Friday, September 26, 2008
I have found lately that I have become much more of a hermit.

I used to crave conversations with other women. Now I just find them mostly annoying.

Let me give you an example;

Last night at Garrett's football practice some of the other moms and I were having a discussion about school projects. Many of the boys have the same 5th grade teacher and it seems she has been laying on the homework pretty thick. I was thinking to myself, "Boy, am I glad I am homeschooling this year, it sure makes life easier". Only one of the other moms knew we had switched to homeschooling this year so she asked me how it was going? I said I was enjoying it, etc. The other moms looked at me with surprise and started asking very nice questions, however, this one mom started in telling me about how her girlfriend had homeschooled her kids and they were so far behind before she finally put them back into school. She couldn't believe I would take that chance with my children.

I know, I know. Some of you are wondering why I didn't give her all the data about how well home schooled kids do? To be honest, I just really didn't care about what this woman thought. I just smiled and went on my way. However, I could tell my friend was annoyed and she shot this lady a dirty look which I found rather entertaining.

This is a huge change for me. I used to care so much about what other people thought about me. Now, not so much. Maybe it is age. I am 44 and much more sure of myself than I was in my twenties and thirties. Before, this woman's remarks would have kept me awake at night wondering if I was doing the right thing. Today her remarks just make me chuckle at her ignorance.

Perhaps it is the wisdom that I am walking with God. Seeking his will and not my own or those of societies. Yes, I am liking the new me so much better than that other girl who was filled with self doubt and insecurities.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love all my girlfriends and bloggy friends. I just don't feel the need to be every one's friend anymore. I used to think that everyone had to like me or I would just die. I was a pleaser.

I am content now to enjoy the wonderful friendships I do have and if new friends come along that would be great. However, if I find you annoying or obnoxious, I wont be worrying about you anymore. I'll just smile and go on my way (and perhaps say a little prayer for you too).

Lest you think I have closed myself up in a closet you needn't worry. I'm actually going out for coffee tonight with a bunch of home schooling moms I have never met. I hope to make a new friend who can help me through this journey, but if not, I'm content to stay at home with my new best friend.

His name. Jesus.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Who Parks Their Car In There Anyway?
Today I was cleaning my room and Paige (5) told me she would go and pick up her room too.

Great, I thought. Another little girl who likes to clean.

I walked past her room about five minutes later and was pleasantly surprised to find all her stuffed animals and other toys off the floor. The floor was completely picked up.

However, I didn't see them stacked anywhere around the room.

"Paige" I asked "Where are all your things".

"In the garage" she tells me.

"The garage"?

She points to her closet.

I open it up and out tumbles every item that had been sprawled across her bedroom floor five minutes before.

"Paige" I asked again "Why didn't you put your things away where they are suppose to go".

"My room was a mess so I put everything in my garage" she replied.

Something tells me this little girl has heard her mommy yelling at the other kids to "Just throw it in the garage" when we have been in a rush to pick up and company was coming over.

I guess she thought the same technique could work in her own room.

Pretty smart, I guess.


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Monday, September 22, 2008
A Change Of Season

I love the first day of a new season. It always makes me think of renewal and new beginnings.

We had a lovely day here and the kids seem to be adjusting well to there new lives as homeschoolers. I am so thrilled.

I got down a old cookbook this afternoon looking for a pie that might call for apples and strawberries all in one. I wasn't sure how it would taste but I had some of each that I needed to do something with. I came across an old cookbook that had belonged to my mother in law, Janice, that I kept after she passed away several years ago. The kids and I had so much fun looking through this book because she had sticky notes throughout reminding herself of recipes she really liked, modifications she had made, and just general notes to herself. It was almost like having her there with us and it was a very special time. I know she is smiling down from heaven, thrilled that her grand kids have been using one of her beloved cookbooks to find a recipe. She was a wonderful woman who loved to cook and bake and I am so thankful to have this heritage to pass on to my own children.

When the kids got up and I started acting all goofy singing a made up "Happy Fall" song (I like to do this because it DRIVES THEM CRAZY) they realized that if fall were here winter was just around the corner. Which meant Christmas.

Samantha, being always the organized one, decided they should get a start on there lists this year. Just in case anyone wanted to get some early shopping done. She is such a thoughtful child.

