Wednesday, April 16, 2008
I want to be frugal. I really try. However, it doesn't seem to be in my genetic makeup.

I read blogs about women who are so good at saving money. I am truly impressed by them. I get inspired. I do well for a while.

And then it happens.

I get the urge to spend some money.

The money in the savings account starts to call to me.

A few weeks ago I was feeling all melancholy remembering how we used to go to Disneyland with our kids on Sundays after church. We would go, walk around, go on a few rides, watch the parade, and go home. I loved it.

We haven't had Disney passes since Paige, who is now 4, was born.

I've been missing them. Probably more than the kids.

So, I asked hubby if we could get passes again (they are good for a whole year of admission to both Disney parks) and he said "Yes". I was so excited.

Off the family ran to Disneyland. Paige's first experience there. Of course my water loving daughter was more interested in the trickle of water coming out of Goofy's hose than any of the rides.

She played in the water for half an hour until we dragged her away.
She thought Toontown was great. We went during Spring Break so it was a little crowded to wait in line to talk with Mickey and Minnie.
We can do that on Sunday when there aren't as many people around (generally).
The older kids were great about letting Paige run around Toontown and not complain about going on rides. She had so much fun.

We road the train around the park several times. She had no interest in the other rides. She is my train girl.

The next time someone complains to you about the economy you can tell them that you know this lady in California who is doing her part to stimulate the economy one Disney Buck at a time.

I am such a trail blazer.

I feel so proud.

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  posted at 8:45 AM  

At 9:55 AM, Blogger missy said...

How awesome it must be to live that close to such a great place!! Wow. Lucky kids!

At 5:40 PM, Blogger LISA said...

I would love to live that close.Nothing like getting your moneys worth! are thrifty!!

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I agree! I want to go to disney so badly with my family, we just can't afford it right now. Some day... how great of your older children letting Paige have fun in toontown!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Melanie said...

How wonderful that you're able to do that with your family!

At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Vicky said...

I broke down and bought an annual pass last fall (because it was my 3rd visit in 14 months). I live in Washington. BUT, I only have to go once before Nov 2008 for it to be worth the $. Still... I live in WA.
I grew up going to Disneyland every few years because my dad was from CA and we would go when we visited family. It's just a part of my childhood... a part that I can't let go of. I love every single bit of it.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Heidi @ GGIP said...

I was 20 when I first went to Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth;)

At 6:56 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Wow, you live near some FUN things! First Idol now this, LOL. We lived in Florida and STILL never made it to Disney -- more lazy than because of money (no kids then.)

My MIL used to say that when we are done having kids, they'd pay for our family to go to Disney. The only problem is, every time she said that, I'd get pregnant right away, so she stopped offering, LOL.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Qtpies7 said...

That would be so much fun to live so close! We don't do Disney, but I'd love to live in Orlando and do Universal Studios all the time.
We just have to be happy with having Dish Network now, we didn't have have cable for years and years, so having tons of shows is thrilling to the kids.


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