Monday, April 28, 2008
I Aim To Please
You have demanded it and here it is. The picture of the house.

The front is really nothing all that exciting, but the back is beautiful. The brick work is elaborate and extensive.

I wish I had a better picture of the trees at the back of the property but I don't. You can kind of see them from this bottom shot.

My favorite part of this house (besides the 1.5 acre lot and all the beautiful trees) is the floor to ceiling fireplace in the family room. The room has huge vaulted ceilings with beautiful beams crisscrossing the top of the ceiling.

The house is 5,000 square feet with four bedrooms, a bonus room, den with another brick fireplace, and FIVE bathrooms. What does one do with five bathrooms.

The thought of cleaning all that house isn't very exciting to me. However, the land, it is a calling to me.


God and I have been talking a lot today. We (meaning hubby and I) have decided to give ourselves until the end of the week to make a decision. Part of me doesn't want to wait. What if someone else snatches it up? Well then, Julie, I guess it wasn't meant to be. God must have another plan for your family.

This is pretty much the conversation that has gone on in my head ALL DAY LONG.

In an attempt to not drive myself utterly insane I started making a list of all the things we would need to do if we were to put our house on the market in the next few weeks. I made an appointment for the repairman to come out and deal with some things going on with our pool pump, hired a window washer, have a screen guy coming out to re screen a couple of windows, hired a handyman to do a few minor repairs that hubby just hasn't had time to get to.

Overall it was a pretty productive day.

I figure even if we end up staying in our beautiful home, which I really do love, at least it will be in tip top shape for us to enjoy.

I'm off to bed now to dream of rolling hills and avocado trees. Just think of all the guacamole I could make????

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Sunday, April 27, 2008
No, I'm not Trying to Kill My Husband!
Life has been really busy lately. Between baseball and Adoption paperwork I feel like I have been running around in circles for weeks. I really thought I could not add one more thing to our lives.

Until a week ago.

When I found this pretty little house on 1.6 acres just a few minutes from our current home.

If you know anything about California Real Estate you will know that there are not many houses on that size lot that "regular" people can actually afford.

The house was built 25 years ago by the husband of the woman who is now selling it. Her husband died a few years ago and she has moved to a new home and needs to sell this one.

The house has lemon, orange, apricot, avocado, fig, and grapefruit trees. All over. Let's just say that this funky house is pretty close to my "dream house". The husband was an architect and built the home himself, he definitely had a unique style.

I enthusiastically told my husband about the house.

He gave me the look. You know, thaaat look.

The one that says "Are you trying to kill me"? and "We are already considering home schooling our children next year and are definitely adopting a new child(ren), how many things can we change in one year"?

I gave him that look that said "Please go and look at with me". Being the wonderful husband that he is he agreed to meet the realtor at the house and take a look at it.

We both fell in love.

I have looked at that house four times in 7 days. I have prayed about it. We have talked endlessly about it.

The idea of our children actually having that much room to run around in excited us to no end.

The question is "Do we really want to move with all that is going on right now"? Is this a change God wants us to make?

We are praying and waiting for an answer. Part of me wants to rush out and make an offer this minute. However, I keep reminding myself that if it is meant to be it will work out and God will provide the way.

Please pray for my husband. He really DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE. God is really stretching him (and I) in this area. We have felt change on the horizon for us, we just had no idea how much.

If you take the time to pray for us can you please also pray for the people who are being evacuated this evening in the Sierra Madre fire. We actually saw the beginnings of this fire yesterday while at a family wedding. They had one airplane dropping water on it early in the day. By the time we left the reception the fire was much bigger and coming down the hill towards houses. I am really annoyed that they didn't get more air support on the fire before it spread like that. I really don't understand how or why it got so big so fast?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
The Golden Ticket
Yesterday when I checked the mail I was so excited to find a letter from USCIS. I quickly opened the envelope and found our golden ticket inside. The ever exciting I-171H.

The form we need to bring an orphan into this country.

Today I am getting all of our Dossier documents notarized so our social worker can check them before I send them off for State certification.

