Thursday, October 30, 2008
No Fall For Us
The weather has been in the mid 90's for the past two weeks.

Every night when I go to put the kids in bed the thermostat upstairs say it is 90 something upstairs.

I turn on the air conditioning to cool it down.

Then I get mad.

Why are we having to pay for AIR CONDITIONING at the end of October?

Please, Fall, show your face.
I had Paige's conference with her teacher yesterday. She is doing really well in school. She knows all her letters, colors, shapes, can count to 30, understands concepts like big/tall, can write her name and knows the first row of sight words on her list.

Overall, great.

We do have a problem though. You see, she is bored.

The teacher told me that Paige will actually say "borrrringggg" (add dramatic effect) to her as she is trying to teach a concept. I was appalled. How rude is that? Mrs. S said she actually found it amusing and Paige has only verbalized it a couple of times, though, she feels she may be bored a lot of the time.

This is the problem; She is in the special education Kindergarten program due to her verbal language skills. She is way behind in this skill and the general ed class would not be good for her, she could never keep up in this area. However, in all other area's she is either right on target for her age group or very close. I want to give credit to the power of prayer for this one. I have cried out to God in worry over this child but have seen his hand in this remarkable change. To think a year ago she barely said more than a two word sentence (if we were lucky) wasn't potty trained, and acted more like a two year old than a four year old, you may remember the day when the neurologist told us he felt she was autistic (what a load of hogwash), the transformation truly is miraculous. Thank you God.

Mrs. S explained to me something I already knew. The other 11 children in her class are way behind her in most of these area of learning. They have some more severe problems. On the plus side she is in a small class of 12 with a teacher and two aides and is getting lots of individual attention. Mrs. S told me they can tell I work with her at home also and this is really helping.

So, this is my question for all of you home schoolers out there. Do any of you have special needs kids that you school at home? Do you still get services from your public school? How is that working for you?

Today Garrett and Samantha were making airplanes out of cardboard for an experiment they were doing on flight. Paige wanted to join in so we let her make one to. Just about the time we were going to test our planes it was time for her to go to school and she started to cry. She wanted to stay home with us and test the airplanes. She usually joins us for school in the morning and I am seeing more and more her ability to learn. However, I know she still needs the speech and language help from professionals.

I do know that you can home school and you still have the right to bring your child in for the special ed portion of their needs. I know that HSLDA would help me with this also if I had any problems with the school district. Paige's teacher is supportive of me home schooling (isn't that interesting?) and was peppering me with questions about the laws in our state as she would love to home school her kids if she didn't have to work. She also implied that Paige could still get services as a home schooler. I know this is something the school district really does not want parents to understand, they are not fond of this rule.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. I'm just looking for some guidance from any of you that have been there/done that. I'm not planning on moving her back home this year, but I would consider the change for next school year. I can't wait to hear if any of you have experienced a similar situation.

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At 7:34 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

I am not a homeschooler, but my 3 year old son sound a lot like Paige. He started getting services around 2 for developmental delays in speech and language and socialization. He started the Early Start program 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far we haven't seen lots of progress but I know it will happen. He is extrememly intelligent and understands a lot, but he just doesn't communicate that verbally or any other way. He is in a small class of 12 with 3 teachers as well. I am encouraged that this is the right thing for him and he will succeed. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck in your homeschooling endeavors with Paige.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Heidi @ GGIP said...

I wonder if she could be half in regular class half in this special needs class? Or could she be in a regular class with an aide and therapy on the side?

Just thinking out loud. Much Luck on your decision!

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your prayers.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Hi Julie -- I haven't had to homeschool with special needs, but I know that a lot of parents do. It might be worth looking into, esp. if she is bored and the teacher is so supportive (I'm pretty sure you can still use the PS services.)

Anyway, I hope you can get answers -- and cooler weather -- soon!

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Carolyn T said...

Hey Julie,
I have not looked as much into the school system as far as my kiddos...but I took my oldest out in 7th grade, because his teacher thought his learning disabilities could better be attended to at home...ODD, huh? There is SO much available to help with HSing special needs kids....there is so much available to help tailor what they need to fit them....You should be able to use whatever the school system has available to enhance what you are doing as well...a lot of times the school system isn't aware that you can still use them....e mail me if you want to chat about some of the things I am using...or have tried!!
Supporting you from a distance!!

At 10:44 PM, Blogger Searching for my Sanity or Jen...whichever you prefer... said...

Hi Julie,
I have lots of experience in this. I totally homeschooled my special needs son last year and the year before. He has mild sensory integrations dysfunction and a seizure disorder. He still received speech and OT at school. I put him back in school for 4 mornings a week this year to get him extra speech and OT but no more then the morning. My goal is to get him caught up enough to be able to full time homeschool him again like I do for his brother and sister. I thought maybe I contributed to his falling further behind by homeschooling him but it turns out the last two years with all the intense seizures he had his brain was spending all it's tme recovering from them and not learning or retaining what he did learn. Now that he has not had any big seizures "knock on wood" since June his brain is recovering and he is learning by leaps and bounds. So my situation is different from yours but if you want to homeschool your daughter she can still receive some service by the school if you want. You just have to have an IEP usually. :) Truthfully I love IEP's and wish all kids had them, they give us so much more power as
Hope this helps!


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