out asap before we get to that point.

Anyway, he was feeling good on Friday night so he decided to go to his school Cotillion. This is a special dance just for eighth graders. The eighth graders are required to take an elective class learning about manners, dancing, and all other social graces. When the class is over they hold a Cotillion in which the boys are paired up with a girl and they spend the evening using all the social graces they have been practicing over the last few months.

Tyler HATES to have his picture taken but he was a good sport and let me take a few of him all dressed up in his finest.

First he had to prepare by adjusting his jacket.

Then he gave me the obligatory "Hurry up and take the picture" look.
Then he started very quickly with the "I've really had enough of this" looks.

Then he threatened to leave without me so I had to stop.
He had a good time and I'm sure it was a nice change from all the doctor appointments he's had lately.

Now, just so I don't get in trouble for not giving equal time to my kids, here's a picture of Garrett's team on opening day during the parade. My kids the big one.
Go Yankee's! There off to a great start with two wins and one loss. I love watching that kid play.

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Friday, March 14, 2008
I am up at 3:00 a.m. because I can't sleep. I am worried about my grouchy (but lovable) fourteen year old son. I spoke with his doctor yesterday and all the tests they did last week came back negative. They didn't see a stone, no infection, etc.. What is going on with this kid?

He definitely has some issues going on with his kidney's we just aren't sure what they are. The kidney specialist was suppose to review his chart and then get back with us asap. Through some sort of ridiculous red tape that has not happened yet, though I have been promised a call sometime today.

So, I in the meantime I am trying to stay off Web M.D. and make a diagnosis myself. That place is way to scary.

I am thankful that Tyler is not really feeling badly. He wanted to go to wrestling practice last night so we let him.

What is it about not knowing that is always so hard. I like to be in control. I like to steer the ship. My anxiety level is high. I'm really trying to give it to God. When will I ever learn that He is the one in control and not me?

Why can't I be more like her?

Content to make a big pot of "pretend soup".
Aww, the carefree days of childhood.
This little girl brings such joy to my life. She makes me smile every day. Even if she is a master trained mess maker. Do you see all the pots she is using? Definitely a chef in training.

Well, I'm off to see if I can get some sleep. We spent four hours at Chuck E' Cheese today so I should be exhausted. Yes, you heard me correctly. No, I do not need my head examined.

At least I don't think so............

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Well, Hi There
I wanted to pop in real quick and just say Hi. I thought life would slow down a little this week, but alas, it has not.

The carnival was a huge success but it has taken me a couple of days to recuperate. I feel like I just want to go lay on a beach for a few days. I really don't know why others feel this is so unreasonable?

Anyway, life has been busy again this week with science fair projects needing to be completed, baseball games, and trying to clean up my house so you can actually walk through the front door.

Tyler (14) hasn't been feeling very well and the doctor thinks he may have a kidney stone. Prayers would be appreciated. They have done all kinds of tests and we are waiting for results hopefully today.

Lastly, many of you may have heard about the ridiculous decision passed down last week by one of the courts in California declaring home schooling to be illegal. The courts in California are known to be some of the most liberal in this country and once again they are trying to take away a parents right to raise THEIR children the way they chose.

We are not a homeschooling family but I take great offense to a court telling me I can or can't do something for my own children. If you feel the same way will you please click here and sign the petition to get this decision over turned?

I think most of us agree that as parents we should have the right to make decisions we feel are best for our children and family without the government sticking its neck into our business. This decision really infuriates me.

Well, now that I have said hello and let off some steam I must pack up to go to the laundry mat. My dryer decided to go on strike and I must have a dozen loads that need to be washed.

Don't you wish you were me?

Here's a pic of Paige the other day. Laying by the pool with her nose in a book.

My dream come true. I can't wait for summer.


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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Taking A Little Break

This next week Garrett (9) and Paige (4) start their break from school. The other kids all still have school but the two that are on a year round schedule are off until the end of March. Are you confused yet? Yeah, me to.

Anyways, my days will be filled with keeping them entertained while at the same time trying to put the finishing touches on the Little League opening day carnival which is next Saturday the 8th.

Well, putting the finishing touches on it might be an understatement. I actually haven't done a whole lot yet. I am doing the same games as last year so basically just need to find everything and get it organized. This is actually a huge step for me. Usually I would have been worrying about this for over a month. I'm getting better at putting things in perspective.

This past week we did get an answer from Ethiopia and we will be allowed to adopt two children four or younger. We put on our application one or two. We decided to let God be in control. If we are meant to adopt two we will get two. If not we will adopt one. We are OK with both choices.

So, things are finally moving along again and their is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. I am so very very excited. I can't wait to meet the new little addition(s) to our family and hold them in my arms.

Because this next week is going to be so busy getting ready for the weekend and entertaining my two youngest (I promised them a trip to Disneyland) I am going to take a little bloggy break.

I will be back next week with lots of stories to tell and pictures to share.

Have a great week my friends.

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