Whew, I am so excited. We are getting really close to the time when our Dossier will be sent to Ethiopia and that means we are one step closer to our new children.

I'm off to copy and notarize and check and recheck. Wish me luck. I can't wait until this part of our journey is done, done, done.


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Monday, April 21, 2008
Blast Off!
Apparently our family is headed for a space mission. Paige has been insisting upon fitting us in our space suits (plastic bags) and protective head covering (large stainless steel mixing bowls. Ouch.).

This is the face she will be using on any martians we encounter. She is confident it is scary enough for even the toughest of space creatures.
At some point she decided, as the leader of the group, she should not be forced to wear an ugly silver hat. She now wears the pretty green one instead. It just screams of authority.
Her big sister (and mommy) were great sports letting her dress us up in our uniforms. The boys of the house, not so much. They all ran and hid until the trash bags we put way up in the cupboard where four year old hands couldn't find them.

They are such a bunch of chickens!!!

I guess we are off to the moon without them. I'll let you know if we meet any new friends.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008
It's A Wonderful Life
Today I took my 14 year old son with me to run my Friday errands. I try to pick one day to run around town and get everything done so I'm not out of the house every day of the week.

After we had gone to the optometrist to pick up my new glasses, and Walmart, the sporting good store (for some new baseball socks) and the car dealership to have a brake light replaced, he says to me.

Do you do this every Friday?

Yeah, pretty much. Except I obviously don't go to the same places every Friday. Just what ever is needed that week.

Geez, he replies, you lead a really boring life Mom.

Thank You, son.

My fourteen year old may think I lead a boring life but I completely disagree. I love my life. My God. My husband and my children. I feel so blessed that I am able to be a stay at home mom.

I was reminding myself today of how blessed I am as I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the weekend calendar and all the dirty laundry spread down my upstairs hallway.

The kids have been fighting a lot this past week. I am unsure why, but it was making me feel like a failure as a mother. Do any of you have those moments?

Anyway, I picked up my Bible and this is the verse I read today.

Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to
each other and to everyone else. Be joyful always; pray continually;

1 Thessalonians 5:15-17

I do believe my family will be memorizing this particular Scripture over the weekend. This mom needs to especially remember the last two words in this verse.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Friday, April 18, 2008
Mom's Mussings
I woke up yesterday morning to discover I was out of this.....

I cried.

I never used to drink coffee. Until about six months ago when I discovered this most wonderful product.

Now I am addicted.

I actually ran into the market, in my pajama's, after dropping the first group of kids off at school to buy some.

Does this mean I now have a serious problem?


Not to change the subject, however, we had the most exciting evening last night.

Garrett (9) had one of the best nail bitter baseball games I have ever seen.

There team was down by four runs in the last inning with only a few minutes left before the umpire was going to call time.

Our boys stepped up to the challenge and scored 5 runs with only one minute left in the game.

We all had a blast and it was fun to end up on the winning side of one of those close games. We seem to have lost most of those lately. This win also propelled the boys team into second place. Very exciting!

I was also thrilled by the behavior of all the parents (from both teams) as we rooted on our players and gave praise where it was deserved on both sides.

The smile on hubby's face will be there for many days to come.

Go Yankees! (The sweet little league variety, not those obnoxious New York player's. I apologize to any of you "real" Yankee fans in advance).

Happy Friday!


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
I want to be frugal. I really try. However, it doesn't seem to be in my genetic makeup.

I read blogs about women who are so good at saving money. I am truly impressed by them. I get inspired. I do well for a while.

And then it happens.

I get the urge to spend some money.

The money in the savings account starts to call to me.

A few weeks ago I was feeling all melancholy remembering how we used to go to Disneyland with our kids on Sundays after church. We would go, walk around, go on a few rides, watch the parade, and go home. I loved it.

We haven't had Disney passes since Paige, who is now 4, was born.

I've been missing them. Probably more than the kids.

So, I asked hubby if we could get passes again (they are good for a whole year of admission to both Disney parks) and he said "Yes". I was so excited.

Off the family ran to Disneyland. Paige's first experience there. Of course my water loving daughter was more interested in the trickle of water coming out of Goofy's hose than any of the rides.

