Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Heath Care Gone Mad?????
Our government is driving me crazy.

I spoke with my Congressman about the Health Care bill that was presented this morning. I am very scared for our country.

Here is the email I sent to the President and both of my Senators. My Congressman actually has a brain and thinks this whole thing is ridiculous so I didn't have to send him one. Thank goodness their is at least one person left in Washington who hasn't lost their mind!

Mr. Obama,

I feel compelled this morning to write you and express my concern over the current health care bill.

I am strongly opposed to this bill. I do not wish to pay for health care for the 20% of Americans that do not currently have it. Common sense says that this plan will cost our country and our economy to much. I do not wish to pay higher taxes. My family pays enough.

My husband makes a good wage after going to college for many years. We worked hard and paid our own way. We have 5 children and I stay at home with them. We make sacrifices so our family can pay for health care.

Our great country was not built on hand outs. We already have government umbrellas that take care of the poor through Medicaid and Medicare for our older citizens.

I do not want a health care system that is run by the same people that run the post office. A single payer system will do nothing but run the other private insurance companies out of business which will in effect force all Americans on this system. How can private insurance companies compete with government subsidized care? We do not want it. Please listen to the majority for once.

I have friends from Canada who are laughing at us right now. Talk with some Canadians. They don't seem all that happy with their system.

Last time I checked the U.S.A. was a democracy. When did we turn into a Socialist society?

Thank You for listening to my concerns.


If you are concerned about what is going on with this please contact your Senators and Congressmen. We have about 2 weeks to apply some pressure on this issue before the summer break begins. Please educate yourself on what is really going on with this bill.

I am so tired of politicians thinking our great county was built on the almighty bail out.

Our country was built on ingenuity, hard work and failure. Yes. Failure.

Henry Fords first car company did not succeed. The second time he did.

Failure is not bad. Through failure we learn life lessons that help us to succeed in the future.

Why doesn't our government seem to understand this?????


  posted at 12:48 PM  

At 3:44 PM, Blogger The Gang's Momma said...

Good stuff! I'm all for helping people out - which really, the CHURCH should be doing MUCH more of - but the freebies and bail outs have to stop! And we have to get our economy in order and fix the big, gaping pocket of lending and spending that our gov't thinks is fine to continue with. Offering aid to other nations is fine, but let's get busy fixing US first!

At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps if it were one of your children in dire need of care that YOU couldn't afford you'd think differently.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Gillian said...

I'm not sure that having private health care insurance is the answer either. What's good for the insurance company is to keep as much money as possible by refusing as many claims as possible. This doesn't sound like a good thing for the people needing the help with the cost of medical bills.

Sometimes the cost of being part of a community is helping out those less fortunate than ourselves.

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Lori said...

We too are frustrated by our government. They are bringing our country down. It's almost as if Obama is purposedly doing things to accomplish just that!

At 9:12 AM, Blogger julie said...

Hi Anonymous and Gillian,

I do think everyone should have health care. I just don't think we should have to recreate the wheel to do it. Government in general always seems to take the hard way around. Instead of creating a single payer system why not just help those in need by signing them up with health plans that already exist? Why do we have to have the expense of starting up a new system? The government should operate like big companies and get bids from health care insurers for their "employees" and go with the best one. That would save so much money, money that could be put towards those in need.

All families should have access to health care. However, not at the expense of small business. Small business is what our country has been built upon. The politicians are making it impossible for them to survive.

What we really need is a bunch of moms, like us, with some common sense to get in their and solve the problem. These politicians do not live in the real world and I don't think they would see a common sense solution if it fell upon them.

Don't believe the lies. This bill is not the help you have been waiting for.


p.s. If I had a child in dire need of health care I would take them to Shriner's where it is free for any child in need. I have a friend who wanted to take her child there because they had a specialist she wanted her son to see. She was denied because they HAD health care. Only children without could go there. The world has really gone mad.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger The Gang's Momma said...

And there are plenty of other health care institutes like Shriners that will take anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Julie is right, the answer is not to throw millions and millions at creating a new system. Revamp and fix what already exists. Take the strictures off the dr.s that dictate (according to what best profits the insurance company!) what treatment can be offered. Take loopholes and clauses away that give insurance company and medical conglomerates good reasons not to pay out. Simplify. And let families decide for themselves what treatment, what insurance, what coverage they want or need.

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Gillian said...

You make a good point about using the systems that are already in place.

It can be hard when you pay a lot of tax, but then can't seem to get access to things because you "earn too much". It can sometimes seem like if you just work less, earn less, then the government is there to make up the difference :)

I'm pleased that you clarified that you agree on health care for everyone. Even though I earn enough money at the moment, if I lost my job, I would struggle once my savings ran out and it would be good to know that if I needed health care I could get it!

Also, the note about your friend's child is a really good point. It's unfair to miss out on seeing specialists just because you can afford it!

Perhaps this is the time to say I'm very happy to live in a different country. :)

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

You go girl! Well said :-)

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that Christians are always blogging on one hand about international adoption on one hand, and then snatching help to the needy domestically away with the other hand? As physicians serving the poor, and as Ethiopian adoptive parents (which is how I ended up on your blog)--we are DELIGHTED both to give of our money and our time to help others in need. Until you spend the day in a clinic for the poor--or better yet, emptying your private coffers to pay for a medical issue (and honey, you do need to go off and read the FINE PRINT) in your health care plan because you will need to know everything before you start spouting off about how lucky you are)--THEN please try o keep your opinions to yourself. Education is Step One. Complete, read medical journals and see what docs are saying!

At 9:02 AM, Blogger julie said...

Hi Annoymous,

I'm sorry but I really don't understand your point. I don't want to snatch anything away from anyone. If you read my previous comment above you will see that I agree with health care for all.

We have three doctors in our family and they definitely do not like our presidents plan. It will create no choices. Bigger government is not the answer. It would be much cheaper and more efficient to put those in need on an already created health plan. This plan seems to big and to complicated and to costly.

Our family also gives both of our time and money to the poor. You are very judgemental annoymous. You assume because I don't like this particular plan our government has come up with I do not care about the poor. The next time our family travels to the dump in Mexico to bring food and clothing to the families living their I'll be sure and let them know you don't approve of my families help.

I spent 40 minutes on the phone with my congressman trying to understand exactly what this bill says. What exactly have you done to educate yourself?

I am not trying to snatch away anything from those who live domestically. Anyone who has traveled to a thrid world country would agree that our poorest of the poor have nothing on those who are living in the streets in these underdeveloped countries. This bill is not written for the poor, but for the middle class who have no insurance. The poor already have a system they can use. Perhaps you are the one that needs to do a little research my friend.


p.s. We just paid the rent for a friend who had lost their job. Instead of taking a vacation we are tent camping in the back yard. Yes, annonymous, me and my family are very well aquainted with helping those in need. Thank you very much.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger TylerandBrianne said...

It is so good to see that someone else out there understands that the bill will put a very strict limit on the health care people will receive. I am in health care and I look at many of my patients and think to myself you will not get care if this bill goes through. I almost cried in my patients room the other day. My friend who had a specials need child would not have been allowed under this bill to carry her baby to term. She would have had to abort. Who has the right to decided this? I can certainly tell you it is not the government. We will no longer need nursing homes b/c people will not be allow to live to a ripe old age. Morphine.... I guess this will save social security b/c there will not be many drawing from it. Canadians come over the border every day to receive our health care because they don't get any in Canada where it is "free." If you don't believe me then read the bill. It is over a 1000 pages of hog wash.


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