Here is a picture of her when I told her those UGG boots she just really really wants are way to much money and NO ONE will be buying them for her.
The joys of online shopping. Notice her little doggy always near.
Samantha is such a good mommy to her little Jo Jo. She is happy as long as she is with her mommy. Even if it means sleeping on keyboard. Ouch!
Well, that's all my friends. Hope you enjoyed the first day of Fall. I can't wait to build a fire and make some hot cocoa.

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I Couldn't Sleep....

So I decided to figure out how to make a slide show. It took me until 2:30 in the morning.

I'm not a very quick learner.

Hope you enjoy!


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Sunday, September 21, 2008
The Winner Is........................
Heidi, at Gods Grace in Practice. You are the winner of the Starbucks gift card for leaving an idea on The Family Diner post (we used the random number generator). Go get a nice hot chocolate with some yummy whip cream on the top of it for me, OK? It is seriously cold here this morning and it feels wonderful. I am really tired of Summer.

Did you know Fall officially starts tomorrow. Yeah!!!

I think I am going to make an apple pie today to celebrate. All though I'm sure that still means some more hot days here in California but I'm hoping for not to many.

I'm going to leave you with this sweet pic of my oldest daughter. She is 12 and such a joy. Samantha is my helper and I am thoroughly enjoying home schooling her this year with her brother. We are having the best time and I am soooo glad I listened to God's tap on my shoulder (well, maybe it was more like a hammer over the head) and finally got the courage to try it. I'll post more about this later.

Enjoy your Sunday y'all. (My Dad is from the Hills of West Virginia and I just can't help throwing in some twang every once in a while. )

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Friday, September 19, 2008
What Could Be Worse Than......
being a junior in High School and realizing upon arriving at said school that you and your Freshman brother are dressed EXACTLY alike?

That is right folks. They were identical twins for the day.

Tyler (15) jumped into the car this morning and Zach (almost 17) didn't notice what he had on. After Zach parked his truck and they jumped out of the car he was mortified to discover that they both had on tan shorts and a red t-shirt.

He ordered Tyler to wait at the car and not come in to school until he had safely entered.

First of all you should never order you little brother to do anything. Especially one who is as mischevious as Tyler.

He had a great time following his brother around all day pointing out how they had on matching outfits to anyone who would listen.

His older brother WAS NOT AMUSED (so I am told).

At the end of the day Zach was standing by the school exit talking with a (special friend) girl and Tyler took that moment to go over and act like a truly juvenile Freshman.

Zach came marching into the house this afternoon flabbergasted and angry looking. When his Dad and I asked him what was wrong he said "Are you looking at us? Look at our clothes".

Well, I really should have taken pictures of the bobsy twins but we were laughing so hard I didn't get a chance before oldest son ran off to change.

Some how I am thinking that girl siblings probably would never have let this happen.

We will pick the winner of the Starbucks gift card some time this weekend. The kids want to do it and we just have not been home. Thanks to all of you that gave me the great ideas for the Wednesday Diner. We went to the Fair this past Wednesday so the boys had to eat at school. They weren't happy. Sigh.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Those Two Papers
The two papers finally came from our Home Study agency yesterday. After I kissed the Fed Ex man (OK, not really) I ran down and overnighted them to the Sec. of State for Authentication. Just to show how smart I am I enclosed an overnight envelope for them to send the form directly to our agency. If they process them quick enough our dossier could be on its way to Ethiopia by Thursday, if not, it will wait until next Thursday. That is the day our agency mails documents out of there office.

So, we are almost there. Then the real waiting begins for a referral.

I can't wait to be a waiting family!!!!

OK, off to bed. I'm taking the kids to the L.A. county fair tomorrow. Home schooler's get in free (they even sent me a free parking pass) and we can go in two hours before they open to the general public. Of course that means we have to get up before 8:30 so we can make it to the Fair by 9:00 a.m. You should have heard the whines about that this evening.

I am such a mean Mom.

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Monday, September 15, 2008
The Family Diner
Last week Zach asked if he and a few friends could come home for lunch on Wednesday. I was thrilled. I don't see my high schooler's as much as I would like. Between school and sports it's pretty much homework and bed when they get home. I would love to have the extra time with him and his friends.