She played in the water for half an hour until we dragged her away.
She thought Toontown was great. We went during Spring Break so it was a little crowded to wait in line to talk with Mickey and Minnie.
We can do that on Sunday when there aren't as many people around (generally).
The older kids were great about letting Paige run around Toontown and not complain about going on rides. She had so much fun.

We road the train around the park several times. She had no interest in the other rides. She is my train girl.

The next time someone complains to you about the economy you can tell them that you know this lady in California who is doing her part to stimulate the economy one Disney Buck at a time.

I am such a trail blazer.

I feel so proud.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I'm feeling lazy today.

I don't want to deal with the dishes piled in the sink or the wooden train tracks spread all over my family room floor.

I had the same feeling yesterday.

I think my body is on strike.

Any one else feeling that way lately?


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Monday, April 14, 2008
The Sun Is Shining
Oh my, what a beautiful weekend we had. The weather was in the low 90's and felt soooo wonderful.

I had to laugh when I told the kids to go and jump into the pool and they were hesitant because they thought the water was still a little cold. What a bunch of wimps! I'm sure there counterparts in the northeast would happily jump into a pool of 70 degree water on a day reaching the 90's. Geez.

My little wimps finally jumped in and discovered the water "actually" felt pretty good. I was so proud.

I longed to lay by the pool and read a new book I had picked up at Target. However, hubby and the garage had another idea. Yes, we cleaned out the garage instead of lounging by the pool. It pains me to even type those words. Man, its hard being me (OK, I'm only kidding).

Actually I was thinking this morning about how blessed I truly am. I have a husband who loves me, 5 wonderful healthy children (well, they can be a little bratty at times but I still love them to death), my parents who are 81 and 88 are healthy and happy. I have a good relationship with all my siblings. Even though we don't always agree with each other, we love each other enough to agree to disagree and then move on. So many families can't seem to do this.

After the funeral we attended this weekend I was speaking to the deceased husband. He told me that he was the only son of 8 siblings and there were only him and 2 sister's still living. Those two sisters had not spoken in years so only one was able to come to his wife of over 50 years funeral. What the heck? I just do not understand why people can't talk out there difference's and at least act civil towards each other. I don't think you need to be best friends but you need to act like adults and learn to get along with others. Isn't this what we tell our children?

After the funeral, lunch was served in the church's Fellowship Hall. I ran into an old friend and we started reminiscing. Her mother had been involved with our High School youth group and it was great running into her as well. I asked about her other sister and she says to me rather quickly, "Oh, mom and I don't really talk to her anymore". Now, this sister happens to live in my town and works at the Christian School my Junior High kids go to. I know she is a wonderful Christian woman who does much for her community. The friend I hadn't seen in a long time has a job with a non profit that goes around and talks with inner city kids about Jesus.

I have no idea why these people have not spoken to each other in years. However, it makes me very very sad. Why is it so much easier to show Grace to those outside of our own families?

Now, I also want to add that I do think there are times when you need to separate yourself from family. Obviously if there is abuse of any kind you should not stand for that.

I guess my amazement over the weekend was when I talked with these people they couldn't really remember what started the whole "Were not speaking" thing. If you can't remember it, it must not have been that important.

If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate
family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

1 Timothy 5:8

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Saturday, April 12, 2008
Going Home Again
Have you heard people say that you can't go home again? Well, today I did.

When I was a sophomore in High School I had a friend who invited me to her church's youth group. I went that Thursday night and also attended on Sunday mornings. I not only met Jesus in those early days of attending church but I also met some of the nicest people I have ever met in my lifetime.

I was 15 and really excited about this new thing I had discovered called Christianity. My mom decided she should go to church with me on Sunday and make sure I hadn't fallen into some cult or child trafficking enterprise.

She came. She found Jesus. We were both baptized.

My Dad also started attending the church and my parent's got involved in the couples ministry and made some really great friends.

My years at that church during High School and College were some of the best of my life. We had a wonderful youth group and I made several life long friends there.

