Wednesday, November 15, 2006
The most perfect day!
Have you ever had a day where everything went right? I know we have all had days where it seems everything goes wrong. Really think about it, have you? I experienced one yesterday and let me tell you it was FANTASTIC.

I took the four oldest children to Knotts Berry Farm yesterday along with a few friends. My wonderful husband went into work super early so he could come home by 9:30am to spend the day with our three year old. I thought their was no way he would actually make it home by 9:30 in the morning but he did. The kids friends showed up on time, the children figured out who would sit where in the car without any yelling and screaming and off we went. It seems L.A. traffic is always awful so I was dreading the drive to Knotts. I got to the freeway and to my amazement it seemed to be moving along smoothly. We drove 65 all the way their and made it in record time. So, I thought to myself, things are going much to smoothly. Their will probably be thousands of people at the amusement park today and we will have to wait in very long lines making the kids grumpy and exhausted. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! When I pulled into the parking lot their maybe were 30 other cars. I thought perhaps they had built another parking garage I was unaware of. We walked up to the ticket window (did not have to wait for even one minute) purchased our tickets and in the gates we went. Their was no one in the park. My initial thought was that their had been some sort of terrorist threat I was unaware of and therefore may be putting my children and those of others in great danger. So, I asked someone. No, they assured me everything was fine, every once in a while no one shows up at the park and we just happened to be lucky enough to come on one of those rare days. MY CHILDREN WERE ECSTATIC! Each of the three oldest children and a friend ran off in different directions and I took my youngest and a friend on the rides they wanted to go on. Their were absolutely no lines! Even for the most popular attractions the kids did not have to wait, and as an added bonus they could ride them over and over without having to get off.

The older kids would find us and hang out for a while and then off they would go again to find a sibling or another friend. The most remarkable aspect of this day is that my kids did not fight. They were considerate and kind to each other (one exception: My daughter Samantha absolutely freaked out on this one ride that shoots you up 200 feet and it looks like you are going to go off the tracks; I couldn't even watch the thing was so freaky, her brothers thought that was a hoot and teased her for a little while after). Samantha quickly got over her irritation with her brothers when the oldest won her a giant stuffed teddy bear at one of the game booths. Things were wonderful once again. Were these actually my children?

We stayed until closing time which also coincided with the children becoming ravenously hungry. Should I risk tarnishing this beautiful day by taking all of these kids to a restaurant? After all, they had been riding roller coasters for 8 hours and were exhausted, their evil twins might emerge to change everything. Weighing the risks I decided to try it. We dedicded to go to TGI Friday's and when we arrived their was a small line. I let the hostess know how many we had and as we had such a large group I figured we would have to wait a while. The hostess informed me that a large booth had just opened up and they could take us immediately. Was this really my life? Our drinks came promptly, we ordered, and our food was out within ten minutes. It was delicious, everyone liked what they ordered, we had fun and good conversation, and we were back in the car within an hour. Yes, one hour.

The traffic on the freeway was not bad even though it normally should have been. We dropped off friends and headed home. Once in the house the kids went upstairs to shower without argument, and then told me they were really tired and they were going to go to bed if it was ok with me? At this point I knew I was really dreaming, or had entered some version of a real twilight zone. I took a shower, read a magazine, and played on the computer for a little while before drifting off into a wonderful sleep.

You will be happy to know that things have gotten back to normal. Two of the kids fought over who would get the last waffle this morning, my oldest over slepped and was going to be late to school (somehow this was my fault he forgot to set his alarm), and someone was already in time out by 9:00am.

My wonderful life is back to normal and I really wouldn't have it any other way. I am so thankful God gave me five beautiful children who are able to scream and yell, as well as a hard working loving husband who goes out of his way to make his wife and children happy. But, it was really nice to have that One perfect day.

Does anyone else have a story about their perfect day? If you dont, I'll be wishing yours comes real soon.

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