Sunday, June 24, 2007
baseball, tennis and golf...oh my
Excitement has been the name of the game her at the "laundry" household this weekend.

For starters our little league won the District Championship in the Junior Division yesterday. This was the team that hubby managed last season so we both had a lot of sentimental feelings about these boys and their accomplishment. To say our family was thrilled would be a huge understatement.

Yesterday morning, before the big game, hubby took our oldest daughter out for breakfast and for a game of tennis. They went to IHOP for pancakes and then to the courts to run around in the hot sun.

Just the thought of it made me want to lose my cookies. She thought it was grand.

When they got gome I asked if she had fun? Yeah, it was great, except the part where Dad was driving down the street and saw a baseball in the gutter. He made me get out of the car and retrieve it.

New Baseballs, good ones, are around $2.00 each. Hubby pays the kids $1.00 for every ball they find. Our youngest son has discovered that this is quite a profitable enterprise.

Last week down at the baseball field he found six that had been hit over the fence. Six bucks for a half and hour of work. Not bad for an eight year old.

So, if you are short on pocket change, you may want to head our way and start a career as a baseball hunter. lol.

As our oldest daughter is discovering tennis as a sport her older brother has finally won the war and will be taking golf lessons this summer.

Baseball has never been his sport. Since he was a toddler he has been fascinated with golf.

He has played baseball but it has never been his passion like his older and younger brothers.

He has asked about playing golf for years, and hubby has taken him to hit balls many times, but their never seemed to be the time (or money) for lessons.

We have now decided his patience will be rewarded. He will take lessons this summer. He is thrilled.

Our mornings will be filled with lessons....but our afternoons will be filled with fun by the pool.

I ordered myself a new lounge chair. Nice and comfy. Perfect for getting lost in a good book.

I am going to the library tomorrow to stock up on good reads.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot wait.

Let the summertime fun begin.

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  posted at 5:27 PM  

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Military Mommy said...

Sounds like your summer is going great so far!

I am currently immersed in the Miss Julia books by Ann Ross. So funny and very clean - which I enjoy. : )

Also, if you haven't read the Mitford series by Jan Karon, they are phenomenal!

Let me know of any that you love so I can check them out also! : )

Hugs, Michelle

At 3:53 PM, Blogger NspiredByFaith said...

Congrats on the big win this weekend! I played softball from age 5 all through school and if they'd had college SB at that time, I'm sure I'd have done that I totally understand how exciting it can be!

I hope you enjoy your afternoons by the pool! That sounds just wonderful!


Don't forget the Fit4Life Fridays starting this week over at my place! Everyone is invited!!

At 3:49 PM, Blogger The Preacher's Wife said...

congratulations on the win! our boys are in district right now...hopefully we'll pull off a big win too!

we shaved coaches head after we won the league...oh it was fun..isn't it a hoot what these grown men will do to motivate these boys??



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