We decided that Wednesday would be the day I would make them all lunch. It was a pretty day so I BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, made some pasta salad, and threw out some chips and lemonade.

He came home with 5 friends which meant between them and Samantha, Garrett and myself we had 9 for lunch. It was lots of fun (they get 50 minutes for lunch) and we all sat outside to eat. The boys thought it was great to have a hot meal in the middle of the day and asked if we could make this a weekly event? Um, OK, I replied.

My hesitation was not because I did not want them to come back. It was strictly financial. These boys eat a lot of food and I would definitely need to figure out some more economical meals if we were going to make this a regular weekly occurrence.

This is what I figure I spent last week on the meal;

3 lbs. of hamburger 1.29 lb. = $3.87

1 package hot dogs $1.50

Buns $2.49

2 Bags of Chips $3.00

Pasta Salad;

Noodles $1.49

Cucumber .69

Tomatoes 1.25

olives .79

red bell pepper .50

salad dressing 2.29

Total: $17.87

That means lunch was about $1.98 a person.

I didn't add in the lemonade or spices for the pasta because I already had them on hand.

If we are going to do this on a weekly basis I would really prefer to keep the cost at no more than $1.50 per person. Less than that would be fantastic!

This is where you all come in my thrifty friends. Do you have any idea's for me for feeding a bunch of teenage boys? I have already been informed that this week there will be ten boys coming home with Zach for lunch. I had to tell him this would be his limit and no more than ten per week could come along. I had visions of this turning into a soup kitchen type operation once the boys found out there was free warm food around the corner at Zach's house.

So, any ideas? Let me know what you think?

There may even be a prize in it for the person who gives me the best idea.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
The Demolition
We have been busy moving bedrooms around the last few weeks. When we first discussed adoption with our children last summer the first question out of all of there mouths was "Where will the new kids sleep"?
Destroying his old bed!

In other words, they were fine with another brother or sister, but how exactly would it effect them?

So, over the last year we have been trying to figure out the best and fairest way to assign bedrooms. The only one of our kids that actually use there bedroom, other than for sleeping, is Samantha (12). She likes to go up to her room and escape her three brothers who think it is there job in life to gang up and torture her on a regular basis. She can often be found upstairs, curled up on her bed, relaxing with a good book. She obviously needs a place to escape at times, the other kids, not so much.

Right now Zach (16) has the downstairs bedroom, Tyler (15) and Garrett (10) share one upstairs room, Paige (5) has her own room as well as Samantha. We have five bedrooms (counting mine and hubbies) and five children, with hopefully two more joining us soon.

I really wanted a play room so we could have all the toys in one place for the younger kids which really keeps there rooms much neater and organized. I threw the idea out to Zach of making his downstairs bedroom into the play room and, naturally, he wasn't to keen on the idea. This kid is NEVER in his room so I wasn't giving up.
Mom, quit taking my picture while I destroy my old bed!

When he was looking for his first car last month he had a pretty strict budget. We had been looking for almost three months and couldn't find anything in his price range that he wanted, or we felt was actually worth the money. We then found this truck that had been used by a dealer to run errands, etc. that had 117,000 miles on it but was only four years old and had been serviced regularly. He fell in love and really wanted it. The bummer was the lowest negotiated price we could get the car for was $800.00 more than he had to spend. That's when we had the idea of trading that $800.00 for his room. He jumped at the chance. He got his truck, I got my playroom. We were all happy.

Now, don't get me wrong. If need be I would have TOLD him he was moving upstairs with his brothers because that was what was best for the family. However, I don't want our new children to come home to siblings who are feeling resentment towards them because they have turned there current lives upside down.

I started emptying Zach's room almost immediately after he got his truck and he has not complained once. He doesn't have a bed upstairs yet and has been sleeping on the couch in the family room. He told me the other day that the couch is really comfy and I didn't even have to buy him a bed. That was sweet, but I already ordered him one. It should be here in a few days.

I totally cleaned out Garrett and Tyler's room and they were thrilled to have everything so organized and sparkling clean. Zach even seems a little excited to be moving upstairs with them and they spent one day last weekend hanging up some of his baseball pictures on his side of the room and he helped Garrett hang some things over his bed to. I will post some pictures of how I organized there room when I get his bed next week.