I met my husband at that church and married him there in front of all the people I had grown to love like they were members of my own family.

One of those people died this past week. Her name was Patricia and she was the mother of one of my High School friends as well as a member of the church group my parents socialized with.

I loved going to Pat and her husband Bud's house. It was warm and cozy and made me feel happy. We had many a happy game night in there family room.

I was so saddened to hear she had died from breast cancer this past week. I hadn't seen her in probably 15 years but I still felt like she was a special part of my past.

My mom and I went to her funeral today. At that same church. The one where I met Jesus.

Nothing had changed.

The church still looked exactly the same. When I walked through the doors of the sanctuary I felt like a large blanket had just enveloped me in warmth and comfort. I was home.

I don't feel this way when I enter the doors of our current church. I'm not exactly sure what that means.

We saw people we hadn't seen in a decade. Old friends. Twenty years had passed since I had seen many of these people and yet it was as if time had stood still.

I was home.

One of my old High School buddies is now the pastor of the church. Many of the kids that were in that same youth group attend with there families now.

Same church. Same families. Same warmth.

If this church were not 70 miles away from our home I would be attending there every Sunday. However, it is just to far away.

We attend what would be called a "mega church". We have attended this church for all but two of the past 16 years. It is the only church our children really know.

I was wondering on my drive home today if my kids weren't missing something special by attending such a large church? Yes, we have many friends. However, what I feel is missing is a intimacy with those worshiping around you.

My kids didn't know what a potluck was until a few months ago.

The potluck is one of God's greatest creations (c'mon, you all know you agree with me.).


I feel God nudging us towards making a change. Hubby feels the same thing.

My feelings after today seem to be solidifying this fact.

I think I may be writing a blog post soon with the title "How Many things Can One Family Change In Their lives in one Year"?

I think God has picked 2008 to kick our family in the butt and he wants us to stir things up a little, make some changes, and leave our comfort zone.

OK, Lord, I am here to listen. Again, I can't wait to see where this crazy ride called life will take us.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Idol Last Night & Our Adoption
We weren't home last night so I had to record the taping of the show. Looks like it went long and I missed the last few minutes. I should have missed Mariah Carey and the big finale so let me know if they showed anything else.

Did they air the messages from all the presidential candidates? I didn't see them. I wonder if John McCain never sent in a better tape so they decided not to show any of them? Hmm, interesting. Let me know if they put them at the end and I just missed it.

I loved all the footage from Africa and our own country about all the wonderful work that is being done to help others. Made me really proud to be an American. Even with all our faults we are a people that really do care about others.

When the Africa footage came on I had a powerful urge to just break down completely. So many children without a mother or father to love them. The footage of the four boys who had lost both of their parents to AIDS just broke my heart. I wanted to reach through the TV and pull them through into the warmth and love of our family. If only it was that easy.

We are making progress in our journey towards our children. USCIS has our home study and they are reviewing it (hopefully quickly) so we can receive the every important I171-H which is basically a little piece of paper saying we have our governments approval to bring an orphan into the country. A lot of paperwork and time for one little piece of paper that looks so insignificant next to all the other documents for our dossier, yet is the one last piece of the puzzle before we can send our dossier off for state certification.

Y'all know I am not a patient person. Last nights show with all those sweet little faces definitely did not make the wait any easier.

On a happier note our agency gave out referrals to five families yesterday. Yeah! At least five children who will now have a parent(s) to love and care for them. I look at every referral as a baby step in changing the word and lives of the children who have been so affected by events they have no control over. Perhaps each baby step will have a domino effect and in a few years the conditions for these children and their families will have changed for the better. We definitely, as a nation, need to be making sure more medicine is available (just the basics that we take for granted here in America) so people will not die from conditions such as malaria which is so preventable. The world will be a better place when mother's and father's are allowed to live and raise their children.

Unfortunately, it will take time to change the conditions in Africa, but I am encouraged by all the attention that is being given to the problems.

That being said I am so honored to be able to adopt one or two of the beautiful children from Ethiopia. I think part of my impatience at the slow paperwork crawl is that I dream about our children all the time. I can see them, we are hugging, and I feel such love towards them I think my heart might burst out of my chest.

