Monday, March 24, 2008
We Aint't Speakin
It seems my blog and I are having some issues with each other. I sit down to post and I have so much going through my mind I just can't focus. My blog, it is begging me to actually type something, but I seem to be letting it down by my inability to focus. I guess you could say we aren't speaking to each other.

So, today I decided to just type everything on my mind in willy nilly fashion. That way I don't really have to think and hopefully my blog and I can become friends again.

Here goes.

1. We had a nice weekend even if we did spend most of it cleaning. The house had been a disaster for several weeks and I just couldn't stand it anymore. Everyone pitched in and got it back into ship shape order. I am very thankful.

2. The highlight of our Easter weekend was Saturday night when Dave baptized Garrett (9) during the Saturday night church service. He was so excited to get baptized and we were all thrilled for him. He loves God and I know great things have been planned for this very special little boys life. He is such a joy!

3. We still don't have resolution about what is going on with Tyler (14). He is feeling OK but still has some of the same symptoms. He goes to the pediatric nephrologist (kidney doctor) on April 4th and we are very hopeful he can figure out what is going on.

4. No word on the adoption front. Our home study is done and has been sent to the notary. Next it will go to Homeland Security where they will review it and then send us our I-100A form stating that we have permission to bring an orphan into the country. I talked with someone there last week and they said it was generally taking about 5 weeks to get the form out. So, we are making progress. Even if it has seemed to be very very slow. I have to keep reminding myself that God is driving this boat and not me. Things will happen in his timing not mine.

5. Four of the kids are home from school this week on spring break. Of course it would be to easy for the High School to have the same schedule as the other kids. Oh no, there spring break is in 10 days. My High Schooler was thrilled to get up this morning and go to school knowing his siblings would all be home having fun without him. Yep, he was in the best mood this morning.

6. Lastly, I have been reading several books on home schooling and am seriously considering home schooling my younger three next year. Having the kids on so many different schedules is really cutting into our family time and is very disturbing to me. Of course, they DO NOT WANT TO BE HOME SCHOOLED. They love there schools and want to stay there. I will continue to pray and read. We have several months before we have to make a firm decision on this. If any of you took your children out of public school and began homeschooling them can you let me know how they adjusted? Did they want to be home schooled?

I will leave you with some pictures of our Egg coloring party. The kids each had 11 eggs to paint and color.

Garrett took a lot of care to make sure his eggs were perfect. (The kid was taken to the barber after this shot was taken.)
Soon we realized that there seemed to be an egg thief. Samantha only had 9 eggs. Who took her other eggs?
Caught in the act! She has no idea how she ended up with fourteen eggs instead of the 11 she started with. Hmmm.
Aren't they pretty?????
No matter how hard I try I just can't get mad at this kid. She is just to dang cute.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with beautiful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and the celebration of Jesus' Resurection and sacrifice for each and every one of us.

I promise to not be away for so long again. Have a wonderful Spring day!

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At 1:13 PM, Blogger LISA said...

Wow! You definetly had a memorable Easter! Garrett's baptism!
Hope the Nephrologist figures out what's going on with Tyler.Been keeping him in my prayers.Looks like a lot of fun coloring the eggs! That's the cutest little egg thief I've ever seen!

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Kelli said...

When we pulled Kati and Jonathan from public school a year and a half ago, they wanted out. Badly.

Now though, with drivers licenses and High School looming they are itching to get back into public school. None of the schools around here are up tho the level they need academically, so we are debating what to do.

Praying for the appt with the neph. Hopefully they get it settled once and for all.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

WOW, that's a LOT going on! I hope they can help your son ASAP. A hurting child is the most stressful thing . . . also, waiting for the adoption! How exciting!

As for homeschooling, we pulled our oldest 3 when we started and they adjusted beautifully -- even our high schooler! They liked school, but were just as happy to be home. Now they would never go back.

I hope you get answers on that -- I think homeschooling is awesome, especially when it comes to scheduling like you mention.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger gretchen lee said...

Congrats on your son's baptism - - what an exciting event!!

I think we're close to the same point in our adoption....done with the homestudy, but waiting for DCFS to grant some sort of license before we can send everything to Homeland much work before we can even get on the LIST!!

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Heidi @ GGIP said...

I got baptized when I was 7. I'm so glad I remember it. That must have been very special.

At 6:11 AM, Blogger Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

It looks like you have a lot on your plate!

I was thinking about you last week. I read There Is No Me Without You. It is the story of a woman in Ethiopia who cares for orphans. Many of those orphans are now in the States. If you haven't read it, it is a beautiful and compelling story.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Brenda said...

I pulled my daughter out...I'll try to e-mail you later.

At 6:28 AM, Blogger Coach J said...

What a great weekend! Love the pictures of your kids dying eggs :)
We took our kids out of a Christian private school where they were thriving to homeschool. The only reason I have to give is because God told us to. After a while of living the hs life, they like it. No rushing out the door to be somewhere by 8am; no homework to break up the evening 'cause they did it in school! (gasp!); much, much easier on the checkbook; more family time and time to do the things we wanted to!
No one really likes change unless it's their idea so the kids may balk at you changing the familiar. But, they will adjust and I really think they will like it!


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