I am going to order a bunk bed for Paige's room with the double on the bottom and single on the top. We are requesting children 4 or under (our agency won't let us go out of birth order) so we thought if the kids were old enough they might feel more secure sleeping together on the bottom bunk for a little while after they arrive. There is also room for a crib if it turns out we need one. So, Paige will share with two siblings and the three boys will share and that leaves Samantha still with her own room.

Mom, I am getting really annoyed with you!!!

I think she was feeling a little guilty about this fact because she told me a few days ago that she wouldn't mind having someone sleep with her in her room (she has a double bed) she just didn't want them to make a mess. Samantha is my child who likes everything neat and tidy and it would not work for her to be with a messy Marvin type kiddo. My heart was warmed by this offer but I told her I thought we were fine for right now but I might need to take her up on it in a few months. We will see.

So, we are busy moving furniture and cleaning out closets. I had to call for a special pick up this week as I had 15 giant bags full of extra trash. Zachary had fun demolishing his old bed (it was falling apart) and putting it out for the trash man. He and Tyler decided to take a hammer to it and give it a proper burial. Those are the pictures you have been looking at.

On another note; I called our home study agency, again, about the forms we are missing and they told me they sent them out on August 28th. We never received them. I mailed them more money and an overnight air bill to send the forms in. Hopefully I will have them in my hot little hands by Tuesday which will make our dossier FINALLY complete and on its way to Ethiopia. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Praise God!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Why Football Will Never Be My Sport

Two years ago our youngest son, Garrett, who was just getting ready to turn 9 decided that he wanted to try football instead of playing winter baseball. To say that it was not a positive experience would be an understatement. One of the coaches was a complete psycho, the other ones were not much better, and they all seemed to fight and couldn't agree on how the team should be run. He didn't have a good time and decided that maybe Football wasn't going to be his game.

Last year the team tried to get him to play again (he is actually pretty good) but Garrett said no. One year was enough.

During baseball season this year some of his friends on the team started saying that they were going to play football this season and wouldn't it be fun to all play together? This is when my dread began.

You see, I really don't like football. OK, that's not exactly true. I do like to watch professional football and college ball. However, I do not like to watch young boys play, and this is mainly due to the coaching.

There is so much yelling and screaming. They seem to think that by demoralizing these children they are going to turn them into star athletes. It's all about the coaches egos and very little about the actual kids. Everyone, parents, coaches, grandparents, seem to forget that these are actually children once they hit the field.

Anyway, Garrett decided to give it a try again this year with his friends. He is enjoying it more, however, his mom is not. These coaches definitely need to read some books, such as those from the positive coaching alliance.

I took Garrett to his practices this week because Dave had been out of town on business. Garrett hates to run. Football has a lot of running. The kids usually have to do two laps around the field after they have done their warm up exercises. In the beginning of the conditioning part of the season many of the boys throw up during this part. They just aren't used to all this hard work. For some reason they had the boys do extra running last night and my son was not happy. He was uncomfortable and struggling and he started to cry.

Now, he did not stop running. He ran and cried at the same time. I was proud of him for not giving up and fighting through his difficulty with the extra lap. One of the coaches kept yelling at him "Smith, stop crying" (we'll pretend like our last name is Smith) over and over again.

I didn't get it. Other boys were crying to but he chose to pick my kid to rag on. The one who wasn't giving up. He may have been crying, but he was still running. I felt proud.

When they finally gave them there water break he came over and tried to be strong. He had snot and buggers running down his face but he wouldn't let me wipe them off. He drank his water and went back to the team...buggers and all.
He had a great practice after that and everything was fine.

This is my question. Why is it that all the pee wee football coaches I have seen are overweight and couldn't run 1/10 of what they expect these boys to do? They all seem to have some sort of inferiority complex that makes them act like mad men once they hit the field.

So, you know what happened right? I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

As the coach yelled at Garrett for crying while he was running I just happened to say something like "Perhaps if the coaches actually had to run with the kids they would be crying to. Somehow I have the feeling if the coaches had to run this part of practice would have been over twenty minutes ago".

He looked at me and called a water break.

He then has the gall to tell the kids at the end of practice that if they want to complain they can just sit on the bench. The head coach looked a little nervous. He knew me well enough to know that I would happily yank my kid off the team (since my kid starts and plays most of the game at guard I doubt he would be happy about that). My husband on the other hand would have a very different perspective on the whole thing.