We have asked for one or two children. My dreams always have two children in them. I'm not sure what that means.

Only time will tell I suppose. I am hoping and praying that the time starts to pick up the pace a little. My arms are aching to hold my children close to me for the first time and never let them go. What a wonderful day that will be!


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Idol Gives Back Part 2
The producer of Idol, Nigel Lithgowe, is explaining to the audience some things he needs us to do during the telecast (like when to clap, when to be really quiet, etc.) and then out of the blue asks if there are any Republicans in the house?

I guess he's been around Hollywood so long he had never actually met a Republican and wasn't sure they actually existed.

A few people clapped. However, not many.

I was a little stunned trying to figure out what this guy was up to.

He went on to explain that Idol had asked the three candidates (Hillary, Barrack, and John McCain) to send in messages to be aired during Wednesday nights show.

We would be seeing those messages. He wanted to make sure that no Republicans would be offended as John McCain's tape was not very good and they had asked him to send in another. So, when we saw the videos please don't storm out, it wasn't a conspiracy, they were going to fix Mr. McCain's tape (He also reminded us that he wasn't a citizen and couldn't vote which I thought was funny.).

Oh, OK, I thought. I was glad he had told us that because I would have been one of those people thinking that it had been done on purpose.

Towards the end of the first half the tapes of all the candidates start running and they urge people to give generously to those in need.

Hillary looked great. She was placed beside a picture of Idol and she looked refreshed and happy to be talking with us.

Barrack looked great and enthusiastic. The man is a very good speaker.

and then John McCain came on.

What were his PR people thinking? This was his chance to talk FOR FREE to millions of people and they sent in a total piece of crap.

They had him standing next to a yellow wall with no background, he looked rumbled and tired, and the quality of the film was awful. I wouldn't be surprised if this had been taped at an airport in 5 minutes after he had been campaigning all day.

After seeing that tape I was a little concerned about the organization of the McCain campaign.

Again, I just can't imagine what they were thinking?

Next up, the orphans. Oh, how they will touch your heart!


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Monday, April 07, 2008
Idol Gives Back - OMG

Those words can't begin to express how HOT the show was last night. Samantha and I had a great time and this is one memory I'm sure we will relive forever.

I'm really not sure where to start so I'm just going to ramble about anything I think you might want to know. I'm apologizing in advance if I ramble on abit but I have so many things I MUST tell you, you will have to excuse me this once (OK, I'm sure I've rambled before, but lets just forget about that.).

The show was a few minutes late starting because someone was in the bathroom. Guess who it was? Yep, Simon. However, when they introduced him and he came out in a nice suit (sans tie) he looked the best I'd ever seen him. Paula had on a very Red dress that was so tight she couldn't walk in it. She looked great as long as she didn't have to walk, and of course Randy looked great.

The "Idols" came out for the first number and sang a song together. They all looked fantastic. Second up was John Legend who sang a beautiful song and then he introduced Annie Lennox who came out and sang while John Legend accompanied her on the piano. The work Annie Lennox has done with children in Africa is just amazing and it was very early in the show that I realized I hadn't brought any kleenex with me. This, my friends, was a very big mistake. More on this later. The topic will require an entire post of its own.

Now, before I tell you what happened next I have to explain where we were sitting. We were in the first Mezzanine level, far right, second row, seats one and two, right next to the lower boxes (we were right over the stage, they were great seats). Our seats were actually right next to the first box and we could talk to the very nice family that was sitting in there. Right next to that box and just tiered a little upwards was another box that sat empty.

I believe Snoop Dog was performing when Samantha nudged me and I looked up to see all the "Idols" hanging over the edges of that previously empty box. Samantha said Hi to David Cook. He waved and smiled. Michael Johns was waving and smiling to someone he knew behind us. They were so close to us that we could have had a conversation without yelling. It was hard to look away.

For the rest of the first half of the show I had a hard time paying attention. It was much more interesting to watch the "Idols" interact with each other and ooh and aah over all the stars that were there.

