Tuesday, May 29, 2007
falling off the wagon
I cheated this week. A lot. I did not lose a pound. However, I did not gain one either. I am OK with that.

In the past I would have beat myself up and thrown in the towel. Not today. Today I am proud that though I had a hard time this week sticking to the program I still ate much less than I normally would have and made better choices. Thus, I averted gaining any of the weight back that I had tried so hard to lose over the past two weeks.

Today is a new day, and the beginning of a new dieting week. Last week is over. Today I will move forward.

Please let me know how your week went and if you had any special challenges.

Happy Weight Loss!!!!


  posted at 5:50 AM  

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Military Mommy said...

I am so proud of you. That is a HUGE accomplishment - to see the reality, make new goals, forgive yourself, and move on.

Good job, Julie.

You are an inspiration to me. :)

Hugs to you.

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

This is a wonderful attitude! I have had to learn to forgive myself and move forward. Check out my post today as I mention about focusing on one meal at a time.

Keep up the great work! We're going to make it!

At 3:25 AM, Blogger Denise said...

Hang in there, you are doing good.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Alycia said...

So happy to have found your blog! I love the design and am enjoying reading your posts! And, you have such a positive attitude which is the sucess you need for your weight loss goals. Hang in there! It is tough work losing weight, but I can tell you are going to make it!! I'll be back to read more! Have a great day! Blessings from Okinawa!

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Nise' said...

Way to get re-focused! Glad you did not gain!

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Terrillyn said...

Just like baseball - keep track of where you are in the game and forget the last play.

You're doing great!

At 5:08 AM, Blogger eph2810 said...

I think that even though you didn't loose anything this past week, it is still a victory that you didn't gain.
I hope that this up-coming week will be great for you :)

Be blessed today and always.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

What a great attitude! I'm feeling a bit discouraged today because I gained some of my weight back. Being on vacation is tough for me.

Oh well, keep up the good work and I'll get back on track! :)

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Sally Bradley said...

I fell off the wagon, too, and sadly it tasted real nice!

Now it's back to reality!

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

HI Julie. Thanks for visiting my site!
It is nice to meet you. I LOVE your blog....it's so pretty!

At 11:08 PM, Blogger blackpurl said...

good for you!

At 11:24 AM, Blogger EllieMae said...

The same thing happened to me. I didn't gain nor loose. Most importantly we DID NOT gain!!! Hold on and find that discipline to eat right and exercise more! It has just been so hard to do lately!!

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Mama Bear June said...

The great thing about this challenge is that every week we get another chance to make progress! And we're all here to encourage one another.


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