He thinks its good for him to be challenged. I say it is more like tortured.

I'm not sure if women and men (or mothers and fathers) will ever be able to agree on this one.

Anyway, he is still playing, and he actually seems to like it.

If he doesn't mind the yelling and running and crying and throwing up why should I?

Thankfully his Dad is back in town and has taken over the football duties again.

How long until baseball season starts again?

I have a feeling not soon enough for me!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
A Day In The Life
Today our little home school was very busy.

Both of the kids did two chapters in there math books. I highly recommend this program for math. My kids both really like it.

We then did Home Economics when mom decided something needed to be done with the banana's rotting on the counter. An hour later the three youngest kids had made there first ever batch of banana bread and were quite proud of themselves.

We then ran out the door to piano lessons. Garrett just started learning piano two weeks ago and he has already completed six lessons. This is Samantha's sixth year of lessons and she is also really growing in her talent. It is so wonderful not to be so busy racing around that they actually have time to practice without me having to nag at them all the time.

While the kids were at piano for an hour I took Paige with me to the grocery store where we bought 30 pounds of ground beef because it was on sale for $1.29 a pound. After piano the kids helped me separate the meat and freeze it into one pound packages.

Then off to the library we went because the kids had already read all the books we checked out last week. Samantha read 5 books this week. I keep finding her under her covers in the morning pretending to be asleep. She is actually reading and hoping I will leave her alone for just a little bit longer.

Tonight Garrett had football practice from 6-8 and I actually had to take a blanket because the weather was so cool. I am so excited to have some cooler weather.

On a totally different topic; Paige went to the bathroom today for the first time in a public place. She has had this fear of public restrooms ever since one of them automatically flushed while she was sitting on it. You know what I'm talking about. Those really loud ones that go off right as you get up from the toilet. Anyway, she really had to go when we were at the library, so I took her in there and she very sweetly had a conversation with herself about how she was a big girl now and could do this. She scooted her little tushy onto the seat and held on tight. She was successful and was so excited to have conquered her fear. She ran out of the bathroom right to the librarian and told her what a wonderful bathroom they had. My five year old is very obviously easily impressed.

I am very happy that little battle seems to have been won for now. Now if she will just sleep in her own bed.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
It's Late & I Am Tired
I have been a really bad blogger lately. We have had so much going on that I should be blogging all the time but can never seem to get enough time at the computer to form a coherent sentence.

So, just so I can say I blogged something this week I am giving you my life in bullet points. Please don't hate me for it.

We bought our son, Zach, who will be 17 next month his first car. A 2004 truck with 117,000 miles on it. He could care less about the miles because it has really cool rims. After all, that is all that matters.

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Friday, September 05, 2008
Fantastic Deal!
Before last Christmas I searched for an Advent book that would capture the spirit of the season and hold the interest of all of my children. Over and over I kept coming across a particular book called Jotham's Journey which many families read together each year and seemed to love.

When I did a search for the book I was dismayed to find out it had been out of print for several years and could only be purchased used. I was determined to find this book but almost fell over when I saw the prices. Ebay had copies for up to $150.00!!!!

I finally decided to just bite the bullet and bid on and won a copy for a mere $75.00. At the time I couldn't believe I had paid that much money for a PAPER BACK BOOK, however, it was WONDERFUL and all of my kids, teens to littles, loved it.

The book is actually a three book set and last week one of the kids asked if I was going to try and find the next one in the series for this Advent season. While I loved this book I don't really want to pay that much for the next book and am hoping to find a much cheaper copy.

That being said you will understand my excitement this morning when I got an email from a friend saying they had re released the book and were selling it here for only $8.99. You can get your own copy (and a brand new one to boot) for 1/10 of what I payed for my used copy.

Go and buy this book. Right now. Really, you won't be disappointed and your kids will love it.

Unfortunately the other two books, Bartholemew's Passage and Tabitha's Travels have not currently been re released. I called the published and they are checking into this for me before I head on over to Ebay to begin bidding.

However, even if I do have to pay a small fortune for the second book it will make me happy to know that you, my friends, are reading your own copy with your families for the bargain price of $8.99.


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