Monday, April 14, 2008
The Sun Is Shining
Oh my, what a beautiful weekend we had. The weather was in the low 90's and felt soooo wonderful.

I had to laugh when I told the kids to go and jump into the pool and they were hesitant because they thought the water was still a little cold. What a bunch of wimps! I'm sure there counterparts in the northeast would happily jump into a pool of 70 degree water on a day reaching the 90's. Geez.

My little wimps finally jumped in and discovered the water "actually" felt pretty good. I was so proud.

I longed to lay by the pool and read a new book I had picked up at Target. However, hubby and the garage had another idea. Yes, we cleaned out the garage instead of lounging by the pool. It pains me to even type those words. Man, its hard being me (OK, I'm only kidding).

Actually I was thinking this morning about how blessed I truly am. I have a husband who loves me, 5 wonderful healthy children (well, they can be a little bratty at times but I still love them to death), my parents who are 81 and 88 are healthy and happy. I have a good relationship with all my siblings. Even though we don't always agree with each other, we love each other enough to agree to disagree and then move on. So many families can't seem to do this.

After the funeral we attended this weekend I was speaking to the deceased husband. He told me that he was the only son of 8 siblings and there were only him and 2 sister's still living. Those two sisters had not spoken in years so only one was able to come to his wife of over 50 years funeral. What the heck? I just do not understand why people can't talk out there difference's and at least act civil towards each other. I don't think you need to be best friends but you need to act like adults and learn to get along with others. Isn't this what we tell our children?

After the funeral, lunch was served in the church's Fellowship Hall. I ran into an old friend and we started reminiscing. Her mother had been involved with our High School youth group and it was great running into her as well. I asked about her other sister and she says to me rather quickly, "Oh, mom and I don't really talk to her anymore". Now, this sister happens to live in my town and works at the Christian School my Junior High kids go to. I know she is a wonderful Christian woman who does much for her community. The friend I hadn't seen in a long time has a job with a non profit that goes around and talks with inner city kids about Jesus.

I have no idea why these people have not spoken to each other in years. However, it makes me very very sad. Why is it so much easier to show Grace to those outside of our own families?

Now, I also want to add that I do think there are times when you need to separate yourself from family. Obviously if there is abuse of any kind you should not stand for that.

I guess my amazement over the weekend was when I talked with these people they couldn't really remember what started the whole "Were not speaking" thing. If you can't remember it, it must not have been that important.

If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate
family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

1 Timothy 5:8

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  posted at 8:50 AM  

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Coach J said...

Yeah, that's a pretty to-the-point verse, huh?!? Sometimes it's hard to extend grace to your family but I do like the fact that we don't have to be best friends. We really don't have to agree. We can be civil.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Gillian said...

It's hard. When that family member continues to hurt you emotionally every time you've tried talking in the past, you get to the stage of just needing to protect yourself for a while. Maybe one day it will be different, and yes, I should just be able to forgive...many times over no doubt. But right now that family member is not a part of our lives and it's the way it is.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger julie said...

Hi ladies,

Gillian, I totally agree with you. Sometimes the emotional pain is just to hard and we have to distance ourselves.

When I wrote this post I was mainly thinking of those who are estranged and can't remember why they are. It has come to more a matter of pride than necessity. Does this make sense?

I used to be extremely pridefull and I am so thankful God has dealt with this in me (well, most of it.).

You definitely need to protect yourself and family from anything or anyone harmful.

Thanks so much for sharing,


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