Jason Castro looked bored. I think he was clueless as to who some of the talent was. Fergie sang Baracuda with Heart which I thought was AWESOME. Jason put his head down on the balcony with his arm hanging over. The mother in me wanted to tell him to sit up and pay attention, the camera might be put on him. However, I held my tongue. I also had to inform my daughter that if she told Jason I thought he was cute she would be on restriction for the rest of her life. She looked very disappointed , I could tell she had been thinking about it. I wanted to avoid any "Mrs. Robinson" moments as I am definitely old enough to be that kids mother.

I felt a little sorry for Jason. It seemed that Michael Johns and David Cook were good friends and were hanging out together. Carly and Syesha were talking it up. David Archuletta was hanging out with Brooke and Kristy Lee and little old Jason seemed to be off by himself. It was really interesting to watch.

Now, when I wasn't watching the "Idols" I did watch the show. It was amazing. Alicia Keyes, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood (who looked gorgeous), Gloria Estefan, and the teen favorite of the night Miley Cyrus.

Miley did a really cute chat with Billy Crystal. Robin Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Eli and Patton Manning were also there. Jimmy Kimmel was hysterical and really had Simon squirming in his seat.

My favorite moment of the evening? Why that would have to be Brad Pitt. He got one of the loudest audience reactions and was noticeably embarrassed. That guy is so cute!! Camera's weren't allowed (I was so bummed) but I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but by the time I found it and turned it on the moment was over. I'm sorry Internets. You'll just have to take my word for it...or watch the show on Wednesday night. You wont be disappointed.

Before the show started the producer of Idol, Nigel Lithgowe, came out and spoke to us about some things he needed us to do during the telecast. Before he was done he asked if there were any Republicans in the house?

The crowd became noticeably quiet.

Uh Oh, I thought, I may be in trouble here.

More on that later......................................

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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Moments That Made Me Smile Today
Watching my 9 year old play baseball. The joy on that kids face when he plays is just priceless.

Here he is playing catcher and trying really hard to get the ball back to the pitcher so he can make the play at the plate. It was a great try but the runner was safe.

Digging one out of the dirt.
Here he is waiting for his pitch.

"No", he thinks to himself, "This isn't my pitch".
"Yeah"!, that's the one I wanted.
Do you see the ball coming right at you? You'd better duck!

After the game (which they won, yeah!) I went home to pick up my girls for the team pizza party. Paige was in her purple princess dress. When I asked why she wasn't dressed to go out for pizza she replied "I am mom, I'm in my party dress".

I guess she got a little confused when her sister told her they were going to a pizza party. She assumed formal attire was required. Let me tell you she was the hit of the pizza joint.

While driving to the pizza party Paige looks out the window and sees the sun going down.

She sweetly says "Goodbye Sun, have a good sleep, I love you, see you in the morning"

How often do you give the sun the love and admiration it truly deserves?

Yeah, I thought so.

Watching the expression on my 11 year old daughter's face when she finds out she is going ALONE with her Mom to Idol Gives Back.

For some reason she thought we were all going and was thrilled to find out it was just a date for Mom and herself.

Watching her pick out nail polish for a manicure and a special outfit to look her best.

The smile on her face when she went to bed.

The smile that says "I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world".


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Thursday, April 03, 2008
We're Famous
Sometime Tuesday night the copper wiring was stolen out of the lights at the park my kids play baseball at. This seems to be an ongoing problem all over California. The thief's can make a good bit of money selling the wire to scrap dealers. We were told each field has $40,000 worth of copper wiring. We had three fields vandalized.

The local paper picked up on the story and called the house last night wanting to talk with Dave about the theft. You see, his team nor any others could play last night because we had not lights. No lights, no games. They also asked to speak with Garrett. Our nine year old was very excited to actually get to speak with a real live reporter. He let her know he was very disappointed about not getting to play his game last night.

The story ran this morning and Garrett's comments about being disappointed he couldn't play baseball as well as Dave's comments made it into the article.

End of story. Or so I thought.

Around 9:00 this morning my phone rings and it is a reporter from the local NBC station looking to speak with my husband. I explain that, well, he is at work. The local reporter would like to come to our home and interview either him or myself about the theft and how it is affecting our Little League. She can come now she says.

Umm, lady, I am in my pajamas and there is no way I am letting you and your camera in my house when I haven't even showered yet.

Well, of course I didn't actually say that. But let me tell you I was in a little bit of a panic.

It seems this reporter was doing a story on a string of copper wiring thefts and she wanted to interview someone from our little league for her piece on the five o'clock news tonight.

I had just the person for her. My good friend, Lori, who is our league president. Let's just say that Lori wasn't all that enthusiastic either when I told her I had a job for her. However, after the straws were drawn she got the short one, and alas, the television interview.

She met the reporter at our park around 11:00 a.m.. When she was done with that interview she received word from the city worker's that channel 7 (ABC) was on there way to interview her also. The channel 7 people interviewed Lori and also her very cute t-ball player son who I am sure charmed the pants off them. The ABC station is actually doing a live broadcast from the park at 5:30 so she had to go back. Something tells me this must be a very slow news day. Geez.

I really can't be bothered with reporters right now. You see, I have a real problem

I have some where special to go this weekend and I just can't decide what to wear. My normal jeans and a t-shirt just don't seem right for some reason.

Where am I going you ask? Why here......

That's right. I am taking my best 11 year old girl to the taping of "Idol Gives Back". It is being taped this Sunday night at the Kodak Theatre (home to the Academy Awards) and we are escaping for a little girl time.

She has no idea. She is at camp this week and will be home on Friday. I'm going to surprise her when I pick her up.

I can't wait.

Now, on to the important stuff. What should I wear? "Casual cool" (like I could actually be cool) or dressy?

Internets, seriously, I need your help. We are only sitting a stones throw away from Simon and I really don't want to get the "I can't believe you wore that" look from him. Look how he treated Carly? The man doesn't know when to just shut up.

Please Help!

Editors Note: I just saw the two interviews on TV and Lori did a great job. I can't believe how much time they spent on this story. Seriously, it must be a slow news day. On a happy note our city has done an awesome job getting things fixed and we should be able to have night games by Saturday. The kids will be so happy.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
The Politically Correct Post
I've been busy the last few days trying to get my upstairs back in order. For some reason my entire house can never seem to be clean at the same time and I find this very annoying.

My brother was here for a few days (remember the "Democrat"?) and I was thankful he had never had reason to go upstairs and lay his eyes upon the area of our home that I call the "dump".

Clean clothes had been unloaded from the dryer and thrown at the top of the stairs into a pile. Now, I am sure these clothes were actually in a basket at some point, that is until someone needed to find there favorite pair of jeans and they just dumped the whole load onto the ground where the rest of us walked over it for several days. Heaven forbid someone besides myself actually stopped and folded a few things as they navigated the mine field. I believe there were at least four loads dumped at the top of the stairs like this.

When you navigated away from the landing area and headed right you hit my bedroom. Where you would find more laundry sorted into piles of not clean clothes but dirty ones. All over my room. I had to many spring break days of playing and obviously had gotten behind on my chores. Not only were there clothes all over my room but a game of Chutes & Ladders that had not been picked up, playing cards scattered around for some reason, and various other toys and items that no one seemed to have any idea how they got there.

What I'm trying to tell you was that my upstairs was a DISASTER AREA.

So, when I arrived home from Chuck E' Cheese last week, where I had left my brother and fourteen year old son alone, I was surprised when this question came out of my brothers mouth.

Did your upstairs look like that when the social worker came and did the Home Study?

Umm, you went upstairs?

I needed a towel and Tyler told me to go into your room and grab one. Did you know it looked like a bomb went off up there? That is just wrong, so wrong, for your house to look like this.

This of course coming from my OCD brother who has never had children and has only himself to worry about.

If looks could kill my fourteen year old son would be dead right now. Why oh why did he not go upstairs and get the towel himself. Why would he let anyone see the mess that was our upstairs?

When I asked him this question he gave me this typical teenage response. "I didn't think it looked all that bad upstairs." Um, yeah.

Firstly, in answer to his question, my house did not look like that during our home study. Secondly, I am ever so thankful to be married to a man who never criticizes my housekeeping skills no matter how out of control our home can become. He knows it can go from spotless to a mess in a blink of an eye. He is wonderful.

The next evening my brother picked up my Mom and they both came to Garrett's (9) Little League game. Towards the middle of the game there was a play where Garrett scored and before entering the dugout went to grab his bat from the other teams catcher. The catcher looked at Garrett and instead of handing the bat to him threw it down the first base line.

Now, I need to tell you that the catcher was a very large boy. My brother did not take kindly to his behavior and let lose with this comment.

"Hey you little fat a--, what did you do that for?

Not exactly politically correct. My teenagers thought this was hysterical as they have never heard anything like this come from there actual parents. Only there crazy uncle.

Luckily only our teens and some friends sitting near by heard him (who also were cracking up, geez) when I sent my brother my best teenage dagger stare to which he got the message and was a good boy for the rest of the game.

On the way home my oldest was commenting on how funny his uncle was. Um, yeah I responded.

I'm really surprised he actually said something like that, he continued, what with being a Democrat and all. I thought they were suppose to be politically correct and calling someone a fat a-- isn't really politically correct.

Yes, dear this is another reason why Democrat's are very very bad people. That and they don't like messy houses. Who can figure?


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
The Grocery Game & The Mouse
We have had a great Spring Break around our house. Lots of fun. I was really sorry to see the kids go back to school this morning. Made me really think about the whole Home Schooling thing again.

After Chuck E' Cheese, movies, and Disneyland the inside of my wallet was looking a little sad. All the money was gone.

So, after we got home from Disneyland on Friday (where we spent way to much money) I decided I had better be really frugal for the rest of the month.

My friend Lori had told me about this website she uses to save money on her groceries. Some of you may already be using this site but I was really excited to find it. It's called

I started clipping coupons about three weeks ago but I hadn't started playing the game yet. Yesterday afternoon I organized all my coupons (from the last three weeks) and pulled up the list from the website on what to buy to save the most.

I hadn't been "big shopping" in over two weeks so our cupboards were pretty bare. I was so excited by the results of my little adventure.

Not only did I need to stock my pantries in the kitchen but I also needed things like dog food, shampoo and deodorant.

My grand total before coupons and store savings was $348.52. After I gave her my coupons and Vons Club Card my total became $195.76. I was thrilled!!!!!

I got two weeks of groceries for what I usually pay for one.

Now, let me also add that I only bought three things that were not on my list. One item was four boxes of fruit roll ups. I figured out while in the store that they had a store coupon and I also had a regular coupon for these items. It was a great deal and I got four boxes of fruit roll ups for $1.50. That's an 85% savings!

OK, I'm hooked.

This site does so much more than just tell you what to buy that week. It helps you stock your cupboards so you never run out of anything and never have to pay full price again. I had such a good time doing this I hope this site can help some of you also.

Here is a picture of the stuff I got FREE yesterday with my coupons.

As you can see it was a good day to stock up on toiletries.

So, if you want to have some fun and save money go check out this site. I'm really glad I did.


The entire time I was typing the above post my dog has been outside freaking out. Jumping up on the stucco by the back door and annoying every neighbor within a mile with her barking.

What is she so upset about you ask?

Why, let me show you.
Yeah, I'm not real thrilled about this either.

I am living in mortal fear that Paige will open the back door and the little critter will run into the house.

All the wimpy women who live in my neighborhood (including myself) are refusing to go out and take a broom to the mouse (I actually think it may be a baby rat, but for my sanity I am calling it a mouse). I have considered going down to the high school to get Zach so he could take care of it but he has Chemistry this morning and, well, how would I exactly explain why I was bringing him home.

I brought the dog in and the mouse still didn't move, so I let her back out. She is really frustrated.

I'm going upstairs now to take a shower so I can live in denial that a rodent is hanging out by my back door. I'm praying it either falls off or the dog gets it by the time I am done.

I am truly freaked out!!!!


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